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VAN NUYS, California, June 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Eco Innovation Group, Inc. (OTC: ECOX) (“ECOX” or the “Company”), an innovative company bringing together investments in new technologies that promote environment and social welfare and the advancement of green energy solutions, is pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive licensing agreement (the “Agreement”) with Lance Nist, inventor of PoolCooled ™ Tech (” PoolCooled ™ ”), a revolutionary climate control solution that harnesses proprietary technology to cool a home or building by taking cold water from an existing swimming pool and looping it through the existing air conditioning system to increase efficiency on a per unit power consumption basis.

The Agreement grants the Company the exclusive rights to market PoolCooled ™.

“ECOX has reached a series of milestones in 2020 and 2021, and this exclusive license to bring PoolCooled ™ to market is another important step forward,” said Julia Otey-Raudes, CEO of ECOX. “The license allows us to launch the next phase as we prepare for the early launch of this cost-effective renewable energy technology solution available for installation and use anytime, in any weather, in any part of the country. “

According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, there are more than 10.7 million swimming pools in the United States alone.

Otey-Raudes added: “The market potential for PoolCooled ™ is enormous. The amount of heat dissipation potential lost in millions of swimming pools every day is a game-changer when effectively harnessed, as it offers the potential to simultaneously reduce the costs and carbon footprint of any structure adjacent to the pool with cooling needs. .

As previously indicated by the Company, a first efficacy test was carried out under conditions controlled by Mr. Nist. The test compared the power consumption involved in cleaning a swimming pool and cooling a house equipped with a three-ton central air conditioning system, where the pool was immediately adjacent to the house. The test showed that, over a specified period of time, the separate tasks of operating the pool filtration system and the home air conditioning system, independently and with the traditional systems in place, required 4,300 watts of power. In comparison, both tasks were performed equally well by the PoolCooled ™ system, which consumed only 1,100 watts of power during the same period.

This represents an approximate saving of 65 to 75% of the total energy consumption and costs.

According to Lance Nist, Inventor, “I am delighted to sign this exclusive agreement with ECOX, and look forward to continuing our efforts to harness the enormous potential for energy and cost savings that PoolCooled ™ aims to bring to customers. millions of homes and businesses, as well as hotel chains, amusement parks and other establishments with swimming pools and the desire to reduce costs and carbon emissions.

Now that the agreement has been signed by all parties, ECOX will begin aggressively pursuing the PoolCooled ™ opportunity as part of its continued strategy to provide carbon-free energy solutions that can be deployed globally.

About the Eco Innovation Group

Eco Innovation Group was founded by inventors and professionals to help nurture and catalyze the most innovative and impactful products and services, and to deliver these innovations to the world, improving the quality of life of our communities and the world around us, while creating value. to our shareholders. At ECOX, we are committed to developing and bringing successful products to market. But we will never lose sight of the fact that we exist first and foremost to help people and improve life on the planet we all share. We take our social responsibility contract seriously in all of our endeavors. It’s not just what we do. This is who we are. For more information, visit

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