Discovery and Overall Creek Receive Award School Status

Discovery School and Overall Creek Elementary received the Tennessee award school designation, with Erma Siegel Elementary missing the designation by simple fractions of a point. Award status is the main honor a school can earn in Tennessee. The annual award school designation identifies schools that improve overall student academic achievement …

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New findings remove major barriers to conception

There are many obstacles that need to be overcome before quantum computers become mainstream. However, UNSW in Sydney’s new technology to control millions of spin qubits goes even further. The team’s latest research has been published in Science Advances. He claims to have solved one of the main obstacles to …

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The concept of chemical elements

Through Robert M. Hazen, Ph.D., George Mason University The nature of the chemical elements themselves is very complicated. Long before the existence of atoms was proven, there were still chemical researchers around the world looking for useful compounds. And some of the substances they found seemed more basic than others. …

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