An invention that improves health care safety invented by an Algonquin graduate

Frank Fiorenza receives a Health Sciences Award from the Algonquin College Alumni Awards of Distinction for his work.

An invention by an Algonquin College alumnus improves patient and staff safety in Canadian hospitals.

Algonquin College presented Frank Fiorenza with a Health Sciences Award, as part of the Alumni Distinction Awards, an honor he said he was honored to receive.

Fiorenza’s product, the Flusso Bypass Adapter, improves the care of mechanically ventilated patients by preventing the patient’s lungs from collapsing and expanding again. Sam Laprade’s show September 26.

“And then it protects healthcare workers from airborne contaminants and aerosols, which obviously with the unknown of COVID-19 was a huge concern, and still is, and there there are still other things outside of COVID that are harmful to clinicians,” he explained. .

A graduate of the Algonquin Respiratory Therapy Program, he says he has developed close bonds with the other 25 people in the program. After graduating, he worked for 19 years in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at The Ottawa Hospital, where he said he kept coming up with ideas to solve clinical problems.

“And then I hit a point in my career where it’s, do I act on those ideas and start looking at creating those products? Or do I just put them aside and just ask if, in 10 years,” he said.

But Fiorenza doesn’t like to live with assumptions.

His product had been on the market for about a year before COVID-19 hit, and suddenly it became in high demand in Canada and abroad.

“To see a device you’ve created, helping thousands of lives and protecting so many healthcare workers…it almost leaves me speechless,” he said.

Fiorenza will receive her award at the ceremony, which will take place on September 29 at the Algonquin campus in Ottawa.

Listen to Frank Fiorenza’s full interview below:

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