Annel García graduated from the Discovery Academy

Solo art exhibition before the ceremony

By Tucker Harris digital producer

BIG SKY – Colorful artwork fills the lecture hall at the BASE Community Center as students proudly show off their art on display at the Discovery Academy Art Exhibit. Soon-to-be Discovery graduate and artist Annel García smiles at her gouache painting of vibrant wildflowers titled ‘A Bouquet for Big Sky’, before pointing out the other impressive works in the room.

“For me, art is a form of expression and I adapt that form of expression,” García told EBS. “I like to tell stories through my pieces. They all have some sort of meaning behind them; They are made with intention.

García, a junior in Big Sky Discovery Academy’s accelerated program, will graduate a year early on Friday, June 3 at Fire Pit Park downtown. She has been at Discovery for two and a half years, transferring midway through her freshman year, and has been involved in the art program ever since.

As the sole graduate of the ceremony, García has a little more freedom in choosing how the celebration goes, and she opted to include an art display before the ceremony.

Additionally, García’s older sister, Julia Lizeth Larsen, will speak before García receives her degree, joining fellow Discovery Academy 2022 graduates Kyan Smit and Libby Flach in recognition of her time at the Montessori school.

“My sister saw it all,” García said. “She’s seen it since I was born [until] now. And growing up often, she would be one of my siblings who would help take care of me the most.

Gouache painting “A Bouquet for Big Sky” by Annel García

Not only will this moment be special for García because the two are so close, but also because Larsen is a big reason for García’s passion for art.

“My sister is actually the one who inspired my love for art because she loves sketching and 3D animation,” García said. “She always encouraged me.”

The pre-ceremony exhibit will include many of the works García has created over the past three years.

“I’m excited to show pieces that are actually interconnected and made in different years,” she said. “Because every piece, you’d think, ‘Oh, that’s an individual piece,’ but actually I have quite a few [connected art works].”

Many of the themes apparent in his works during the graduation exhibition relate to his culture and family heritage in Jalisco, Mexico.

“I got so far away from where I came from when I moved to Big Sky, that it took me until high school to reconnect,” she said. “That’s why there are a lot of recurring themes in my last pieces more than in the previous ones, like worries or little things that are very close to the culture where I come from.”

Next fall, García plans to attend Montana State University to study film. She will take with her lessons learned in discovering time management, the importance and value of close relationships and mentors, and her love of art.

Big Sky Discovery Academy invites the community to celebrate Annel García’s graduation on June 3 at 1:30 p.m. at the Town Center’s Fire Pit Park. His art exhibition will begin beforehand at 12:30 p.m.

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