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Marvel Discovery Corp CEO Karim Rayani told shareholders the resource company has had a “very successful 2021” and is gearing up for a busy year of exploration.

In a letter to shareholders, Rayani noted that the company, which switched from International Montoro to Marvel in February of last year, is positioning itself to serve as an “incubator” for blue chip projects.

“It entered the uranium space from Key Lake, Saskatchewan, into one of the highest grade uranium producing regions in the world, the Athabasca Basin,” Rayani said in the letter.

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At the end of 2020, Marvel acquired its first concessions in central Newfoundland, the Slip and Victoria Lake projects. “It sparked a chain of events that got us to where we are today as one of the largest landowners in Newfoundland, contiguous to projects with defined resources,” said Rayani.

The Marvel boss recapped the significant land acquisitions Marvel had made in the Central Newfoundland Gold Belt.

Marvel’s acquisitions in Newfoundland:

The Slip project: It has 149 claims totaling 3,725 hectares. The property is located 17.5 kilometers (km) northwest of the New Found Golds Queensway project and sits on the Dog Bay line and shows similar gold mineralization characteristics to the area.

Gold-Silver from Lake Victoria: In Victoria Lake, Marvel has expanded its operations to 11,000 hectares. The property is located 18 km west of Marathon Golds Valentine Lake which contains 4 million ounces of gold. Preliminary work on Marvel soil has identified several veins ranging from 15.5 to 24.9 grams per tonne (g / t) of gold (Au) and from 18.6 to 139.9 g / t of silver. . The property was extended by 53 additional claims totaling 1,350 hectares at its size.

Gander South: It has 420 claims totaling 10,250 hectares and the claims are located 45 km south of Gander, near the Exploits subzone and the Gander zone, 10 km east of the New Founds Queensway project.

Gander East: It has 274 claims totaling 6,850 hectares, contiguous to the Queensway project of New Found Gold, which is located along the potential North-East trending Dog Bay / Appleton / Grub Line fault system.

Golden stream: It has 763 claims and 19,075 hectares have since been optioned to Big Ridge Exploration.

Gander North: It has 478 claims totaling 11,875 hectares and is contiguous to Sassy Resources (CSE: SASY, OTCQB: SSYRF).

Baie Verte Brompton Line: It has 857 claims totaling 21,425 hectares. Anaconda Mining’s Point Rousse and Rambler production mines, as well as former producers, such as the Terra Nova mine, are located near the Baie Verte Brompton line. Marvel has acquired land on a 70 kilometer corridor along the BVBL.

Sandy Pond Project: It has 515 claims totaling 12,875 hectares strategically located between the Red Indian Line and the BVBL. The claim area is characterized by major regional faults trending northwest.

Cape Ray North Project: It has 264 claims totaling 6,600 hectares and high resolution magnetic surveys have been carried out. Preliminary results show numerous folds, major faults and tertiary shear zones which are considered favorable for gold mineralization.

Quebec project:

Duhamel nickel-copper-cobalt-titanium property: In May of last year, Marvel conducted a helicopter-borne survey of the 2,300 hectares of land located 350 km north of Quebec City. Marvel recovered a grab sample of massive iron-titanium oxides from historical data, with results grading 0.28% vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) associated with 20.8% titanium dioxide (TiO2) and 0 , 13% chromium oxide (Cr203).

Ontario projects:

Blackfly Gold Ownership: Marvel completed 9 diamond drill holes for a total of 1,116.25 meters. The Blackfly project is directly related to Agnico Eagle’s Hammond Reef deposit, which contains 5.6 million ounces of gold in all resource categories. Drilling at Blackfly was deemed successful with visible gold noted in BF21-15. This hole targeted a newly discovered area (Mosquito area) 100 yards southwest of the main Blackfly area.

East Bull Project: In May, Marvel acquired a 100% interest in the land along the East Bull Lake intrusion. The group of claims comprises 15 mining claims totaling 5,352 hectares.

Marvel said it has built an “impressive portfolio” in central Newfoundland and is eager to finalize exploration permits to begin inaugural drilling.

“Recent acquisitions in Newfoundland, which is experiencing the world’s largest exploration and discovery boom, is a testament to Marvel’s recognition of where the opportunities for success are greatest,” Rayani concluded.

Investors can read the full letter from shareholders here.

