37 easy ways to decorate your home for Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, you might be wondering how you can embrace the spooky season. Sure, you can go apple picking, pack a smart costume, or even indulge in a pumpkin and spice latte, but if you want to take your Halloween spirit to the next level, why not show yourself off with some themed decorations?

To help you get your home ready for the treats, lifestyle expert Monica Mangin shared three must-try Halloween decorating themes with Hoda and Jenna. Read on to shop for pumpkin decorating kits, unicorn skeletons, tombstones and more.

Easy DIY Halloween Decoration

Scary spiders

Oriental Trading Halloween Spider Web Door Cover

There is nothing scarier than spiders, so why not cover your front door with them? When decorating, a lot of people neglect their doors, but this fun spider web design is an easy way to add a touch of dread to your front door.

Oriental Trade Articulated Spider

This hairy spider decoration is a great accessory to attach to your door, or to put on your porch or in a front window. The fur-covered feet are also movable, so you can choose exactly how to position them. Large enough to be seen from the street, this spider is sure to impress.

Oriental Trading Spider Pumpkin Push-Ins (Set of 12)

Editor’s Note: Mangin’s Choice is out of stock, but we’ve found this product to be similar.

It wouldn’t be fall without a pumpkin on the porch, so give them an extra dose of spooky with these spider props. Each metal spider has glittering accents and a nail is attached so you can easily ram it into pumpkins or gourds.

Hanging Spider Webs in Oriental Cardstock

Hang these decorations on your windows, ceiling or any high space to create a spooky atmosphere. These hanging canvases, sold in packs of six, are ideal for classrooms, workspaces and Halloween parties.

Large Command Clear Window Hook

If you are looking for a way to hang all of your window decorations, these command strips are a great option. One hook can hold up to four pounds and will keep your walls looking great, so there’s no need to worry about holes, marks, or paint chips.

DIY Spider Egg Bags

This decoration is a simple, kid-friendly DIY craft perfect for Halloween, but you can purchase some options. For this craft, you need inexpensive white tights like the ones below, stretchy cobwebs, and small plastic spider rings. You start by filling the bottom with webs and then add spiders. The layering of the canvases also looks great. Wrap webs around the outside and glue a few spiders for a spooky effect.

Sheer Wonder Nation tights

Use these tights to keep the cobwebs in place.

Oriental Trading Stretch Cobwebs (Set of 12)

Take these canvases in sets of 12 for easy decoration.

Commercial Oriental Spider Rings

The ring shape of these spiders makes them easy to clip onto each web.

Command exterior lighting clips

Hang them outdoors using outdoor light strips for a decoration that is both disgusting and awe-inspiring.

Oriental Trading LED Skull in Spider Cocoon

Editor’s Note: Mangin’s Choice is out of stock, but we’ve found this product to be similar.

If the DIY activity is not for you, this cocooned skull is a great alternative. Scare off sweethearts or guests with the glowing red eyes of this spooky skull. The skull is foam while the spiders are plastic.

Oriental Marble 11 Inch Latex Balloons Trading

With a unique marble design, these balloons are a fun and easy way to decorate. No helium is needed to inflate the balloons, just inflate them and hang them inside and outside your home.

Spiders Lightshow Projector Display

The easiest way to decorate your home this Halloween is with a themed spotlight, like this spider display. Hide the projector in a bush or planter and send chills down your neighbors’ spines with the image of spiders crawling all over your house.

Unicorn skeleton decor

If you want to create a unique Halloween this year, or maybe a more colorful theme, try this unicorn skeleton theme. This fun twist on the classic skeleton theme incorporates rainbow colors to create a magical, non-spooky Halloween scene. Decorate your yard with a hot pink and rainbow unicorn garland to really sell the look and go above and beyond with an assortment of rainbow balloons. The inflatable pool noodles also take this theme to the next level and can even be reused in the summer.

Oriental Trading Hot Pink Fabric Fringe Garland

Keep things bright with this festive garland.

Oriental Trading Unicorn Garland

How adorable is this rainbow garland? It’s perfect for Halloween, and you can save it for upcoming birthdays.

