University agricultural innovation hubs threatened

Universities are incubators for many of our country’s most popular products, from the HyRed cranberry developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to the Honeycrisp apple created at the University of Minnesota. Universities have also created corn hybrids, soybean varieties, medicines for humans and livestock, and countless other inventions. University research …

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Students learn STEM principles at Camp Invention Connect

Photo courtesy of Concetta Amey OJ McGrudder is working on a STEM project for Camp Invention Connect. Coweta elementary and middle school students participated in Camp Invention Connect, a virtual science, technology, engineering and math camp. The camp is managed by the National Inventors Hall of Fame, and locally it …

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World’s Largest Biomarker Market Invention According To Predictions

Biomarkers Market A biomarker, also known as biological markers, is a measurable indicator of a biological condition or condition. Biomarkers are often estimated and evaluated using blood, urine, or soft tissue to test for normal biological processes, pharmacological responses to a therapeutic intervention, or pathogenic processes. The biomarker reacts with …

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