Always aware of inventions: actress Aahana Kumar

NewsX in its A-list series dove into a conversation with actor Aahana Kumar where the actor was recognized for his excellence in entertainment, aiming to showcase some of India’s best and brightest.

During her first feat as a host, contrary to the prevailing idea that actors are mostly invited as judges on such series, she was caught off guard when she offered to be the host. of the “Invention Challenge”.

She found herself intrigued because the show’s concept encompassed Q&A sessions with the host, which was a first in itself. While other shows simply require the host to host the series, in this show she had the opportunity to ask the inventors questions about their inventions.

She reiterated that inventions and inventors blew her mind, as she watched 8-year-old inventors invent stuff and build prototypes to present in front of the panel.

She also said that there were no participants but inventors and no judges but the jury who considered the locations.

She and her brother have always been aware of inventions and she believes that no invention is right or wrong, it is the usefulness at a given time that precedes the priority of the invention.

She was amazed by many inventors and recalled one of them who was from Barahmullah, Kashmir, which happens to be a remote place, she remarked that ideation was reaching where the internet could not.

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