Clever ways to bring something new to your wedding day style

Now that TikTok is an incredibly popular video-sharing app to use, it’s another avenue to go to for DIY wedding craft ideas. It’s pretty simple to change the style of your wedding day by filling your reception and ceremony with DIY projects, rather than having everything store bought. If you don’t want to break the bank by spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on take-out gifts for your guests, there are tons of DIY TikTok ideas you can opt for instead. This way, your wedding guests won’t leave empty-handed and you can save a lot of money in the process.

TikToker @DevnTell shared a video explaining how they created a beautiful at-home wedding centerpiece for their sister’s engagement party. They used empty cottage cheese containers, super glue, tape, glass bulbs, flowers, and a few other items to put together the unforgettable centerpieces. According to Country Living, finding DIY project ideas suitable for your wedding day is more common than you might think. In addition to take-home party favors and centerpieces, you can also create vintage family photo displays, date jars, and solar-powered lights at home using simple DIY TikTok tutorials.

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