Bored? Here’s how to create your own stickers!

If you’re like us, you’re probably bored (a lot). That’s why you’re here, isn’t it – to look for cute craft ideas that you can do to occupy your free time or to occupy your mind and fingers? And we’ve got you covered, from coffee filter flowers to the BEST crafts for our ADHD artisans.

And today we’re going to add something really fun to that list: stickers you can make at home!


This DIY sticker craft comes to us from Oreopiey.x on TikTok, and can we just say how in love we are with this boredom buster? First, you’ll want to gather a few supplies, including parchment paper, drawing paper, masking tape, scissors, markers, and an idea of ​​what you want to draw. Or you’re clueless and scribble whatever comes to mind at the time!

Draw and color on another sheet of plain paper, then cut out your art and lay it on the baking sheet (shiny side up) before covering it with your masking tape. Cut out the general shape of the sticker leaving enough room around the edges to be able to peel off the baking tray once you are ready to use the new “sticker”.

And it’s as simple as that! Draw, assemble, then peel and stick! Now, you might want to be a little careful where you stick these stickers because they won’t necessarily be easy to peel off. They use regular duct tape, after all, which means if you stick them somewhere, expect them to come off like duct tape. But we are absolutely in love with this craft because you can easily make it on the go, even on the go if you have the supplies by your side, or enlist the help of a child to keep them busy for a bit!

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