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Park ranger designs flag for Smithtown Public Safety

A Smithtown public safety officer’s design for a departmental flag was officially adopted by city council last week. The Park Ranger Michael Losee emblem designed over the course of a few weeks and several drafts earlier this summer combines the family crest of city founder Richard Smith, dominated by a …

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Sentai Filmworks takes off with Lupine part three 6

Sentai Filmworks announces plans to release Lupine the 3rd Part 6, the latest installment in the long-running Lupine III anime franchise. 2021 has been declared “Year of Lupine”, and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the franchise, Sentai Filmworks has announced that Lupine the 3rd part 6 will be available …

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2 ASX growth stocks I would buy next week

There are some exciting ASX growth stocks that I would be happy to buy for my portfolio next week. Over several years, it is the power of strong capitalization that can make companies many bigger. A business that increases its revenue by 3% per year is not likely to do …

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