Apple-inspired designs to make your tech dreams come true as we count down to WWDC 2021!

Apple’s WWDC21 is fast approaching! The air is buzzing with excitement, as we eagerly wait to hear what Apple might announce. As we find ourselves biting our nails and squirming in anticipation of what Apple has in store for us, let’s take a moment to appreciate all the inspiration this revolutionary tech giant has provided. Apple’s ingenious and fascinating designs and design philosophy have inspired and influenced designers around the world resulting in some pretty unique Apple concepts! And we’ve rounded up some of the best. Enjoy these innovative Apple-inspired designs, as you count the days until WWDC!

Peisert’s Concept One embodies all of Apple’s good (and a few disreputable) aspects in a design for the whole family. It’s a luxury car, but it’s not a sedan. Instead, the Apple One is sort of a single SUV that can accommodate 4 or more people fairly amply. Its proportions (and especially this headlight) look a bit like a cross between the Tesla Cybertruck and the Rivian SUV. The design is slightly angular but has no edgy surfaces or straight lines. Instead, everything curves in a rather organic fashion… a characteristic also seen in the continuous curves found on Apple products. Speaking of Apple products (and also unsavory looks), the Apple One sports that famous cheese grater grid on the front. You could argue that an electric SUV wouldn’t need a grille, but Peisert likely took a creative call with this one there.

Sleek, with minimal detail, and controls as confusing as the AppleTV remote, but just as eye-catching. It might be designer Hannes Geipel’s version of a Microsoft Surface game controller, but it certainly has a very strong Apple vibe to it. Hannes Geipel’s Surface Gaming Controller concept presents a brilliantly simple form. With absolutely no frills, textures, accents, or color separation, the Surface game controller has a clean look that contrasts sharply with Microsoft’s own Xbox controller. The Surface game controller comes with a soft, satin finish and sports two rather slick joypads with a metal ring around them. The joypads sit perfectly within reach of your thumb, while two large X signs can be found where you would expect the D-pad and XYAB buttons.

Inspired by life on the edge and documenting journeys along the way, the iCam Pro has been conceptualized using cutting edge technology suitable for the adventure seeker who isn’t about to go. be braked by limiting the recoil of the camera. Equipped with Apple’s A12Z bionic chip, the iCam Pro concept delivers lightning-fast feedback and the same power efficiency we’ve all come to expect from Apple. In addition to its super-fast chip, the iCam Pro is equipped with LiDAR sensors, a breakthrough in camera technology that fills Apple’s camera to take videography to another level. LiDAR sensors essentially use remote sensing to examine the Earth’s surface and all of its nooks and crannies to provide photos that are as close to reality as the cameras on phones. In a similar vein, a 12 MP ultra-wide sensor widens the view of the camera to provide fuller photos, while the iCam Pro’s 22 MP wide camera captures crystal-clear colors for documentation. more realistic.

Apple has announced the arrival of lossless audio on Apple Music. With a new iPod, it will be as if Apple is embarking on the music streaming war. Spotify has slowly but steadily dominated this space, and the new iPod could almost be Apple signaling that it takes the music business seriously. The iPod could generate major interest just like the Moto RAZR – nostalgia is a powerful force. Also, the hardware wouldn’t be any different from the iPhone 5 or iPhone SE, given that the renderings look pretty much exactly like these devices. Second, the new iPod has the ability to become Apple’s gateway device for a variety of iOS features (and probably even MagSafe, who knows). Children could use it to listen to music, but could also use the iMessage service on it. The iPod could also harness the power of Apple Arcade, becoming a very affordable device that parents would buy for their children in the blink of an eye, connecting them to the Apple ecosystem from a young age.

The rumor of a new Apple Watch started in 2020 when prominent Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo hinted that a new design was in the works and could drop as early as 2021. Now that we are well into the year 2021, Prosser’s collaborated with Ian Zelbo to bring the rumors and leaks to life in pretty realistic renderings. Renderings are based on actual images and screenshots of CAD files provided to Prosser through its network of sources. In order to protect the sources while still sharing the designs with everyone, Prosser and Ian created these renderings to show us exactly what they saw, and it looks like Apple is really starting to streamline its design language. The “magic glass plate” analogy seemed to work very well for the iPad, and its flat-edged design language was finally applied to the iPhone 12 last year and the iMac this year. According to the renderings, the Apple Watch gets a similarly designed upgrade with flat sides as opposed to rounded sides, giving its screen a larger-than-life presence with minimal interference from the bezel.

Creative Director Antonio De Rosa gives wings to our imaginations with his ideation for Apple Money, the currency and the e-wallet that will make it all possible. The designer believes Apple Money will be available on the Apple Card +, digitized via the sleek aluminum gadget, carrying the company’s signature design language. It will be connected to Apple devices to create a mining ecosystem, which is in a decentralized family ecosystem. The device will be powered by the Apple S2 security chip, capable of handling 27 assets and ERC20 tokens. Connected and approved devices will leverage digital money through a seamless app, keeping everything in the Apple ecosystem.

According to some sources, the Apple Car won’t have a driver’s seat or even drive controls, which could be a bummer for motorheads who like the feeling of being in control of their machine. What the Apple Car will look like is anyone’s guess, but to give a clear idea of ​​what it might look like, Ali Cam’s Apple Car 2076 is a good benchmark for bringing home inspiration. Adopting Apple’s sharp design aesthetic, the car looks like a mouse in the shape of a car at first glance, but then you realize that it’s actually a minimal concept car. Loaded with advanced driving systems, Ali sees the plan in the distant future – the year 2076 to be precise. The pick of the year is apparently Apple’s 100th anniversary since its founding by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

No matter how you cut it, the iPhone 13 has a unique look – from the front, from the back, and even from the sides. The bump also has a practical function. For once, the modern iPhone doesn’t have a notch. The iPhone 13 comes with a full screen, like all cameras and sensors that allow FaceID to sit on top, in that tiny 3-4 millimeter bump. Beyond that, however, the phone comes with speakers at the top and bottom. The camera bump also moves slightly upward, ensuring that it is perfectly aligned with the raised edge, thanks to the bump. Finally, the concept phone flexes its muscles with its biggest feature yet, the M1 chip made by Apple.

Instead of going for a radical overhaul, Arlaud’s iMac Pro M1 concept takes the classic design of the iMac Pro and gives it minor but important visual improvements. The all-in-one concept computer sports the crowd-favorite wedge-shaped profile with that slightly bulging back. However, it absolutely gets rid of the bezels and chin on the front, sporting a gloriously infinite edge-to-edge display that’s an absolute pleasure to watch. Sure, the M1 might be the highlight of this computer, but this screen is the icing on the cake. While the M1 works behind the scenes to give you a great computing experience, that 100% front-facing display amplifies it, surrounding the user in Apple’s incredible and unmatched user experience.

While the iPhone 13 and the Apple VR headset can’t launch within the same timeframe, that doesn’t stop imaginative designers from figuring out what the two products will look like. ConceptsiPhone created a rendering of the two upcoming devices by Apple and mixed them together in a video dubbed iPhone 13 VR to the delight of creative writers. The VR headset is open to all imaginations possible, and the folks at ConceptsiPhone have taken this opportunity to show the world what the mixed reality headset will look like. It looks lavish (after all, it’s Apple) and is in keeping with the design principles Apple has put in place for the headset – comfort and aesthetic lightness. The strap looks reassuring in terms of ergonomics while the padding around the visible area ensures maximum comfort.

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