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The fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery is just a month away, so we’re now taking a closer look at the trailer released at New York Comic Con to get a better idea of ​​what to expect. As with all of our analyzes, it is based on previous reports, as well as informed speculation. And of course, it contains potential spoilers.

For this analysis, we’re taking the trailer in the order it was presented, but grouping it into different sections that seem to have a specific theme or reveal. Of course, it’s not to be assumed that the trailer presents these moments in the same order they will appear in the season.

In the anomaly

From the start, the executive producers of Star Trek: Discovery revealed that the season will not have a traditional villain, but rather a gravitational anomaly that threatens the galaxy, beyond the Federation in the 32nd century. We saw evidence of this anomaly and its destruction in the previous trailer released in April.

The new trailer kicks off with Tilly as a voiceover saying “Life is just a blink of an eye” as we see a close-up of Captain Michael Burnham’s eye as she faces the unknown.

[COSTUME DETAIL: Burham is wearing new tactical armor. Her version is somewhat different than armor others are seen wearing in the trailer. Possibly the captain’s version is unique. Hers appears to have lost its badge, with her name and serial number embossed directly on the chest piece.]

The USS Discovery pierces the outer layer of the anomaly.

When the ship enters, Burnham is thrown and recalls a memory in bed with Cleveland “Book” Booker.

Tilly’s voiceover returns, “It’s a heartbeat, in the lifespan of the universe” as the ship enters the vast anomaly.

Flash to Burham in the infirmary, awakened by Dr Culber and Book.

Starfleet Briefing on the Anomaly

Next in the trailer (although likely earlier in the season), the USS Discovery visits Starfleet HQ, with a number of other 32nd Century Starfleet ships in attendance.

Burnham on the bridge says: “Today we seek to understand a threat that none of our galaxies have faced before.”

Now inside Starfleet HQ, Commander-in-Chief Vance asks, “What exactly is this anomaly?”

Commander Paul Stamets said: “We are not sure. In his TrekMovie interview earlier this year, actor Anthony Rapp revealed that Stamets “is charged with trying to figure out what this thing is,” so he appears to be leading the scientific investigation into the anomaly.

This briefing is interspersed with shots of the USS Discovery encountering the anomaly.

And Book’s ship was struck as it encountered the anomaly, with him saying, “Our ship was struck by something.”

And more shots of damaged USS Discovery flying around anomaly with flying sparks.

President joins galaxy

At the same gathering at Starfleet HQ, a mix of Starfleet, Federation, and non-Federation beings are present.

Federation President Rillak (a new character played by Chelah Horsdal who is a mix of Humans, Bajorans and Cardassians) addresses the assembly: “Together we will face this threat to our common galaxy. “

Participants watch, including Ni’Var President T’Rina, an Orion (possibly a representative of the Emerald Chain), and Captain Ferengi Starfleet.

A photo of those gathered at the summit includes a human (or humanoid) member of the Federation and a representative of the Osnullus species. The screens in front of each indicate the vote.

Saru’s warning

Saru is also at the top, wearing his Starfleet captain’s uniform, standing next to Tilly, Stamets and Burnham. A graphic of the anomaly shows that it is destroying a planet.

Speaking to Burnham, Saru said: “Until we understand the anomaly well enough to predict its path, billions of more lives will be at risk.”

Michael, replies, “Not under our supervision.”

Prez worries about Michael’s balance

President Rillak told Burham: “Leadership is about balance.”

On shots of Michael and Book fleeing phaser explosions in an alien forest, Rillak continues, “Your acts of bravery are huge pendulum swings …”

She continues: “There is a very fine line between a pendulum and a wrecking ball.”

Michael looks chastised as the Prez walks away.

Ignore the warning

USS Discovery leaves Starfleet HQ.

Detmer tells Burnham, “It will be bumpy; we can be destroyed.

Tilly (in tactical armor) asks Burnham, “We’re going to totally ignore this warning, aren’t we?” Michael replies “mhmm.”

Jett Reno says, “Well I’ve lived a good life.”

Ready for action

USS Discovery engages in spore training.

Burnham walks through the ruins with Tilly and her mother Gabrielle Burnham. While she wears a sword as a member of the Qowat Milat, so do Burham and Tilly. Burham in voiceover says “With so many stakes …”

The voiceover continues, “… countless lives …” with Tilly assisting a critically injured unknown crew member.

Michael continues, “… future …” as she addresses a group of officers gathered on the deck of the Discovery hangar.

[COSTUME DETAIL: Burham is in a new dress uniform. The assembled group are wearing an unfamiliar uniform of primarily gray, with a large blue stripe along both left and ride sides.]

The ship approaches the anomaly, with Stamets and Captain Saru on deck with Captain Burnham.

Now, in the captain’s chair, Burnham concludes: “Once we get into the anomaly, we go where no one has gone before. “

The speech is interspersed with close-ups of Tilly, Rhys and Adira.

In action … together

The book ship flies towards the gravitational anomaly, dragging a tether.

A hooded figure wields a sword.

Saru in civilian clothes on Kaminar (note the Kelpien language writing on the floor) opens a galaxy map hologram.

Burnham continues in voiceover “Wherever we come from…” and she removes the cover of an unknown dead alien.

