Bolivian fashion designer Daniel Orlando Ortiz Oporto brings new trends with his wonderful fashion skills

Amid the high profile beauty of the fashion industry, different talents come to the photo every year to show off their collections for the first time. We’re always excited to see what these new perspectives bring to the table – part of the fun of fashion just keeps growing.

We have an eye on a stylist and fashion designer who creates wonderful designs and clothes and focuses on local crafts, different techniques and pushes the boundaries of sustainability. Daniel Orlando Ortiz Oporto is the one that should be on your radar this year.

Bolivian fashion designer and entrepreneur Daniel Orlando Ortiz Oporto is well known in the fashion industry for his unique taste for style. He’s been in the industry for many years, but the latest buzz is about his growing brand, “Oporto Couture”, which is his fashion line. Few names like Placido Domingo, Mark Whalberg, Vittorio Griggolo and Carla Ortiz have helped Daniel Oporto establish the brand.

Design is of great importance in our lives. “Different and unique” is what Porto Couture transmits as the brand’s message to differentiate itself from the competition.

We spoke with the founder of Oporto Couture, Daniel Orlando Ortiz Oporto about the idea behind his brand to which he said: “We want to make our presence felt in the everyday clothing segment by presenting this new line of luxury clothes that are not created on the basis of my personal style and inspired by my surroundings and fashion influences.

At present, Porto Couture sells coats and blazers which sell out instantly, which means that the brand is acquiring great demand.

Daniel Oporto said his team is grateful for the response received so far and plans to expand their business and increase the supply. He is confident that everyone will love his new pieces and is excited about the new releases.

Daniel himself is a fashion influencer. His Instagram posts prove why Porto Couture will be our go-to brand in the future, not only limited to luxury fashion, but also luxury design.

You can follow Daniel Orlando Ortiz Oporto on Instagram @oportocouture for exciting updates.

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