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Two people will join the next enrollment class Black Inventor Who changed the way we work and see.

Croak, currently vice president of Google, developed Voice over Internet Protocol, a technology that has enabled many to work from home. Bath then created a laser facoprobe, a device used during surgery to easily remove cataracts.

Their advice is “bittersweet,” said Erica Jefferson, founder of the Black Women (BWISE) science and engineering organization. Both women have made incredible strides in the field of male dominance in STEM, The Bath Is Not Alive To Receive The Honor. She also said that the fact that it has taken nearly 50 years to introduce black women to recruiting and promoting black women in STEM is proving to be a long-term problem.

“There are thousands of Patricia basses and Marian cloaks that have burned the trail but have yet to be ‘discovered’,” Jefferson said. “Watching these two stunning women win this award is not enough. Advocacy systems must be in place to ensure they get the recognition and support they deserve. . “

Croak and Bath made history with STEM

Of the 610 Hall of Fame members, 48 ​​are women and 30 are black. According to Rini Paiva, executive vice president of selection and awards at the National Inventors Hall of Fame, there are even fewer Asian and Latin inventors, 19 and 5, respectively.

“We recognize the need for greater diversity among our members,” said Paiva. “But we are trying to take steps to consistently respect the black inventor.”

Meanwhile, Croak holds over 200 patents. She currently runs Google’s AI and Human-Centered Technology Research Center, but was a pioneer when she was an AT&T Engineer in the 1990s. VoIP – In other words , it is a technology that allows users to make calls over the Internet rather than over the telephone line. Today, technology supports video chat and other online communications that have become particularly important to those working from home during a pandemic.

The bath First black female doctor Obtained a patent She too First teacher Member of the Department of Ophthalmology at UCLA, first female chair of an ophthalmology training program, and one of the first researchers to discover that glaucoma affects patients black in imbalance. She did not imagine the Laserphaco probe, a device that performs all the steps of cataract ablation and simplifies surgery. It was patented until 1981, after removing most of the former.

Crook told Google Earlier this month her listing was “humility” and she was proud to be one of the first two black women listed.

“When you look at someone who looks like you in a dimension, you see that they inspire people. We are proud to be able to provide such an expression, ”she said.

Bath may have been nominated more than 11 times

Jefferson said he had been nominated 11 times to the Hall of Fame before Bath’s death in 2019. Bath’s daughter Dr Elakabus believes she may have been nominated more often than that.

“I think the obfuscation of his work is part of a bigger story,” said Eraka Bath, associate professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at UCLA’s Institute of Neuropsychiatry.

According to Bath, the mother often mentioned the crossing barriers she faced. She was a STEM woman and one of the few black women in the field of ophthalmology. Racism and sexism continued from the date of her stay in Manhattan until her tenure at UCLA, where she was made an honorary member of the medical staff following her retirement. So, seeing Patricia Bass finally gain her national legitimacy is “a victory for the girl” interested in science and engineering, she said.

Patricia Bath has dedicated much of her life to helping black patients and her fellow doctors. As an intern at Harlem Hospital, she noticed the poor quality of eye treatments she was receiving from black patients and persuaded a Columbia University professor to perform free eye surgery in Harlem, Elakabas said. . It is one of the earliest examples of “community ophthalmology” in the real world and it is a type of ophthalmology that prioritizes underserved patients.

“She has always been in the community, always giving back and always trying to push the boundaries,” said Elaka Bass.

Encouraging Black Women in STEM Careers

Along with its commitment to showcase more black inventors, the National Inventors Hall of Fame says it campaigns year-round to provide children and women of color with STEM opportunities and encourage inventions. Noted.

Jefferson created a black woman in science and engineering for a black woman who already works at STEM and who feels neglected or discriminated against.

“Raising interest in engineering and science is an easy part,” Jefferson said. “It’s a lot harder for black women to find jobs and stay in these fields. “

As Vice President of UCLA’s Office of Psychiatric Justice, Equity, Diversity and Comprehension, Elaka Bass will pick up where her mother left off and support women and people in their advancement. professional. She said the concept of “global excellence” is also important to Patricia Bass.

She’s not alive when she sees her join, but Bath is “very excited” to be inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, her daughter said, and her mother’s “biggest hit”. HOF’s spot is “Gold Record”.

Black Woman First Inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame | Way of life

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