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Zymergen Announces Emerging Drug Discovery Activity Made Possible by One of the World’s Largest Metagenomics Databases and Proprietary Synthetic Biology Platform Mon, 10 Jan 2022 02:04:17 +0000

Explore natural products for innovative therapies

SAN FRANCISCO, January 9, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Biotech company Zymergen (ZY) announced new drug discovery activity based on its proprietary Synthetic Biology platform and what is considered the world’s largest metagenomics database, combining both size and quality. This new venture leverages Zymergen’s differentiated access to natural products as a source of diverse chemical materials and expands Zymergen’s existing advanced materials programs, capitalizing on years of previous research and development in synthetic biology.

Zymergen’s metagenomics database – which contains a breadth and depth of metagenomic information rivaling any publicly available dataset combined – provides access to a vast reservoir of new natural products, including molecules from uncultivated microbes. . Thanks to this resource, Zymergen scientists were able to confirm successful drugs and molecules currently on the market at the end of clinical development, and to discover new modulators of important oncological targets. By combining next-generation sequencing with proprietary machine learning and computing, Zymergen’s platform transforms the search for structurally new bioactive molecules from tedious screening campaigns into a fast and accurate digital database search for a therapeutic target of interest.

“Zymergen demonstrates the potential of a new discovery paradigm; move from ineffective large-scale physical screening to rapid screening in silico database research, which can dramatically accelerate the pace of early discovery, ”said Devin Scannell, vice president of innovation for Zymergen’s drug discovery business. “Whether for targeted protein degradation or traditional inhibitors, scientists are looking for access to a new chemical space. Our platform provides access to molecules that have evolved to engage targets of interest with very diverse mechanisms. In addition to great chemical novelty, the amount of optimization required to achieve drug-like properties for such molecules can be significantly less than for purely synthetic compounds.

Zymergen’s initial drug discovery pipeline is focused on high-value oncology targets where Zymergen’s precision medicine and distinctive complex molecules are expected to provide competitive and therapeutic advantages.

“We have sequenced and stored the equivalent of billions of previously unknown microbial genomes in a database that continues to grow,” said Oliver Liu, vice president of Metagenomics, Zymergen. “Compared to companies that have to rely on the same small slice of biodiversity that can be cultivated in the lab, we can use our patented process to access and unlock a source of new natural product discovery that has always been elusive. “

Zymergen’s position was strengthened by the acquisition of Lodo Therapeutics in mid-2021. Lodo Therapeutics brings additional expertise in metagenomics as well as an experienced team of drug discovery and proprietary technology, including for the design of drugs based on the structure of natural products. Their existing multi-target discovery collaboration with Genentech – part of the Roche group – continues to build on their previous achievements in preclinical stages.

“We are excited for the opportunity to make real breakthroughs in drug discovery with natural products,” said Jay Flatley, Interim CEO of Zymergen. “We believe that the size and diversity of our metagenomics collection – coupled with our unique bioinformatics tools and research capabilities – allow us to pursue ambitious and valuable goals. This is clearly a great choice for Zymergen as our strength in synthetic biology will give us an advantage in expressing these complex molecules, but ultimately we see this as a victory for patients in need of more effective treatments.

About Zymergen
Zymergen is a biotechnology company that designs and produces molecules, microbes and materials for various end markets. We partner with nature to make better products, a better way, for a better world.

Forward-looking statements
This press release contains “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, as amended. These forward-looking statements are based on the Company’s beliefs and assumptions and on the information currently available to it at the date of this press release. In some cases, you may identify these statements by forward-looking words such as “believe”, “may”, “may”, “aim”, “will”, “continue”, “anticipate”, “intend”, “Could,” “project”, “potential”, “opportunity”, “expect”, “designed to”, “focus” or the negative or plural of these or similar words. contained in this press release include, without limitation, statements regarding the potential of our drug discovery business and expectations regarding our metagenomics library. Forward-looking statements may involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and ” other factors that may cause actual results, performance or achievements to differ materially from those expressed or implied by forward-looking statements, including, but not limited to, risks relating to our ability to do business. read successfully or generate income from our products; our ability to develop or execute our new strategic plan; and our ability to reduce our operating costs and expand our cash flow path. These and other risks are described in more detail in documents filed by the Company with the SEC, including the Company’s Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended September 30, 2021, and other documents. which the Company subsequently files with the SEC. Except to the extent required by law, the Company does not undertake in any way to update these statements to reflect events which occur or circumstances which exist after the date on which they were made.

Investor contact
Carrie Mendivil

Media contact
Mike Dulin

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A song, a memory, a sad discovery Thu, 06 Jan 2022 13:06:07 +0000

“I wonder what happened to Mark.”

