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April 27, 2021 | 11:23 a.m.

NEW DELHI, April 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Hospitality pillars and professionals from around the world have joined the virtual platform to celebrate the 6th International Hospitality Day on April 24. The celebrations started in advance in various parts of the world. The Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute celebrated International Hospitality Day a day in advance. Augustinian University Columbia, celebrated the IHD by sharing its rich culinary heritage with the IIHM. It showed how the spirit of hospitality is maintained in all parts of the world. Given the ongoing pandemic, IHC and IIMH celebrations had to be limited to the online platform. However, there was no lack of enthusiasm as everyone joined us from all over the world to experience the celebration.

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April 27, 2021 | 11:22

NOIDA, India, April 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Wisdom Group has recently ventured into the fantasy gaming industry with the launch of Wishgames11: Fantastic Game App (App) that delivers the ultimate real-time gaming experience. The gaming app is a suitable platform for avid gamers who lack outdoor gaming activities, especially in the current scenario when the cricket extravagance is live outdoors but the pandemic has taken hold. limited outdoor activities.

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April 27, 2021 | 11:20 a.m.

KOLHAPUR, India, April 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Art in a Box is a family business that teaches children how to create art. Boxed art kits come with all the necessary supplies and step-by-step instructions for completing monthly projects. These boxes are assembled by hand in a studio located in Kolhapur by their team.

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April 27, 2021 | 11:07 a.m.

Mumbai, April 27 (UNI) The BSE Sensex gained another 209 pts on Tuesday to 48,596.22 when the transaction opened as buying was widespread.

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April 27, 2021 | 10:06

SINGAPORE and BANGALORE, India, April 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Vymo, the premier sales acceleration platform for financial institutions, has appointed Rajesh Sabhlok as Managing Director – Asia-Pacific, to lead the growth of Vymo and the innovation of financial sales in Asia.

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Artsit of Kolhapur creates children’s subscription box to help parents during pandemic Tue, 27 Apr 2021 04:30:00 +0000

Boxed art is created by artist Dhanraj Shelke with the aim of encouraging creativity.
After arousing the interest of 15,000 / – followers, the idea of ​​boxed art was born. Boxed art has grown from selling 10 boxes to over 4000 boxes to a wide range of customers like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Grand Hyatt and many corporate clients.

Before the start of the pandemic, art was already phased out from many schools across the country; when virtual learning became mainstream in the midst of the pandemic, art classes became almost non-existent, here is art in a box where ‘art in a box’ is a self-motivating art kit composed of different art forms such as oil, acrylic, watercolors, crafts, knitting, pottery, sketches, etc. with an absolutely friendly guide included in the box for free.

This self-taught kit can be used by professionals on the go or by hobbyists who want to save productive time and can’t decide where to start.

The box consists of all the required materials and a step-by-step guide to a specific art form of your choice.

Hope you enjoy this art kit box as much as we did when making it by hand. The kit is of the highest quality with fine materials available on the market.

So let’s start de-stressing with our DIY art kit and step into a world of hues and strokes and much more!

Now boxed art has become a national hit in just under a year and it’s all thanks to this creative family and their love of art.

Contact customer service +91 9158513666

Media contact: dhanraj sagar shelke, [email protected], 9158513666, CEO, boxed art

Photo –

Logo –

SOURCE Art in a Box

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Paper-based water bottles to reduce plastic Tue, 27 Apr 2021 03:08:20 +0000

While scrolling through Poptron, I came across a company called The Watertree Project (Watertree) that sold herbal water bottles. It’s basically like milk cartons, but more like filtered water.

Their products target companies that want to reduce their dependence on plastic water bottles. For example, sports clubs and construction companies that provide disposable plastic water bottles for their staff on site.

To make it easier to understand, consider seminars, hotels, or car dealerships that offer customers the same plastic water bottles. Watertree’s goal is to essentially replace them with their recyclable water cartons as a practical approach to reducing a company’s carbon footprint and plastic waste.

