Animal Crossing: 9 Scariest Costumes / Items

As October progresses and the countdown to Halloween begins, the appearance of more Halloween-themed items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons means players can really get ready for the coming vacation.

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Whether it’s decorating an island with new seasonal areas, trying on different outfits for the Halloween night itself, or growing pumpkins for DIY purposes, there are plenty of ways to wrap an island with it. spooky spirit, both for placing around an island and for a player’s character to carry.

9 Scary wand

Animal Crossing New Horizons Scary Wand

In the height of the season, on Halloween night, when Jack comes to visit after 5 p.m., gifting him lollipops – which can be obtained through a trick or treatment – will allow the player to receive gifts, including including the DIY Spooky wand recipe.

Crafting seasonal items is one of the best things to do in fall Animal crossing, and having this wand gives players the ability to quickly switch between outfits. This is especially useful on a night like Halloween, where participating in a trick or treat may have players wanting to debut many costumes, and simplifies their ability to do so.

8 Jack Costume Dress and Face

Jack Animal Crossing New Horizons

Jack’s image is made scarier by its mystery, asking the question, is there something under his pumpkin head? And if so, what? These questions may not be answered on Halloween, but players can get their hands on a copy of his costume by gifting Jack with candy, which can be purchased throughout October from Nook’s Cranny’s wardrobe. .

The fun of Halloween night provides a great reason to come back to the game, and dressing like Jack occasionally gives another spooky look, adding a layer of weirdness to the night. Additionally, dressing like Jack gives players the chance to trick their villagers, which will cause them to hand out candy.

7 Scary cart

Scary Animal Crossing Car

The splendor of the Spooky Cart depends on whether a player has worked hard to buy or grow pumpkins throughout the season, requiring 30 of the orange variety to make it.

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The cart is another gift from Jack for providing him with lollipops, and its size makes it a great centerpiece for seasonal displays. Like the other items in the Spooky range, it can be personalized using other pumpkin colors, turning it into yellow, green or white. Beyond the Halloween season, the fairytale nature of the horse-drawn carriage can make it a great addition to magical themed islands.

6 Mummy costume

Mummy costume in Animal Crossing

The mummy costume in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be purchased in two pieces from the Able Sisters Shop and consists of the Mummy Outfit, One Piece Bandage Suit and Mummy Mask, a headgear that leaves only one eye exposed.

As well as giving players a distinctly spooky look, this costume gives characters the chance to look like one of the best lazy villagers in the game, Lucky, a dog who is also equipped with full bandages. The effect of the mummy costume can be enhanced by using body paint skin color options, which can be purchased with Nook Miles at Resident Services.

5 Halloween Face Painting

Lucky Asks Candy in Animal Crossing

Going for a ride or heal on an island during the Halloween event really adds to the community vibe of the holidays, and while giving the villagers candy players may receive some in return, refusing to do so can be done. will result in a turn.

In fact, most Animal crossing Players never find out that ignoring this request means an Islander performs a trick on a player, covering their face in one of four Halloween-themed face paint designs. These work like custom designs, but are only available on Halloween night, as players cannot save them. Still, choosing to be cheated can give a costume an extra scary edge.

4 Scary scarecrow

Scary Animal Crossing Scarecrow

Perfect for crafting and being used as a keeper of a patch of pumpkins on an island, the Spooky Scarecrow can be purchased from the seasonal section of Nook’s Cranny or obtained via a DIY recipe from the villagers.

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The scarecrow image is great for adding a spooky element to all kinds of installations, and its narrow size makes it a truly versatile decoration that can add something special even to the smallest corners of an island.

3 Scary arch

Scary Animal Crossing Arch

Serving as a gateway to spooky festivities, the Spooky Ark is a themed recipe that can be obtained as a DIY from the villagers or spotted in Nook’s Cranny.

Whether placed at the entrance of an island, guarding a pumpkin patch, or placed in front of the plaza to be the center of the Halloween action, this bow can help separate parts of an island. other thematic areas, keeping the frightening vibrations contained if a player opts for a sober decoration, or spread far away for those who want to give their all.

2 Vampire costume

Animal Crossing Halloween Costumes

Among the range of Halloween costumes available for purchase from the Able Sisters, the vampire costume can be found in two varieties, black or purple, and consists of an elegantly layered top that emphasizes the aristocratic background. that vampires often have.

Since this costume consists of a top alone, it is quite simple to tailor it to the style of an individual character, as its feel can be easily changed depending on the bottom, shoes and other accessories with which it is worn. is associated.

1 Creepy Treats Basket

Animal Crossing Scary Treats Basket

One of the new Halloween event items on Animal Crossing: New Horizons this year it’s the Spooky treat basket, a perfect pocket item to complete a treat or treat outfit.

It can be found in Nook’s Cranny or obtained as a craft item from Villagers, where it requires an orange pumpkin and two candies to craft. The treat basket can also be personalized using pumpkins, which makes it likely to fit more Halloween costumes.

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