Barb and I were having dinner, Pandora music playing over the speakers in our kitchen. “One For My Baby” started playing. It’s one of Barb’s favorite songs since Bette Midler sang it to Johny Carson on her penultimate night as host of The Tonight Show. But what we were hearing was the classic version of Frank Sinatra. And it brought back different memories to me, leading me to a sad discovery.

My memory was from the mid-1960s, sitting in my family apartment, listening to rock and roll radio on WCFL. Joel Sebastian, the morning DJ on Super ‘CFL always ended his shift turning to the airways for his compatriot Dick Williamson, while Ol’ Blue Eyes sang “one for my baby and one more for the road” background.

I never knew Joel, but I did know his son Mark. When I was a pathology resident at Evanston Hospital, Mark was one of the many dieners, hospital employees who, in addition to other duties, helped pathologists perform autopsies.

Dieners kept the morgue clean and stocked, transferred the deceased from the refrigerator to the autopsy table, and assisted with incisions and evisceration – the process of harvesting organs for examination to determine cause of death and others. morbidities. They were then responsible for cleaning up the body and preparing it for delivery to the funeral home.

A good diet is invaluable to pathologists in training, and Mark was a solid. He was a cheerful, intelligent young man with a good understanding of anatomy, taking a postgraduate sabbatical with Sebastian while he waited to go to medical school in a year or two. With sparkling eyes, he would prevent beginners from making too many beginner mistakes.

Mark also became my friend and confidant, teaching me how to boneless chicken for the surprise dinner I made for my 3rd wedding anniversary. We had a secondary activity doing autopsies in a few nearby hospitals and even had one or two double appointments, sometimes on the same day as our autopsy rounds.

After about a year, Mark moved on. I completed my residency and started my long term work as a Staff Pathologist at Holy Family Hospital. I hadn’t thought much of him until the other night, listening to Sinatra, remembering the connection with Joel Sebastian, when the thought occurred to me.

“I wonder what happened to Mark,” I say.

It didn’t take long to find out. The Google search combination of Mark and Joel Sebastian quickly brought me to all the information I was looking for. Mark had indeed become a physician, associate professor of surgery at the University of Connecticut and director of trauma at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut. And no surprise to me, he was an award-winning professor of medical students and a deep doer of good deeds.

But as you might have guessed, the article I was reading was in Memorium. Mark had committed suicide in 2013 at the age of 55.

I don’t know the path that led him there. I only know the sadness that struck me when I read of his death. He was really one of the good guys.

So Mark, whenever I hear “One for My Baby”, whether it’s Sinatra, Midler, or anyone else, know that I’ll be thinking of you.

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Trees in Cambusbarron forest will be felled after disease discovery Tue, 04 Jan 2022 17:05:00 +0000

A “significant” quantity of larch must be felled over much of Gillies Hill in Cambusbarron following the discovery of diseased trees.

The work, which covers 21 hectares northwest of the woodland, is to begin this Monday, January 10 and continue until the end of February.

In November, Scottish Forestry published a Plant Health Notice (SPHN) to the Cambusbarron Community Development Trust after a routine inspection discovered tree disease, Phyophthora ramorum or P.ramorum in two locations in the forest.

Cambusbarron Community Development Trust (CCDT) administrator Jim O’Connor said this week: the wooded area.

“While a significant number of larches will be felled in this area, there will remain a considerable number of other magnificent trees including beech, douglas, Scots pine and spruce.

“Every effort will be made to ensure the protection of these trees during the felling and removal of larches.

“Thanks to forestry advice, the CCDT planned to thin the larches to reduce the risk of such an infection.

“Larches are distinguished by the fact that they are conifers and have needles, but unlike most conifers, they lose their needles in the fall.

“This disease, P. Ramorum, has been infecting larches in Scotland since 2010 and is spreading.

“The SPHN, as issued to the CCDT, is the most common way to try to control the spread of this terrible tree disease. “

Click here for more news and sports from the Stirling area.

Felling work by RTS Forestry contractors will be carried out in phases over six to eight weeks.

Mr O’Connor added: “The goal is to prevent large wooded areas from being closed at all times.

“The areas being slaughtered will be closed to public access by the RTS.

“The paths will be closed with signs, tape and, where appropriate, physical barriers.

“Trees near any active path will be felled under the supervision of bankers.

“The CCDT asks members of the public who wish to use the woodlot while carrying out the work to respect the notices and access restrictions for their own safety.

The slaughter operation is expected to be completed by February 28.

