Can AI design AI? : Respond to the latest Google technologies

Could a computer design itself? Could he design a bigger and better computer?

A Google team says yes. According to a recent item at NewScientist, Google started using AI to design AI.

“Google engineers have loaded a artificial intelligence with designing faster and more efficient processors, then used his chip designs to develop the next generation of specialized computers that run the same type of AI algorithms, ”writes Matthew Sparkes.

Sparkes goes on to explain Google’s chip design and introduce the reader to Anna Goldie from Google, a member of the team leading this effort that tasks computers to make better computers.

“It is conceivable,” says Sparkes, “that this new AI-designed chip will be used in the future to design its successor, and that that successor in turn will be used to design its own replacement.”

We asked Eric Holloway to influence Google’s ambitions in artificial intelligence:

Intelligence is everywhere around us.

What is intelligence? Is it a breath of fresh air? Is it a ball of mud coming down the slope? Is it a ray of sunshine? A prospector’s sieve? All or none of the above?

In fact, broadly defined, all of the above. Intelligence is any process that achieves its goal efficiently. And when you have a chain reaction, like lighting a fuse in a box of dynamite, according to the hapless Wile E. Coyote, we even have an intelligence that creates even more intelligence.

The intelligent electronic design studio, Thalia, has its own AI system that efficiently finds its way to a solution through a dense forest of variables, taking only 40 steps instead of millions and billions of possible solutions. It sounds like orders of magnitude of efficiency, so it most definitely is intelligence.

Another recent invention is that of Google DeepMind Laboratory, where they built an AI system that can quickly come up with chip designs that surpass anything humans can do. This too is intelligence.

Also, my spoon, which can pick up soup much better and less painfully than my palm, is intelligence. With a juicy burger that delivers nutrients to my body much more efficiently than munching on mud and grass. If we look closely enough, intelligence is all around us. The big question is, where does all this intelligence come from?

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What is the essential characteristic of creative intelligence? Artificial intelligence is just as artificial as the name suggests. It takes on the appearance of intelligence in speed but lacks the fundamental ability to create a well-matched beginning and end. (Eric Holloway)

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