Britain’s best bar 2021: Could one of these Northamptonshire DIY bars be this year’s winner?

Since the announcement of the launch of this year’s Best Bar in Britain competition, organizers have been flooded with entries from Northamptonshire

The organizers of the Liberty Games contest have started their annual search for great home bar designs, from classic pubs to Tiki-inspired bars.

Liberty Games Technical Director Stuart Kerr said: “Following the success of last year’s competition, we wanted to replicate the excitement around home bars and, since launching a few weeks ago, we have received over 110 incredible entries from all over the world. UK.

“We’ve had a lot of entrances from Northamptonshire – bar huts, Tiki themed bars as well as stylish bars with game room elements and the standard is amazing. Who knew there were so many bars in incredible homes in the county!

“As applications continue to flow, it is clear that it will certainly be difficult to pick a winner! “

The winner of this year’s competition will win a one-year beer subscription, which includes several well-known brands and unique craft beers. The winner will receive a box of beer each month, at an annual cost of £ 300.

Liberty Games has contacted us so far with some of their favorite entries from Northamptonshire competitors:

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