The felled logs must be transported from the affected area to a stacking area located near the walled garden of Château de Polmaise.

This operation will last at least until the end of March.

In the longer term, the CCDT will replant the affected area with new trees that are not as susceptible to tree diseases.

The planting scheme will be developed once the clearing is completed with a first phase scheduled for the end of 2022.

The CCDT was formed in June 2010 and became a Scottish charity in 2017.

She purchased some 64 acres of woodland on Gillies Hill on behalf of the local community in 2019 through donations and grants.

The woodland is popular with walkers and cyclists as a recreational resource.

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The 11 best Amazon finds of 2021, according to a shopping editor Sun, 02 Jan 2022 12:03:11 +0000

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the included links, we may earn a commission.

These smart, stylish, and affordable Amazon finds are just a few of the items I’ve found myself using or wearing repeatedly. And here’s the best part: those gadgets, home supplies, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, and wardrobe upgrades, all under $ 50.

I have spent the last few years overhauling my beauty kit to replace my long-standing products with cleaner options in the hopes that my acne and eczema would improve. Luckily my new investments paid off, but I struggled to find an impressive mascara until Honest Beauty sent me their lash primer and two-in-one mascara for testing. After trying nearly a dozen other options that disappointed me, I was delighted to find an option under $ 20 that met my new standards, that lasted all day and during sessions. ‘workout (no chipping or smudging) while still making my lashes look long and thick. And even better, I started a subscription which saves me a few bucks and ensures that I always have a fresh tube on hand.

Another item I now use daily is the LuminoLite rechargeable reading light. The accessory helps me read easily at night now that I try to reach for a book whenever I feel like aiming aimlessly scrolling on my phone. With this little light, which doesn’t require batteries and charges quickly, I was able to set up and stick to a nighttime reading routine that helped me feel less stressed and better. sleep at night.

Another surprisingly impressive find: Amazon’s Made For You custom t-shirts. For just $ 25, anyone can order a bespoke top and use the retailer’s new technology that virtually takes your measurements right from your phone. For years, I’ve struggled to find a high quality long sleeve shirt that was fitted without being tight, and now I have the perfect piece that I wear several times a week. In fact, I plan to order several more. And these Amazon finds under $ 50 are just the start. There are several other findings that have improved my wardrobe, my home, and my life in various ways. Check out the rest of the publisher’s beloved products below, or head over to Amazon’s New Years Sale to find even more hidden gems.

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Discovery Center of Idaho offers virtual STEM courses Fri, 31 Dec 2021 23:24:00 +0000

MAGIC VALLEY, Idaho – Between the safety concerns of COVID-19 and winter weather conditions, taking your kids to science shows may not be feasible.

If your little ones were hoping to interact with discovery exhibits and science, now they can do so from home. The Discovery Center Of Idaho offers virtual school programs that allow kids to access exhibit-inspired lessons and create science projects at home or on the go.

Course options include pre-recorded lessons in addition to live zooms.

“We really wanted to make sure that everyone across Idaho, wherever you are, has access to STEM education and especially the exhibits and exhibits and learning that we offer here at the Discovery Center of Idaho. “said Emily Mahon, Director of Education at Discovery Center Idaho.

These STEM virtual learning programs are aimed at science enthusiasts in grades two to six. Classes cost three dollars per student, and each class comes with materials for students to participate in hands-on learning activities.

“We’re trying to provide practical material that really makes it an integrated experience so that they don’t just blindly stare at the screen, but have the ability to apply it in a hands-on experience,” Mahon said.

According to the Pew Research Center, employment in STEM occupations has increased 79% since 1990.

“Having these basic skills and the ability to talk about science, technology, engineering and math at home and in the classroom, [and] making it a part of your daily life can really impact the quality of the STEM jobs we can provide in the future, ”said Mahon.

Expanding access to STEM educational offerings allows students to explore their interests early on, which can make a difference for children interested in pursuing careers in STEM fields.

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Modeling internship, scientific discoveries: 3 amazing anecdotes about Jose Rizal for Rizal Day Thu, 30 Dec 2021 08:45:00 +0000
Diana Uichanco –

December 30, 2021 | 4:45 p.m.

MANILA, Philippines – After exploring foreign countries, it often becomes easier to notice and appreciate the beauty of one’s homeland. We Filipinos should be aware that over the past two decades many more Filipinos have developed the ability and inclination to travel abroad, in many cases as workers, but quite often also as than tourists. And after such exposure to foreign places and cultures, many of us learn to love our own.

