EGGER interior match concept coordinates harmonious decor choices

as limits to home the vagueness and spatial dimensions between living and working spaces are constantly changing, interior design styles need better harmony in appearance and function. EGGER, the manufacturer of wood-based materials, makes design choices and customizations easy for architects, fabricators or even the creative home stylist with a new design concept. interior match combines decors, textures and colors of furniture and interior design, from the floor to the doors and even the kitchen worktops. it accentuates the theme of mix & match to enhance individuality at home.

with all the freedom of design, the coordinated fixed points contribute to the desired visual harmony,»Says Klaus Monhoff, Head of Decoration and Design Management of the EGGER Group.

in EGGER interior match suitable products are available for all areas of application in the same decor or color matched.
featured decor: furniture H1345 ST32 gray sherman oak; gray sherman oak flooring EPL185

the EGGER The interior design concept combines the furniture and interior options of the decorative collection 2020-22 with the PRO 2021+ flooring collection. in total, a selection of 30 decors offers a complete range allowing designers to effortlessly achieve contemporary and harmonious designs.

the total of 30 decors includes many novelties from both collections. they have been selected so that they can be used in different ways. facades, worktops or entire furniture can easily be combined with the floor. whether striking or understated – there is something for every style in interior design,»Explains ayla schwarzmayr, senior specialist in decoration management.

EGGER interior match concept coordinates harmonious design choices from floor to ceiling
with the interior match, the door design is also integrated into the room.
featured decor: F638 ST16 chromix silver door and cabinet; flooring EPD046 chromix silver

there is a distinction between the same decoration solutions and color coordination. decor match ensures that floors as well as furniture and interior design products are available in the same decor choices, from surface textures to different materials. these options cover floors, doors, kitchen countertops and complete furniture sets. to bring more harmony to the interior style, the color matching The tool guides color coordination for all choices.

EGGER interior match concept coordinates harmonious design choices from floor to ceiling
color matching shows coordinated decors. The combination of floors and furniture creates harmony in the mix & match theme.
featured decor: cabinet H3326 ST28 gray beige Gladstone oak; cabinet H3326 ST28 arcani oak

decor options range from authentic reproductions to distinctive and striking vintage options. wood grain and classic installation patterns appear like the original woods in terms of aesthetics and tactility. reproductions range from natural and simple looks to rustic and recognizable themes. it can even extend to stone in contemporary styles, such as terrazzo and concrete and marble. Therefore, creatives have long lasting and sustainable products to work with, which both conserves resources and produces more from wood.

EGGER interior match concept coordinates harmonious design choices from floor to ceiling
worktop and floor covering in the same decor is easily achievable with the interior layout
featured decor: worktop H1344 ST32 sherman oak cognac brown
EPL184 sherman oak cognac brown flooring

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