The quick fix

To get a sense of the magnitude of this problem, Watertree co-founder and CEO Paul said single-use plastic bottle consumption in Malaysia is estimated at 11-12 million bottles per month.

And understanding the impact of plastic on ecosystems is not rocket science. Plastic is leached from landfills in our rivers, which feed into our oceans, where marine life absorbs microplastics, which humans then consume indirectly.

“Most NGOs are trying to deal with the consequences of plastic pollution, we are trying to stop it at the source,” Paul told Vulcan Post. The quickest approach to achieve this is to help large companies that use plastic water bottles switch to a more sustainable option. This also includes the provision of collection and recycling services, but more on that later.

Image Credit: The Watertree Project

Since launching in 2019, Watertree has convinced a number of companies to make the switch, which Paul finds encouraging. Some names include redONE, Allianz, Teknicast, MFE, ALKHAFI, and the Royal Malaysia Police Football Club (PDRM FC).

“All of them have senior executives who recognize their role as agents of change. This is an extremely positive indicator for our collective future, where businesses shoulder the burden of solving problems, not waiting for governments, ”said Paul.

Do the boxes not yet contain plastic?

Paul claimed that Watertree’s cartons are made from 75% paper, which naturally degrades even when buried. In order not to damage our forests, Tetrapak, the manufacturer of the product, sources paper from fast growing trees that have been planted specifically for paper production.

The plastic pod cap is also made from sugar cane, which generates less carbon emissions during production. However, there are still thin layers of plastic and aluminum foil inside the carton to retain water and prevent the paper from soaking.

“Our solution isn’t perfect, but it’s the best option we’ve seen to date,” Paul admitted. “Its manufacture has a much smaller carbon footprint than plastic, glass or metal. And even in a landfill, paper-based cartons are still 75% better than pure plastic solutions. “

To encourage companies to dispose of paperboard responsibly, Watertree and Tetrapak have created a closed-loop delivery, collection and recycling service.

Here’s how it works: Companies will collect emptied Watertree Pods from customers who have drunk water on site. Then, company staff will sort the boxes, compile them, and forward them to Watertree’s recycling department, who will deliver them to KPT, their recycling partner.

Paul assured that the boxes can in fact be recycled although they contain mixed materials. “KPT has created a convenient recycling process where they can capture the paper fibers from the packaging for use in high quality paper products such as industrial paper, cardboard, paper bags or notepads. “, He explained.

“They also capture the remaining plastic and aluminum and then create a new hybrid panel material that can be used to make a range of products (eg roof tiles and collection bins).”

Image Credit: The Watertree Project

Alternatively, customers can also cut the top of the cardboard and reuse the base for planting seedlings or other types of crafts.

We are not the complete solution for [the plastic waste] problem, but we can give people the opportunity to recognize the problem, make a small positive contribution (even removing 1 plastic bottle) and hopefully help them think of ways to adapt their style of life to include more responsible uses of plastic.

Co-founder and CEO of The Watertree Project, Paul Rogers.

There is a new problem

In 5 years, Paul is convinced that with the combined pressure from shareholders, NGOs, government and their customers, more companies will adopt plastic alternatives. Expressing the numbers, he said that in 5 years he would expect the number of single-use plastics to be less than 1 million per month, with the majority of the alternatives being truly recyclable containers.

On a related note, Paul added that single-use plastic water bottles were a big culprit in landfill storage in Malaysia when they started 2 years ago. Since then, the pandemic and its closures have facilitated a meteoric increase in disposable plastic food containers.

Therefore, they plan to expand their team to seek solutions to this problem. With companies like Circlepac already showing that it’s possible, we could see Watertree entering this space soon.

  • You can read more about the Watertree project here.
  • You can read other startups we’ve written about here.

Featured Image Credit: The Watertree Project

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Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids: Make Handprint Photo Frame for Mom Tue, 27 Apr 2021 00:48:26 +0000

Make a mom photo frame for Mother’s Day because homemade gifts are always the most special.

