10 tech elements from comics that people would hate in real life

There are a number of superheroes and villains in the Marvel Universe who are known for their technological inventions. Sometimes they dress in very advanced armor or have managed to create a unique tool to help them navigate New York’s skyscrapers, and there’s always a deadly doomsday device lurking somewhere.

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While some fans would love to own any of these tech from the comics, there are just as many that would prove to be hated if they existed in the real world. Whether they annoy the community or be used inappropriately by ordinary people, some of Marvel’s technological inventions certainly wouldn’t be so impressive in reality.

ten Doctor Doom’s aggression enhancer is said to be the worst type of crowd control

Doctor Doom's aggressiveness enhancer inciting a riot against the Fantastic Four

Reed Richards’ frequent rival, Doctor Doom, has a number of potentially dangerous inventions under his wing, including a device known as the Aggression Enhancer that he created as a joke during the Acts of revenge Event. The little robotic device emitted a signal that affected the area’s super-villains and caused them to attack the Fantastic Four with increased aggression.

in reality, most people would agree that there is already enough aggression in the real world, which makes the idea of ​​a mobile armored agitator that can be thrown into tense situations frightening and far from the “joke.” “that Doctor Doom originally wanted. Or maybe it’s the perfect kind of joke for someone like Doctor Doom.

9 If everyone had their own spider signal, there would be a lot of annoyed neighbors

Spider-Man's spider signal surprises criminals and blinds JJ Jameson

Most Spider-Man fans would definitely love to have their own pair of web shooters, which is generally considered to be one of the crawler’s best inventions. However, it really was the spider signal he incorporated into his belt (and later versions of his costume badge) that would prove to be incredibly annoying in reality.

If everyone had their own high-power belt signal, there would be quite a few upset neighbors who would be fed up with having their living room inundated with a bespoke logo. Not to mention the number of accidental blinding incidents that would occur due to misused signaling flashes.

8 The image inductor would probably be used for criminal purposes in reality

Nightcrawler using an image inducer to disguise his appearance

The X-Men were among the first characters in the Marvel Universe to use image inducers to disguise their identity. X-Men like Nightcrawler or Beast could freely walk in public without being persecuted by the public, who historically hated and feared what they didn’t understand.

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Unfortunately, a powerful holographic disguise provided by real-world image inducers would more than likely be used for crimes if they were readily available. Wearing a balaclava to rob a store would be a thing of the past if you could just use an image inducer to look like Tom Hanks and really confuse people instead.

7 Noise complaints would reach another level thanks to Klaw’s Sonic Blaster

Ulysses Klaue is better known as Klaw, the Soundbender due to the invention of his powerful sonic blaster, powered by the vibranium he stole from Wakanda. The devastating sonic blaster even altered his own body and turned him into a being of his own, though he is hated in the real world for a number of other reasons.

Sound complaints are already a recurring problem in cities, whether it’s loud parties or motorcycle races in the streets. If ordinary people had access to the powerful sonic blaster, there would at the very least be an increase in sonic complaints, without even considering the dangerous aspect of the weapon.

6 Reed Richards Coma Cannon Has Health Benefits But Could Be Very Dangerous

Mister Fantastic Coma Cannon

When Franklin Richards was born, he was already harnessing his eventual cosmic abilities, although his young mind didn’t know how to control his powers. They even raged uncontrollably while he slept, sometimes bringing his nightmares to life. During one of these events, Reed Richards was forced to use a device now known as the Coma Cannon to render his son unconscious.

This was obviously considered one of Mr. Fantastic’s more questionable inventions, highlighting some of the issues with the device if it was created in the real world. Aside from some of the health benefits that come with inducing coma in patients, there are obvious issues with the ability for people to be able to instantly knock out whoever they wanted for as long as they wanted.

5 Superior Iron Man’s Extremis 3.0 app highlights the worst aspects of social media

Tony Stark and his Extremis app from Superior Iron Man

Following the AXIS Eventually, a number of heroes and villains were magically reversed, including Tony Stark, who became a selfish, greedy, and indifferent version of himself known as Superior Iron Man. He took the body remapping virus known as Extremis and turned it into an app that he sold to the public, which allowed them to physically reinvent themselves.

It sounds like an interesting idea in theory, although he also made it temporary so that he could charge the general public incredible amounts for what has essentially become a drug on social media. It would be devastating technology in the real world that is already battling an addiction to social media, often filled with negative body images and poor beauty standards.

4 The Time Platform is said to be just as dangerous in reality as it is in the comics

Time travel is not something everyone should really have fun with, which has been proven time and time again in various forms of entertainment over the years. There are a number of time travelers and machines in the Marvel Universe, although one of the more well-known versions is Doctor Doom’s Time Platform.

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This is usually what heroes of the Marvel Universe are looking for when they need to time travel, although several villains have used the time platform in an effort to change their own stories for the better. It would cause chaos in the hands of almost anyone who tries to step back in time, as most theoretical physicists would probably agree.

3 The multisect’s ability to explore alternate realities would likely be exploited

A hologram of Reed Richards holding the Multisect

Another of Reed Richards’ powerful inventions has seen a number of different forms over the years, starting with his portal to the Negative Zone. He then created an alternate reality viewer known as the Bridge that connected him to other Reed Richards across the multiverse. He then used his research to create the Multisect as a way to explore the multiverse.

While it is interesting to explore our own possible multiverse to see how other versions of us live, it is more than likely to be used to mine these universes for resources or as a way to continue the cycle of war. seemingly ubiquitous that permeates our own reality.

2 SHIELD helicarriers reportedly crash into the world at an alarming rate

The Territory’s Strategic Response, Enforcement, and Logistics division is best known in the Marvel Universe as SHIELD.

Although he impressed fans during his MCU debut the The Avengers, the reality is that humanity still struggles to keep some ships floating in the ocean and planes in the air, so combining the two would likely result in an overwhelming number of devastating accidents around the world that we would probably be better off without. them in the air.

1 Ultron is the worst version of AI that some people are already worried about

What if Ultron Multiverse Threat 1

Some readers may be familiar with some of humanity’s real attempts at artificial intelligence, such as the ever-creepy robot Sophia who learns humans as quickly as we learn about her. However, we haven’t reached real artificial intelligence yet, which could be a good thing if the comics have shown us anything.

Hank Pym was one of the founders of the Avengers who managed to unlock the secrets of AI when he created his first version of Ultron, although the robot quickly got out of hand and launched his human extermination plans. which continued to grow as rapidly as his. consciousness. Maybe we should be using our brightest minds for something other than AI if Ultron is the result.

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