Two young spar Qowat Milat.

The voiceover continues: “… whatever our experiences …” as Burnham and Book seek protection from an explosion inside an unknown facility.

The book watches a child run through a forest, possibly on his home planet of Kwejian. He and the child wear the same outfit, indicating that he could possibly be another empath. It could be his nephew Leto, or maybe a memory of his brother Kyheem.

On a snowy planet, Tilly tells Adira (also in tactical armor) “You got this.”

[COSTUME DETAIL: You can see how their version of the new tactical armor is different that Captain Burnham’s]

Tilly and Adira walk the snowy planet with three other crew members.

Michael kisses Book and in a voiceover she says, “We’re all in the same boat.”

The action really intensifies with faster cuts, starting with the hooded figure with a sword taking on a crew member from Discovery.

And Michael fights with his own sword

The book is in distress in the spore chamber.

An alien (or maybe a human with a mark on his forehead) yells at Captain Saru.

A nun Qowat Milat rams a sword into the hooded black figure.

The bridge crew (including Captain Saru wearing a new pin) flies away, affected by the gravitational anomaly.

Gray is real

Gray is seen briefly dressed in white and appearing emotional and touching his chest. In season two, Gray was mostly seen through visions of Adira and always wore the same outfit. In his recent interview for TrekMovie, Wilson Cruz discussed how Dr. Culber will make Gray “seen” and bodily again.

Hold on to hope

Dr Culber tells Kovich, “I have to hope we find a way to stop it.”

A member of the Discovery crew trains with Qowat Milat.

Stamets seems concerned about the sparks flying on the Discovery.

Culber, Tilly and Adira assess the damage to the USS Discovery.

Captain Burnham in a spacesuit approaches an unknown ship or space facility.

Nuns Qowat Milat fight hooded black silhouettes on Book’s ship.

Owosekun practices in the ring under the watch of Captain Burnham.

Book jumps over a console of his ship to avoid an explosion.

Back on the snowy planet, Tilly looks worried as Burnham is heard again in voiceover, “We can’t let fear define us right now.” A Starfleet alien officer can be seen behind her, possibly a Tellarite or even a Nausicaan.

Back on the Discovery Deck with flying sparks, Captain Burham is alone in his spacesuit.

Adira in their quarters shares a moment with Gray (in her ghost outfit).

Back to earth?

Book’s ship warps into what looks like Earth’s moon. Burnham is on board with Tilly, his mother and another Qowat Milat. Michael and Tilly smile at the sight.


Returning to his speech in the shuttle shed, Michael in voiceover said, “The future remains uncertain.” During the NYCC panel, showrunner Michelle Paradise said “uncertainty” was the main theme of season four.

Michael and Book travel through an alien planet.

An Orion, a Tellarite, and two humans (or humanoids) fire phasers at something. They may be members of the Emerald Chain.

Everything is possible

T’Rina places her hands on Saru’s.

Burnham in his spaceship on the Discovery with flying sparks, with his voiceover saying, “But the captain in me knows anything is possible.”

The Federation President presents the President of Ni’Var T’Rina with a Federation Flag, indicating that the Vulcans (along with their Romulan cousins) are joining the Federation. Michael and Saru watch, dressed in ceremonial uniforms.

Michael and Saru, probably on Kaminar.

Tilly and Michael share a moment of laughter and cuddles aboard the USS Discovery.

Detmer prepares as Michael sits in the captain’s chair, wearing his standard Season 4 uniform.

Captain Burnham is seated in the captain’s chair.

[COSTUME DETAIL: Here she is wearing yet another outfit, this time a new leather captain’s jacket]

Captain Saru said (ironically), “Ready when you are, Captain. “

Captain Burnham says his new catchphrase: “Let’s fly. “

The USS Discovery moves away.

Final thoughts

Season four is keeping its promise to slowly bring the Federation together, with the threat of anomaly potentially being a catalyst. Earth could be a part of it, as the Federation really cannot be considered truly reunited until Earth is back in the fold. This gravitational anomaly seemingly dominates the season, bringing drama to the plot and motivation for the characters themselves.

Even without a group of villains to contend with, season four seems to be just as action-packed as the previous seasons of Discovery. The Qowat Milat appears to have a big role to play, with some members possibly joining the crew for the mission. There may be a reason the crew need their help and training, perhaps to enter an area where Starfleet weapons cannot be used.

As the new captain of the USS Discovery, Burham may be going through growing pains and also seems to honor Star Trek’s long tradition of defying orders when deemed necessary. Burnham also honors the tradition that the captain also has a lot of outfits. To help her in her mission, she will have the support of Captain Saru, who is joining the USS Discovery, and there is no indication (yet) that having two captains on board is a problem.

We’re going to get a little (and sadly maybe just a little) of the acerbic Reno, the enigmatic Kovich, and the stoic Vance. President Rillak appears to be an interesting new character, with her own unique journey. Oh and Grudge is back too.

At one month

Star Trek: Discovery season four premieres November 18. It is broadcast exclusively on Paramount + in the United States In Canada Discovery airs on CTV Sci-Fi Channel and airs on Crave. It’s also available on Netflix in 190 countries around the world.

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