Children have small hands and the largest of hearts. They can immortalize these important parts with clay, paint and a photo. What a treat that would make for Mother’s Day!

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What do you need:

  • Air dried clay
  • Chain
  • Photo
  • Heart shaped cookie cutter
  • Toothpick
  • Acrylic paint
  • Brush
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Paint your mom’s favorite colors! Source: provided.

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Roll the clay flat, large enough to hold two hands. Push both hands on the clay to make an impression, with the fingertips touching, as well as the tips of the thumb. Rotate the clay 180 degrees.

Cut out a small love heart in the middle of the clay with a cookie cutter or toothpick. Cut out a larger love heart around the handprint. The clay now looks like a frame.

Using a toothpick, poke two holes at the top of the love heart frame and a third hole at the bottom. Cut a hole at the top of the cutout small heart. In the small heart, you can engrave the year of realization of this project, using the toothpick.

Set the clay hearts aside to dry. Paint the clay hearts then let dry again.

Turn the large clay heart over so that it is face down. Glue along the edge of the heart-shaped hole. Press a family photo onto the glue.

Thread string through the two holes at the top of the heart, making a loop with a knot. Wrap a second length of string through the small heart and the hole at the bottom of the large heart, then tie together.

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You can stay where the “King of the Pittsburgh Bath” once ruled Mon, 26 Apr 2021 22:14:28 +0000


Built in 1902 and standing 18 stories tall, the Arrott Building on Wood Street Downtown was, in its heyday, a testament to the extravagance of its time and its owner – the Bathtub King of Pittsburgh, James Arrott.

Topped with howling masks along its cornices, the striped brick and terracotta skyscraper acted as the headquarters of Arrott’s American Standard company – which produced enameled iron tubs – as well as its separate insurance business.

Since the 1970s, following an unsuccessful attempt to convert it into 100 apartments for the elderly, the office building has remained almost empty, with the exception of a Subway restaurant on the ground floor.

However, the large building bones, which were added to the Pittsburgh Historical and Monuments Foundation List of historical monuments in 2000, has remained intact – and formed the basis of a new boutique hotel.

Theindustrialistguest Room Photo credit Azeez Bakare Studios

Part of HRI Properties and the Marriott International Autograph Collection, The Industrial Hotel, named in honor of Arrott – along with the other early entrepreneurs who shaped Pittsburgh – is slated to open in early May.

General manager Robert Brashlers said the 124-room hotel, which includes 28 luxury suites, was inspired by Pittsburgh’s history as the steel capital. As such, the high-end Beaux-Arts-inspired design of New York-based Stonehill Taylor features a blend of cool grays and vivid oranges reminiscent of the smoke and molten metal of a foundry.

As for the large original hall of the Arrott building, filled with Italian marble, designed by the famous architect Frédéric Osterling? He is always there.

“All the marble, all the brass, all the intricate plaster work has been preserved and restored,” Brashlers says. “It’s very ornamental. When you enter the lobby, it is decorated. It definitely showcases the success of American Standard. ”

Theindustrialistrestaurantrendering Photo Credit Azeez Bakare Studios

In addition to the required fitness center, conference room and lobby bar, the hotel also includes The Rebel Room, a modern American-style restaurant run by chef Gavin Hetrick, who recently oversaw the taproom of Pittsburgh of the Southern Tier Brewing Company and spent time as an executive sous chef. at Downtown’s Revel.

“It has an upscale neighborhood restaurant feel,” Brashlers says of The Rebel Room. “It’s a very nice space to be.”

In a unique twist, the Industrialist’s second-floor lobby and lounge will host a bar-workshop-meet-DIY offering a daily “maker menu” in partnership with local Pittsburgh businesses.

Theindustrialistexterior Photo credit Azeez Bakare StudiosAlready on the rotating schedule are events featuring leather-making – where guests can create a keychain, card holder, or luggage tags – candle-making and custom stationery creation. A “production hour” is scheduled every day from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

“The maker space has a large communal table and low seating where people can spread out and craft their crafts,” says Brashlers. “Once the environment allows for more social activity, we will integrate food and drink at manufacturer time.”