It seems like we have more in common with national hero Jose Rizal, a mere historical figure of the current generation, than we realize. According to renowned historian Professor Ambeth Ocampo, it was during the hero’s years abroad that he developed a deep love for the country.

Perhaps looking at our national hero beyond his more well-known image as a patriotic novelist, poet, physician and profile on a coin will allow us to see him in a different light. Here are some little-known and interesting anecdotes that show other sides of a man whose courage we commemorate in Bagumbayan today, 125 years later.

1. He spent a lot of time studying nature during his political exile, discovering several rare animal species that came to bear his name.

Rizal wrote and published books and articles that criticized Spain during a time when the Philippines was under Spanish rule. For this, he was apprehended in Manila and banished to Dapitan, part of what is now Zamboanga del Norte in Mindanao. He was truly a rebel with a cause, but during his exile from 1892 to 1896, he not only set up a medical clinic to treat patients and established an informal school to help educate children. Among his many concerns were scientific explorations.

He gathered a large assortment of seashells, birds and insects and discovered rare animal specimens which he then sent to Germany for proper identification. The result was that three rare animals were given scientific names in honor of the Filipinos who discovered them: a lizard (Draco rizali), a frog (Rhacophorus rizali) and a beetle (Apogonia rizali).

2. He was also a master of visual arts.

We all know of the Rizal monument that stands proudly in Rizal Park or Luneta, the site of his execution by firing squad on December 30, 1896. Swiss sculptor Richard Kissling made the work of art in bronze, but did you know? you that Rizal himself was a sculptor?

The artist, who worked primarily with clay, terracotta, and wood, and occasionally plaster and wax, was apparently much more than an enthusiast with mundane talent, as he was invited at one point to participate in the Paris Salon exhibition in 1889., in which only exceptional international artists exhibit their work. We know that around forty sculptures were shaped by the national hero, with subjects ranging from Catholic saints and hermits to dogs, young girls and everyday objects.

3. He posed for “The Blood Compact” by painter Juan Luna.

Painter Juan Luna is probably best known for his iconic “Spoliarium”, the award-winning work of dying gladiators. Another of Luna’s brilliant paintings is the one that immortalizes an important moment in the history of the Philippines: the blood pact of 1565 made by the Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and the leader of Bohol Sikatuna to signify friendship. While Luna worked her brush, no less than her good friend the national hero was pretending to be Sikatuna.

RELATED: Rizal Day: opening of a center promoting the heroism of José Rizal in New York

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Oil and gas discoveries are at their lowest since 1946 – Quartz Tue, 28 Dec 2021 13:00:15 +0000

Oil and gas companies are having their worst year for new fossil fuel discoveries in decades and reserves are dwindling. The oil and gas industry is on track to discover just 4.7 billion barrels of oil equivalent (boe) by the end of 2021, its worst performance in 75 years, according to research firm Rystad Energy.

Historically, great discoveries have accounted for most of the world’s new reserves. Globally, 40% of all oil ever discovered has been found in 900 oil and gas fields. But the industry has made few such discoveries this year. The proven reserves-to-production ratio, a measure of how much extractable oil remains in the ground relative to annual production, is now at its lowest level since 2011.

Production from existing wells naturally decreases each year, so the industry must constantly open up new fields to keep pace with demand. The International Energy Agency estimates that global oil production is declining by around 7% per year without investment in existing fields.

However, cash to reinvest in a new offering is scarce. Since the mid-2010s, US oil and gas companies have cut capital spending as their stock prices plummet. During the pandemic, companies further cut exploration budgets to reduce debt, pay dividends and stem huge losses from a non-profit fracking boom in the United States. “The industry was in survival mode throughout 2020, cutting back on capital spending to match low cash flow during the 2020 Covid-19 recession,” according to the American Petroleum Institute (API).

In 2020, industry investment fell by $ 145 billion, leaving it at about half of the level it was in 2014. It remained at a similar level in 2021. The OPEC + bloc of oil-producing countries was also unusually disciplined in reducing production.

This falling supply is colliding with growing demand, pushing up prices. The next two years could require almost all of the world’s reserve oil production capacity as demand exceeds pre-pandemic levels, according to API.

Most of the potential dollars for exploration and carbon-free energy technologies go to shareholders. Oil and gas companies pay roughly three times the average dividend for companies in the S&P 500. “Companies are managed to generate free cash rather than growth,” says Peter McNally of financial research firm Third Bridge.