Oriental trade rainbow balloons

These rainbow balloons add a splash of color to any room.

Oriental Trading Rainbow Super Agate Balloon Assortment (Set of 100)

These aren’t your regular balloons – they have a fun marbled look that sets them apart from traditional balloons.

Oriental Trading Inflatable Pool Noodles (Set of 6)

This bright decoration is another one that you can keep for future occasions.

Oriental Trade Unicorn Skeleton

The most important part of any unicorn skeleton theme is of course the unicorn itself! This plastic unicorn has glowing red eyes and is the perfect addition to any Halloween setup. Batteries are not included with this unicorn.

diy tombstones

To accompany this magical and spooky scene, spray painted tombstones really seal the deal. Whether you want to hand paint them, add writing, or quickly spray color, the extra detail will make your Halloween display stand out. To get started, try the paintings and tombstones listed below.

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint (Set of 16)

Investing in these acrylic paints will pay off for winter crafts as well.

Oriental Trade Tombstones (Set of 6)

These polystyrene tombstones are perfect for the job.

Krylon Fusion All-in-One Spray Paint

This spray paint will completely cover your tombstones and can also be used to freshen up outdoor furniture a bit in the summer.

Oriental Trading Unicorn Pumpkin Decorating Kit

Tired of the same old pumpkin lanterns? Why not try something a little different with this unicorn decorating kit. A great craft for kids, this kit includes sticky foam pieces, glitter covered cardstock, wooden picks, and plush fabric strips.

Halloween under the sea

Get creative this Halloween with an underwater theme. A great way to incorporate this theme is to display mermaid and octopus skeletons that will send spooky waves to anyone who meets them. For more light, try a luminous octopus. Or, you can run with the theme and dress up a life-size two-headed pirate skeleton.

Oriental Trading Life Size Mermaid Skeleton

Editor’s Note: Please note this item is out of stock until October 24, but you can purchase this similar option now.

Who knew life under the sea could be so scary yet cool?

Oriental Trade Octopus Skeleton

It is the largest skeleton that Muir chose.

Oriental Trading Small Luminous Skeleton

The smaller skeleton Mangin has chosen is battery operated and gives off an alien-like glow.

Oriental Trading Life-Size Two-Headed Posable Skeleton

Editor’s Note: Mangin’s Choice is out of stock, but we’ve found this product to be similar.

Complete the theme with this unique skeleton.

Dead Sea Halloween Decor

To complete the spooky skeletons, consider some of the items below to take your decor to the next level. Gold pearls are great for looking like treasure, and nothing says under the sea like fishing nets. Other items that can be hung in your front yard, or even indoors for parties, are blue balloons and spooky fabrics.

Oriental Trading Gold Pearl Necklaces

These necklaces are a treasure right now, but you can keep them for New Years or Mardi Gras celebrations.

Oriental trading black fishnet wall decorations (set of 3)

Editor’s Note: Mangin’s Choice is out of stock, but we’ve found this product to be similar.

Experience the atmosphere of the sea with these fishing nets.

Oriental Trading Plus Size Gray Scary Fabric

This 24ft fabric will cover any wall, or you can cut it into different sizes to extend the life of your underwater theme.

Oriental Trading Blue Metallic Balloons (Set of 24)

Finish the look with fun balloons.

Oriental Dead Sea Leasehold

Set the scene with this Dead Sea backdrop featuring two bony ghouls and a sunken pirate ship. Use this backdrop to transform a wall or even to create a DIY photo booth. Made of plastic, the backdrop comes with three pieces per set and requires simple assembly.

Oriental Commercial Fog Machine

Nothing says as scary as a fog machine. All you have to do is add the fluid and your space instantly transforms. A hanger bracket for the mounting bracket is included with this machine. The fluid is sold separately from the machine.

Glowy Zoey LED Stickman Costume

Glowy Zoey’s LED costumes are available in child and adult sizes in five different colors. Each combination is battery operated and is controlled with six different brightness levels and flashing modes.

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