Construction on the hotel began in 2020. The industrial was originally scheduled to open last October, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Brashlers says.

“We are now in the last attempt to get everything ready,” he said.

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Parent Hacks – Take a picture of your kids before you get out of the car Mon, 26 Apr 2021 21:59:21 +0000

Do you panic about losing your children when you visit a public place? Places like fairs, bustling malls or a family trip to an amusement park?

The real question is, are you even a parent if you don’t panic about these things?

I am that parent, the one who panics that my children will be kidnapped before my eyes. So, I would like to share a little parenting advice that I have been doing for years.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination and everyone is out of your car, place your children next to your vehicle and have their photos taken. Make sure you can see their entire outfit, from their shoes to their hair color and style.

Why do you need an image that shows them from head to toe?

Well, if you and your child are ever separated, the first safety question you will have is what your child is wearing. This whole body image will make it easier for you as a panicked parent in an already stressful situation. Instead of explaining in detail what your child looks and wears, you can show the photo to the authorities, and that will mean they will spend more time looking for a child they already know looks like.

So, don’t forget when you head to your next family outing or vacation to take the extra 10 seconds and snap a picture of your child.

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KEEP READING: See The Richest Person In Each State

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Mothers Day 2021: Best Subscription Box Ideas Mom Will Love All Year Round Mon, 26 Apr 2021 21:53:36 +0000

On this Mother’s Day, why not give mom a gift that continues to be offered throughout the year. A subscription box is a great way to show mom, wife, new mom or mom-to-be or even dog mom that you care and know a bit more about their interests.

Subscription boxes run the gamut from monthly deliveries of makeup and clothing for the cutting edge mom, to monthly boxes of coffee or wine for the mom who likes to sit back and relax with a drink.

Take a look at 20 of the best Mother’s Day subscription box deals from CrateJoy, Blue Bottle Coffee, Birch Box and more below.


Urban stem flowers.screenshot of Urban Stems

Why just buy her flowers when you can get her flowers all year round?

Urban stems – Choose bi-weekly or monthly flower deliveries from $ 55 per delivery. The first delivery includes a glass vase to help showcase the bouquet.

Bouqs – Keep mom’s living space fresh and floral with customizable deliveries from Bouqs. Starting at $ 36 per month.

Meals and snacks

Perfect for the greedy mom, or the mom who likes to snack.

Goldbelly – Goldbelly offers a range of monthly subscriptions to suit all tastes, from cookies and ice cream for the greedy mom to regional specialties like New York and New Orleans restaurant meals.

Freshly – Maybe it’s time for someone to feed mum, instead of mum feeding everyone. This service sends healthy and gourmet meals prepared by a chef and delivered fresh and not frozen. Choose from 4, 6, 9 or 12 meals per week.


The Ohio Wine Producers Association and the Spire Institute are hosting a wine dinner that will be preceded by a drone flight demonstration.

Wine glasses.

Because at the end of the day, mom wants to relax like everyone else.

First sheet – The wine club that gets better with each box. Try your wines, rate each one and your next box will be refined to reflect your tastes.

Selected by – Tell what you love with the wine quiz, set your price range and the experts will keep the good things coming.

Winc – Create a Winc subscription and get Mom’s access to a selection of unique small production wines straight from the vineyards.

Coffee tea


A note that I love you on a steaming cup of coffee. Dreamstime / TNS

Blue bottled coffee – Launch Mom on the Blue Bottle Coffee Welcome Kit subscription, valued at $ 185 for only $ 119, which includes a coffee dripper, filters, her first delivery of the popular Bella Donovan blend, and a tote bag all Blue Bottle.

Illy – With the convenient illy coffee subscription, your favorite coffees are delivered right to your door, on a schedule you choose. Enjoy special discounts, free shipping, a welcome gift and more.

