Chip and Joanna Gaines Celebrate New York Magnolia Network Launch

Chip and Joanna Gaines celebrate the launch of Magnolia Network in New York City at a chic party at the Polo Bar in Manhattan with Discovery CEO David Zaslav.

Chip and Joanna Gaines from the hit show HGTV Upper Fixator celebrated the launch of their Magnolia network in New York. For five successful seasons, the duo have helped couples find homes to renovate in their dream home. The couple announced their intention to launch Magnolia Network in 2019, which never happened due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fixers have since replaced the DIY Network with the launch of Magnolia Network.

Chip and Joanna have drawn 75 million viewers after five seasons of Upper fixer. The popular couple made the dreams of many families come true, but they revealed that they need to take care of their own families. Chip and Joanna shared that they felt exhausted after six years of filming the show while raising their children. The couple took a year-long hiatus from the show to reconsider whether working with HGTV still fulfilled them.

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According to Sixth page, the Upper Fixator couple celebrated the launch of Magnolia Network last week in New York City. Guests supporting the launch showed up at the Polo Bar in Manhattan. The Magnolia network is available through Discovery +. It would make sense that Discovery CEO David Zaslav was also spotted at the Polo Bar party. The other participants were: Allison Page, Clint Harp, Abner Ramirez, Amanda Sudano and Andrew Zimmern. Of course, a flower wall with the network logo has been set up for guests to take selfies and group photos. For Chip and Joanna, the celebration didn’t end at the private event. The pair have been seen splurging at designer stores. Joanna, in particular, was spotted at Roman and Williams Guild, where a source said she stayed for at least an hour.

Even after their hiatus, Chip and Joanna still have a passion for what they’re doing on Upper fixer. According to the Magnolia Network website, the couple will continue to shoot new episodes of Secure Upper Welcome Home. The Magnolia Network seems like the perfect streaming service for craft and storytelling enthusiasts. Some of the shows that will air include The lost kitchen, House, and The Restoration Route with Clint Harp. Joanna and Chip are able to explore distinct interests, as they each have their own shows on the networks. The chip can be seen in The courage to run with Chip Gaines and Gabe Grunewald, while Joanna will take on a new role in Magnolia Table With Joanna Gaines.

the Upper Fixator couple attracted 19 million viewers each week on the HGTV show. Although Magnolia Network is only available through Discovery +, the couple are sure to attract fans with the diversity of their shows. With the launch of their new network and the education of their children, Chip and Joanna Gaines are making things easy.

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