26-year-old Kalamazoo man faces federal drug and weapons charges after ‘controlled purchase’ of crack cocaine

KALAMAZOO, MI – A man from Kalamazoo arrested last summer for allegedly threatening to kill people in a Facebook Live video is being charged in federal court with drug and arms trafficking.

Jhontae Kaprice Jamison, 26, was arrested on January 28 by the Kalamazoo Valley Enforcement Team after a controlled purchase of crack by an undercover agent, according to a copy of Jamison’s warrant filed in federal court.

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Jamison, who has reportedly sold to the agent several times before, was indicted on 10 drug and weapons offenses in Kalamazoo County District Court on February 1 following his arrest. But those charges have since been dropped as the federal drug case was filed in U.S. District Court.

U.S. Attorney Andrew Birge on Thursday (February 4) announced in a press release that Jamison had been detained, pending trial, on federal charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm, possession in intending to distribute basic cocaine and possession of a firearm for additional purposes. of a drug trafficking crime.

Jamison, if convicted, could face up to 20 years in prison for the cocaine charge, up to 10 years for the felon in possession of a firearm charge and face a sentence mandatory at least 5 years, consecutive to any other sentence imposed, for possession of a firearm in drug trafficking, Birge said.

After allegedly buying crack cocaine from Jamison on January 28, KVET agents obtained a search warrant against him, court documents show.

Prior to executing the warrant, officers located Jamison’s car at the Davis Creek Apartments in Portage. Jamison eventually left an apartment and when investigators attempted to make contact, he fled, hitting the building with his car in the process, court documents show.

Investigators located the car to a parking lot on Alvan Road in Kalamazoo. Seeing the unmarked KVET vehicle, Jamison ran, scaling a large metal fence topped with barbed wire. He was ultimately arrested after officers arrested the mother of Jamison’s child and found him in the car, court documents show.

After his arrest, court documents indicate that Jamison waived his rights to Miranda and admitted to occasionally selling crack cocaine, and that he knew he could not legally own a gun as a criminal.

Jamison, who was the victim of a July 31 shooting in Kalamazoo, had previously been arrested and charged with making terrorist threats and using a computer to commit a crime from a hospital room on August 1.

Jamison could be heard in the video, which was shown during his preliminary hearing on November 10 in Kalamazoo District Court, calling out a group of people, swearing on his mother that they “better not be out. “When he gets out of the hospital, and if they dare to be, they better have sticks – gun slang, according to the prosecutor’s office.

“We’ll see if you (expletive) about it, because I’m on it,” he said. “You can’t (swear) with me,” he said in the video.

When the charges in that case were dismissed, Kalamazoo County District Judge Tiffany Ankley said Jamison made a lot of innuendo.

“I don’t necessarily take this as a specific threat in terms, and I appreciate that the prosecution doesn’t require a specific threat in terms, but it has to express a warning of danger or harm and I don’t know which rises to that’s level at this point, ”Ankley said.

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