Sips by – Get 4 teas that make 16 cups of tea for $ 16 per month with this tin perfect for the mom who loves a cozy cup of tea.

Beauty and personal care


Glossybox.Glossybox screenshot

Mom deserves pampering more than anyone.

CrateJoy – If you can’t decide what kind of subscription box to get for mom, start with CrateJoy, where self-care is just the tip of the iceberg. Find monthly deliveries of baked goods, plants, crafts, books, wine, tea, candles, puzzles, CBD, K-cups, art supplies, flowers … choices are endless.

Birchbox – Does mom love trying different makeup, lotions and personal care products? Look no further. Birchbox believes in products that work and are easy to use, and will send five expertly selected premium samples each month.

Glossybox – Glossybox subscribers receive a monthly range of makeup, skin care, fragrance and hair care products from a wide range of international beauty brands.

FabFitFun – Every season, FabFitFun members receive trendy fashion, fitness, beauty, wellness and home decor items from a wide selection of brands.


Nordstrom Trunk Club – Take your style quiz, set your price range and enjoy a monthly “trunk” of clothes. Try them out at home and send back what you don’t like.

Stitchfix – Have your clothes hand-selected by our expert stylists according to your taste, pay for what you like and send the rest back. Do you know a mother-to-be? Stitchfix also offers an organized maternity birth.

Fabletic – Fabletics VIP Flexible Membership ($ 49.95 per month) allows members to purchase Fabletics sportswear at 40% -50% off the total price. Membership is flexible, and mom can choose to skip a month at any time so she or you won’t be billed.


Gordon ramsay

Chef Gordon Ramsay attends National Geographic’s “Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted” panel during the Television Critics Association’s Summer Press Tour on Tuesday, July 23, 2019 in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo by Chris Pizzello / Invision / AP) – Gordon Ramsay Associated pressAssociated press

The variety of subscription boxes is endless. Here are some other favorites.

Book of the month – this monthly book club offers five selected titles for you to choose from. Get a subscription for you and your mom, so you can share a reading adventure.

Rocksbox – Access the ultimate rental jewelry collection. Your monthly subscription counts towards any piece you decide to purchase, and you get 3 pieces, hand-picked by a stylist, to try out each month.

Master class – Access an online library of courses offered by experts and celebrities, such as Gordon Ramsay, Natalie Portman, Neil deGrasse Tyson and more. Buy a class for $ 90 or give Mom an annual membership for $ 180.

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Everything you need to know about catalog parts Mon, 26 Apr 2021 20:15:00 +0000

Those familiar with Animal Crossing games (and especially New Horizons) will understand the difficulty of acquiring each item. Some items require luck at shooting stargazing events and others are exclusive to holiday events. There are even objects that have arisen because of April Fool’s Day.

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One of the most popular current lists of items to obtain comes from the Sanrio collaboration where players need a lot of bells to buy everything. Through catalog nights, two or more players can help build their catalogs by sharing items that can be ordered (so, unfortunately, no craft items or special event items). The multiplayer aspect of New Horizons provided a unique gaming experience compared to previous titles and it’s always great to have a little help from your friends.

How the catalog festival works

Drop menu items after selecting them to catalog them

In Animal Crossing, if you “got” an item that can be ordered through the catalog (mostly anything you can buy from Nook’s Cranny, but there are others too), it will fit into your personal catalog. Then, using the Nook Shopping terminal (or the app on your in-game phone, if you’ve unlocked it), you can order these items. The game considers an item “obtained” if it entered your inventory, even for a moment.

This allows players to host “Catalog evenings”, where they’ll all drop things on the ground, pick up each other, and then drop them again. This “saves” the item in their catalog, so that they can then order it themselves.

A player can have between two and eight players (including himself) on his island, which he can invite by opening the door to his airport. Once these players are on your island, anyone can throw items on the ground. Once these items are picked up and dropped off, they will be added to that player’s catalog.. An object can only be cataloged if it has been dropped and not placed on the ground.