It is not clear that new oil and gas exploration will produce the typical returns given the global push to stem climate change by decarbonizing the economy. The International Energy Agency told governments last May that all investment in new oil and gas fields must stop in 2021 if the world is serious about reaching net zero emissions by 2050.

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Mount Pleasant Discovery Museum is working on the construction of a new exhibit Sun, 26 Dec 2021 20:06:22 +0000

The Mount Pleasant Discovery Museum is celebrating its ninth anniversary on Monday.

They are working on the construction of a brand new exhibit, 3-2-1 Blast Off, after years of growth and expansion of the museum.

Executive Director Lisa Phelps describes the completed exhibit as a trip to space for children.

“It’s over 19 feet wide and over 30 feet tall, so as they move around it will look like they are moving through the atmosphere,” Phelps said. “They will start at ground level, then they will be in the clouds with the birds, then they will eventually reach the darkness of space.”

The climber part is expected to be installed in February, but they still have a lot of fundraising to do.

“We raised $ 189,000 for this exhibit, we have another $ 74,000 left,” Phelps said.

Director of Events and Marketing Madison Bazzett said that in the meantime kids can look forward to other things like the museum’s birthday party on December 27 and another surprise at the end of the month .

“We’re having a children’s masquerade gala on New Years Eve from 6 pm to 9 pm,” Bazzett said. “We’ll be doing a balloon drop at 8:00 pm from the top of the barn, sort of simulating the bullet drop. “

In a place for children, the party is for them.

“It’ll be a fun little formal event because the kids can’t really go out and do fun things like that, dress up with their parents, so that’s kind of the idea we had there,” he said. Bazzett said.

Picture 0857If the New Year promises anything, its progression to 3-2-1 Blast Off and more upgrades to come.

“There’s a lot on the wish list,” said Phelps. “We want to revamp the Luminary Lab, we want to create an outdoor Discovery Deck classroom, there’s just a renovation we need to do. “

They also welcome donations to their Helping Hands Fellowship, which offers memberships to families in need.

To donate, you can come to the museum in person or visit their website here.

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Several vehicle stops lead to the discovery of hiding places Wed, 22 Dec 2021 22:15:28 +0000

EL PASO, Texas – U.S. Border Patrol agents have discovered several hidden homes in the El Paso area, leading to the arrests of several migrants and U.S. citizens over the past five days.

On December 19, Ysleta Border Patrol officers responded to a call for help from Texas Department of Public Safety soldiers after stopping a vehicle on Interstate-10 near Horizon, in Texas. This vehicle stop by DPS soldiers led border patrol officers to meet two migrants and a US citizen driver. Further investigation by Ysleta Border Patrol agents resulted in the discovery of a hideout with five migrants inside in Clint, Texas. All migrants associated with these events were deported under Title 42. The driver of the vehicle will face contraband charges.

On December 17, Ysleta Border Patrol agents received information from the El Paso Sector Intelligence Operations Center regarding a possible hiding place in San Elizario, Texas. Officers used the information provided and met five migrants inside the residence. While this event was occurring, a person drove to the residence. Officers questioned the U.S. citizen driver who admitted to previously dropping migrants off there. The migrants were deported under Title 42 and the driver was taken into police custody.

On December 16, officers assigned to the anti-smuggling unit at El Paso station working with Homeland Security investigations arrested 30 migrants in two apartments in the same complex. Among the people we met were citizens of Mexico, Brazil, El Salvador and Guatemala. Additionally, a Mexican citizen was identified as the main smuggler in the event and was turned over to HSI to face contraband charges. The 30 migrants were deported to Mexico under Title 42.

Two hours later, information gathered during an arrest in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, led border patrol officers in Las Cruces to meet three migrants in a motel room. Two of the migrants were deported under Title 42 and the third migrant was returned for prosecution under 8 USC 1326, readmission after deportation.

On December 15, officers assigned to ASU at Ysleta Station assisted El Paso County Sheriff’s officers in executing two warrants stemming from a previous smuggling investigation. Officers arrived at a home in El Paso, Texas, and apprehended a woman and a man involved in smuggling several undocumented migrants to the United States on December 1.

“Party or not, transnational criminal organizations continue to exploit migrants,” said Gloria I. Chavez, chief patrol officer for the El Paso area. “We have an extraordinary collaboration between law enforcement partners in our region and we will continue to relentlessly target human smuggling and human trafficking. “

United States Customs and Border Protection welcomes assistance from the community. Citizens are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to the US Border Patrol while remaining anonymous by calling 1-800-635-2509.

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