Bioelectronica Announces Expansion of Hypercell ™ for Antibody Discovery, Closing of Oversubscribed Series A Funding, Growth in Local Hiring and Expansion of Facilities in Reno

Extension of Hypercell ™ for biopharmaceutical discovery with software.

Establishing a second site increased laboratory capacity by over 45% and engineering capacity by over 70%.

RENO, Nev., July 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bioelectronics® Corporation (“Bioelectronica”) announced today that it has secured an undisclosed amount in its Series A funding round due to increased interest in Hypercell ™, a new hardware tool that can be used to uncover new antibodies using computer vision, which are industrially and technologically timely and relevant. This is proven by Hypercell’s recent victory at an industry award at ISAC, a leader in flow cytometry. The judges and the audience unanimously agreed that Bioelectronica’s approach was the most innovative compared to its peers.

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“One way of thinking about Hypercell ™ and digital biology is like a video game console, in which researchers can use software programming to develop new software-controlled workflows for biopharmaceutical applications such as the discovery of antibodies and other functional tests for biopharmaceutical applications’ Jonathan hull, co-founder and CEO. “Personally, I like the Nintendo® analogies because I’m a Tetris fan, but it’s subjective,” Hull said.

The funding accelerated Bioelectronica’s path and advanced plans to open a third research site in Nevada, effectively increasing the laboratory space and engineering capacity of the Company by 45% and 70%, respectively. It also allowed the company to continue to grow its team. Since January 2020, Bioelectronica has grown its team by 56%. The Company actively recruits the best local talent in Reno, with 62% of all employees recruited in the University of Nevada, Reno. This milestone is a major milestone for Bioelectronica in its mission to develop Hypercell®, a next-generation platform that uses patent-pending electrofluidic hardware, reagents, and data science to accelerate biopharmaceutical discovery and production workflows. .

“As one of the fastest growing local biotech startups, we have focused on hiring the best local talent,” said Hull. “As we continue to grow our team, we have increased our operational footprint with a new facility and we are investing in employee growth and development to ensure they are geared towards success.

“It was amazing to see the growth trajectory of Bioelectronica,” says Orlando gonzález, captain of the United States Army (retired) and adviser to Bioelectronica. “The company continues to support its operational growth and has promoted an excellent team culture. This is evidenced by the company’s quarterly leadership development workshops, which gave me a real opportunity to engage with the team. This team has enormous potential to take Bioelectronica to the next level. “

New hires include technical and business talent from Hamilton robotics, VWR and Europhins. Roger chen, Founder and CTO, was previously at Roche and is a successful Founder and Entrepreneur. Hull commented: “I am very proud of our team and am optimistic about our reach in the research market in the years to come. Our culture is to educate and promote from within, and this is already paying off. Our team is exceptional.

The company is exploring offices in Asia and Europe to keep pace with the growing demand for research and new antibodies due to the pandemic. “While Reno has been a great place to incubate, we may need to consider new offices. We hope to start working on new cell therapies soon, provided we can secure the growth capital we need to continue to grow at this rate, ”says Coque.

About Bioelectronica
Bioelectronics® is a research-stage biotechnology company that creates intelligent digital tools for biopharmacy discovery, cell screening and cell sorting. Bioelectronica’s platform technology combines computer vision, biochemical reagents and consumer electronics to enable unique software-controlled workflows. We believe that by transforming biochemistry through digital innovation, we are fundamentally changing the speed and price of therapeutic discovery and development. For more information on how your workflow can benefit from Bioelectronica’s incremental change innovation, contact Jonathan Hull or the team at [email protected]. Bioelectronics® and Hypercell® are registered trademarks of Bioelectronica. Hypercell® is reserved for research.

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