A catalog is the set of items that a player can buy in the game, and once back on their island, they will be able to purchase these saved items from their catalog. It should be noted that cataloging can only take place after Nook’s Cranny has moved from a tent to a building.

There are exemptions

Nook Shopping and its list of catalog items showing what can be purchased

Some articles cannot be ordered through Nook Shopping, so they will not work for a catalog party. These elements include Crafts / crafts, some seasonal items, promotional items, and photos and posters of the villagers. These items cannot be ordered at the terminal or through the catalog. Items Purchased by Nook Miles are also exempt due to the specificity of their transaction.

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Crafting recipes are obtained throughout the game from Tom Nook, other villages, items, and events. These will require a player to obtain different materials and items to craft the specific item on the Crafting Bench. Catalog items are already built and are only an in-game purchase.

Items that can be obtained

A variety of items on a catalog island which are organized by themes

In terms of items that can be collected from parts of the catalog, it’s a growing list. Besides the furniture, you can also add floors, wallpapers, and Clothing to your catalog.

Since the on-hand inventory of Nook’s Cranny and the Special Items section of Nook Shopping spins daily, Catalog Parties can be a great way to get your hands on new items much faster.

There are rules to follow

View articles on a catalog island

Much like a regular visit to the island of any other player in New Horizons, label is required, and it is better not to damage anything. If you’re playing with players you don’t know, don’t take any of their items without permission.

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Pick up each item one at a time So it is clear that you will not steal the items. The host can also set rules for those who visit the island and it is best to follow them. Everyone wants to enjoy the catalog feast. A host can specify a dress code that players must wear, which will make great photos.

Sometimes the host will request some type of “payment” from Bells, Nook Miles tickets, or something else. Even if someone says no payment is needed, it’s still custom to tip with bells or whatever you want, but it’s not always necessary.

Contact other players

Players on a Catalog Island

If you don’t have a lot of Nintendo Switch friends, fear not because New Horizons is one of the most popular Nintendo games. There are subreddits, Facebook groups, Discord servers, and even ways to find other Twitter players.

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You can let others know what items you want to catalog and see if there are any upcoming events. There is a Catalog Party forum on Reddit, which is one of the most useful ways to access a catalog party.

There are islands dedicated to the parts in the catalog

A catalog island that offers mystery gifts for visitors

Many generous players have entire islands set up that other people can access and catalog items. If you are lucky you might just find someone with one of these islands, but you might have to wait in quite a long line or on a waiting list as they can be very popular with many requests for visits.

Twitter user Jaiofeden has created an entire catalog island where everyone is invited as long as they follow their Twitter account. This island is divided into sections featuring different themes such as beach items, kitchenware and miscellaneous. It’s a well-organized and dedicated approach to a game that can be slow at times.

The island is not completely finished, but it contains very many objects. As the tweet gains in numbers, it won’t be easy to jump straight to the island, but the approach is interesting. It looks like if you are on this island, you will have a catalog loaded when you return to your home island.

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Zelda Fan recreates a connection to the past with turn-based combat

About the Author

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DIY DIY Mon, 26 Apr 2021 17:09:00 +0000

There are many reasons homeowners decide to tackle projects themselves, from saving money to practical experience. But when it’s time to pick up supplies or get some helpful advice, Marling Lumber and HomeWorks is the place to go, with locations in Madison, Janesville, and Waukesha.

Josh Ziegler, director of HomeWorks’ Marling Lumber branch and Madison location, says do-it-yourself patio decks and garden beds are the most popular projects among southern Wisconsin homeowners this spring.

Other DIYers are looking for simple updates to freshen up their home’s interiors, like changing cabinet hardware, cabinet doors, or interior door hardware. Marling Lumber and HomeWorks also offer accent wall products (think rebate, weathered barn wood, or brewery boards) – an easy way to add or change the interior look of your home.

