Discovery Center of Idaho offers virtual STEM courses

MAGIC VALLEY, Idaho – Between the safety concerns of COVID-19 and winter weather conditions, taking your kids to science shows may not be feasible.

If your little ones were hoping to interact with discovery exhibits and science, now they can do so from home. The Discovery Center Of Idaho offers virtual school programs that allow kids to access exhibit-inspired lessons and create science projects at home or on the go.

Course options include pre-recorded lessons in addition to live zooms.

“We really wanted to make sure that everyone across Idaho, wherever you are, has access to STEM education and especially the exhibits and exhibits and learning that we offer here at the Discovery Center of Idaho. “said Emily Mahon, Director of Education at Discovery Center Idaho.

These STEM virtual learning programs are aimed at science enthusiasts in grades two to six. Classes cost three dollars per student, and each class comes with materials for students to participate in hands-on learning activities.

“We’re trying to provide practical material that really makes it an integrated experience so that they don’t just blindly stare at the screen, but have the ability to apply it in a hands-on experience,” Mahon said.

According to the Pew Research Center, employment in STEM occupations has increased 79% since 1990.

“Having these basic skills and the ability to talk about science, technology, engineering and math at home and in the classroom, [and] making it a part of your daily life can really impact the quality of the STEM jobs we can provide in the future, ”said Mahon.

Expanding access to STEM educational offerings allows students to explore their interests early on, which can make a difference for children interested in pursuing careers in STEM fields.

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