10 Google Font Pairs You Should Use In Your Designs

As a designer, your creative work is a combination of form and content. You strive to present your design in an engaging form to your audience, which means paying close attention to the fonts you use.

During the design process, you can use Google Fonts to create fantastic font combinations. Here are some of the best Google Font pairings that you can use for just about any design.

Image showing the coupling of Rokkitt Black and Raleway fonts

Rokkitt is a geometric slab serif font. You can use this display font to add character to the headers in your design. Using its black variant is a great choice for headlines, however, the normal format of this font is suitable for body text as well.

If you are looking for a Rokkitt jumpsuit, the beautiful sans serif font, Raleway, pairs perfectly. There is a clear distinction between Rokkitt Black and Raleway, which will give a striking effect. You can also try Raleway Dots for Raleway related titles if you are looking for an alternative.

Archivo Black & Hind font association image

Archivo Black is another awesome font from Google. It is specially designed for use in headlines, so it serves its purpose well when used in headlines.

This sans serif typeface is capable of adding life to any text and might even remind you of 19th century newspaper headlines. Pairing it with Archivo or Archivo Narrow as body text is an excellent choice.

If you want to combine it with another font for the body text, choose Hind. Specially developed for user interfaces, this sleek looking font supports Latin and Devnagari scripts. Therefore, you can use it to create designs in multiple languages.

Archivo Black & Hind font matching visualization

To add an artistic look to your design, this font combination is the right choice. By using the bold variation of Poiret One, you can make your titles elegant, decorative and intriguing at the same time. It will surely win the hearts of all lovers of vintage fonts.

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Combine Poiret One with Didactic Gothic for a simplistic but delicate text. Didactic Gothic is a sans serif font that has greater readability and is often used for teaching elementary school students.

Oswald Bold & Nunito Semibold font matching visualization

Oswald was inspired by Alternative Gothic and Franklin Gothic. Due to its narrow spacing and condensed appearance, the font displays exceptionally well in headers. It is also suitable for short but punchy bodies of text.

However, for a detailed body of text, you must associate it with Nunito. This sans serif typeface comes with rounded terminals to provide a casual yet charming look to the body of the text. Select its semi-bold version and pair it with Oswald Bold for a more lively look.

You can also choose Nunito Sans. This variation of Nunito has straighter lines in its letters.

Illustration of Courgette & Libre Baskerville font couple

Zucchini is a classic low contrast italic typeface. This font has a sleek look that works best for headlines or headlines. However, it also looks perfect on the web, making it suitable for a concise body of text.

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You can combine Courgette with the gorgeous Libre Baskerville for a delicate font pairing. Due to its large counterform, this open source serif font is easily readable on screen. This is why you can also use Libre Baskerville for longer bodies of text. If you want a safe yet stylish Google font pairing, go for this combination.

Image showing the combination of Lobster and Open Sans Regular fonts

Do you want to add some whimsy to your design? Try to use lobster. This bold and condensed script font will make titles stand out in your audience. It has an OpenType format, so it is scalable and supports the international character set. As a result, you get various variations of the same letter to use on any platform.

Because Lobster is so easy to read, pairing it with Open Sans is the right choice. The regular style of this font comes with an open, round, and clean format. For this reason, readers can enjoy this font in print, on the web, and on mobile.

Elsie visualization with Roboto font matching

If you are looking for a fluid font, choose Elsie, a font that celebrates femininity. Its soft serifs and flowing letters make it an elegant choice.

When using this font as the title, use Roboto as the body text to create a striking pair. The gorgeous Elsie and the simple Roboto balance your design and will immediately capture the attention of readers.

Image showing the pairing of Montserrat and Lato fonts

Inspired by old urban typography, Monsterrat can make beautiful headings. A crucial feature of this font is sufficient spacing between letters. Thus, readers always find it easy to follow.

With Montserrat as the font for the headings, use Lato in your body text. Its semi-rounded details make the body copy very readable, and offer a feeling of warmth and seriousness.

Use this combination to create designs for fitness-focused businesses and other professional projects.

Illustration of the association of Playfair Display and Fauna One fonts

Playfair Display is an ideal title font as it adds grace and sophistication to any design. It offers old charm, but with a modern twist. This neoclassical serif font will make your titles stand out.

When you have big paragraphs to follow, use Fauna One for the body. These two fonts complement each other wonderfully.

Visualization of the matching of Amatic SC and Josefin Sans fonts

Are you looking for fonts with an original and user-friendly design? Use Amatic SC in the headers and Josefin Sans in the body text to create a killer combo.

Amatic SC is a freestyle typeface best suited to convey the message of informality and openness. On the other hand, Josefin Sans offers a unique and easy to read look. When used in light situations, this pair will grab the attention of the public.

Remember to avoid putting Amatic SC in the main body of the text.

Get Inspired by These Google Font Pairs

The right combination of fonts is essential in creating a stunning design. These Google Font Pairs offer something for every type of creative project. Experiment with them and see how they can improve your designs!

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