Many clients find inspiration in online craft markets or social media, then come to Marling Lumber and HomeWorks in person for the kind of knowledge and service you just can’t get on the internet. Their team of experts can walk you through finishes or color profiles, weigh the pros and cons of composite decking, and answer questions on everything from cost to longevity of different types of wood.

“When you search online, there may be hundreds of styles of cabinet hardware or doorknobs, for example,” Ziegler explains. “But there’s no substitute for seeing the finish with your own eyes or feeling how it conforms to the shape of your hand.”

Marling Lumber and HomeWorks, an official dealer of Makita power tools and accessories, also offers the high-quality tools you need to get the job done. To complete the most common DIY projects, Ziegler recommends equipping yourself with a circular saw and an impact screwdriver (instead of a drill).

Marbled wood

Build your own garden bed

• Line the bottom and sides with felt or a windshield / water barrier.

• Choose the right wood. Cedar wood is attractive and quite stable. Pressure treated lumber is stronger and more resistant to weather, insects and rot.

DIY Home Renovation: Living With Your Investments

Few moments compare to the first step you take as you walk through your front door, as you are greeted by the memories and smells of your home.
If you want to add some enchantment to your home, now is a great time to consider some home improvement projects that will not only revitalize your living space, but also add value to your property. Whether it’s renovating your kitchen, transforming an old storage room into a comfortable workspace, or outfitting your home with the latest smart appliances, the first step in any DIY project is the same: having a final goal.

Know your goal

Before you make a decision on the type of home improvement project you will undertake, you should consider your end goal: to increase the resale value of your home or to make your living experience more enjoyable. Thinking about the future will help you determine the complexity of your project.


The second most important step in planning a DIY project is creating (and sticking to) a budget. Researching the cost of materials and including incidentals can help you keep a schedule and save you headaches.

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is a popular financing option for home renovations because it offers great rates and requires no cash up front.

Headache Saver: When consulting with a contractor, it’s best to budget a little more than the quote, just in case the project goes beyond the estimate.

Project ideas

Reshape: From new appliances to light fixtures, a kitchen remodel is guaranteed to spruce up the most popular room in your home. Kitchen projects
can be overwhelming for beginner DIY enthusiasts, so keep in mind that you don’t have to do it all on your own.

Refresh: Upgrading your home with smart, eco-friendly devices is an interim project that can make your home more attractive to future homeowners and lower energy costs.

Reimagine: An atypical paint job is one of the most effective ways to enhance the curb appeal. By making your home stand out from the rest, it can instantly become more attractive to potential buyers and add an extra layer of warmth and charm to your home.

Brightly colored front door

Getty Images

Getting the job done with UWCU

With interest rates at historically low levels, now is the time to fund a home improvement project through UW Credit Union. “Watch out for early termination fees, prepayment penalties, and closing costs when reviewing HELOCs. Other financial institutions may offer lower rates, but charge additional fees. This is not the case with UW Credit Union, we never charge an annual HELOC fee. – Josh Fetting, Director of Consumer Loans Sales.


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Simple ways to reduce waste and reuse all items Mon, 26 Apr 2021 14:02:27 +0000

Inspired by the 2021 Earth Day theme, “Restore Our Earth,” Well + Good is running a month-long series called “Planet Hope” with expert-led content focused on food, clothing, sustainable living and daily activism. Check back for some practical advice on how to incorporate each goal into your life on an ongoing and meaningful basis.

The year of the pandemic had made me realize that I could probably part with a lot of items that I had not touched during this time when there is very little to do and very few places. where to go. For example, I’ve sold all of my jeans that don’t fit anymore (because why feel uncomfortable when you can just buy the right size … and also, who needs hard pants anyway? days?) And I donated an impressive number of Hollister sweaters that I accumulated working there in college (and stopped wearing years ago). But when I came across a half-empty bottle of green fabric dye, I bought when I tinkered with a Bring it on Uniform of clovers for Halloween four years ago, I didn’t know what to do with it. I didn’t want to destroy it, but I wasn’t sure about my other options.

This dye falls into the cloudy category of items that you will feel weird giving away, but be aware that they are still good enough to use. I have a number of items like this, as well as items that I know have no more lives, but I still don’t want to send them to landfill. For example, items like underwear that are either too small, too shredded, or too stained with blood. The last few months have sent me down the path of trying to find a home for odds and ends that I no longer need without throwing them in the trash. And through this process, I realized that there is a home for everything.

The last few months have sent me down the path of trying to find a home for odds and ends that I no longer need without throwing them in the trash. I have come to realize that there is a home for everything.

Liesel Clark and Rebecca Rockefeller understood this when they launched the first group Buy Nothing, a hyper-local gift economy, in their community of Bainbridge Island, Washington in July 2013. “We need to reduce, reuse, recycle, but how if we “refuse” first – refuse to buy? Asks Clark, who is also an environmental filmmaker for National Geographic and PBS.

We produce a lot of waste. According to the latest data available from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans produced 292.4 million tonnes of waste in 2018, or about five pounds per person per day. About a quarter of this waste has been recycled. Plastics, which are notoriously under-recycled, accounted for around 4.5% of recycled items, while they accounted for just over 12% of total waste produced. But while there is clearly room for improvement in the recycling department, this is not an individual solution for waste generation. “Turning down” new items, as Clark puts it, and finding ways to reduce waste generation is what can most significantly help reduce those numbers – and Buy Nothing is an initiative that aims to achieve that goal.

Buy Nothing groups exist primarily on Facebook, but the organization is also launching a location-based app in May (you can join the waitlist here). Buy Nothing allows users to share when they are looking for an item they would like to receive or an item they would like to part with. For example, consider the resealable bags that flour tortillas often go into. “I washed them, saved them, and posted 20 at a time. Lo and behold, there was a woman who absolutely wanted them, ”says Clark.

I joined my local Buy Nothing Facebook group in February, and found neighbors looking to get rid of everything from air conditioners and wine racks to a Vitamix blender that sometimes leaks oil but can be all yours “if you’re willing to clean up and fix this problem.” Someone quickly pointed out that his girlfriend wanted a blender for smoothies and wanted a new project.

So I wrote my first post: I was able to find a home for some unused beauty supplies, more than delicately used gel nail polish, a cork board, and that half-empty bottle of green fabric dye. The exercise helped me realize how simple reducing waste generation can be with just a little bit of dedicated research and effort.

There is even a use for all things that appear to be absolute garbage. Animal shelters are always on the lookout for old sheets, towels, and yoga mats. Knickey will take your old underwear (via a free shipping label), recycle it, and give you a new pair in return. Free the Girls accepts used second-hand bras (also via a free shipping label) and gives them to survivors of sex trafficking. The North Face will take your used hiking boots (just drop them off at a store), recycle them, and give you $ 10 towards your next $ 100 purchase. And art teachers will happily take some of your recyclables for projects – Clark found the gallery near her loved to get those foam trays that come with meat and fish and empty yogurt containers for the Arts and crafts.

If figuring out which organizations take which products sounds like work, that’s because it is. While throwing things in the trash is a reflex, developing lasting habits and stopping to think “could this have some other use?” requires mental muscle, many of us are not used to exercise. Clark confirms that changing your mindset takes thought, creativity, and dedication – but isn’t that the least you can offer?

“Remember, everything has value, everything,” she said. “Everything is made of one material, whether it’s wood, glass, plastic, metal, rubber, paper or textiles. There is a place where everything can go, ultimately, and hopefully be either reused or recycled. “

This change of habit also requires time and space. For example, I get a lot of packages for work, and if I held all the gift boxes for reuse, my apartment would look like a scene from Hoarding: Buried alive. And if I tried to offer them as and when I received them, managing the location of the boxes would become a full-time job. So make a commitment to do what you can; examine your habits and see where you can consciously and sustainably reduce your waste production, remembering that waste really is someone else’s treasure.

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