Elden Ring Player Makes An Interesting Discovery From The Wandering Noble Spirit’s Ashes

Ring of Elden has a ton of mechanics he lets players discover, including his Spirit Ashes. It may take players a while to figure out when/where these summons will work, but when they do, players can trivialize a ton of Ring of Elden the boss fights with the good guys. There is, however, some disparity in terms of the viability of each summon, leading many players to only use a handful. For example, the Mimic Tear was nerfed shortly after release simply because of how many players flocked to it quickly compared to other summons.


Still, the community focused on a handful of additional Spirit Ashes meta, leaving many behind quickly in Ring of Eldenis the start of the game. That’s even if they used them at all. For this reason, some unique interactions have been missed by humans. The Latenna Albinauric summon is a great example of this, as it is possible for him to mount and ride certain wolves. This is partly because where these summons can work don’t often overlap with the types of wolves Latenna can ride, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Something similar happens with the Wandering Noble Spirit Ashes.

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Wandering Noble Ashes will summon 5 Nobles that can attack enemies in melee range. They’re based on the Nobles scattered around The Lands Between, one of the most common enemy types, so that spiritual ash can be skipped for better. It is not commonly used. However, a Redditor named harissss revealed that he has a special interaction against the Flying Dragon Agheel boss fight.

They recently shared a video with Ring of Elden‘s subreddit, where they attempt this summon while battling Agheel. Instead of moving in and fighting as planned, they instead ran, hid, and cowered against the dragon. A leading commentary on this specific situation suggests that Spirit Ashes retains the original creatures’ AI and that noble enemies in Ring of Elden are designed to react this way to dragons. It’s an interesting detail and easily missed, but it adds a bit more realism to the otherwise fantastical world of The Lands Between.

Elden Ring’s vision of its open world fills it with mystery, and it stands to reason that there are a few things left to discover. Fans will likely continue to discover details like this for years to come, and it’s possible that FromSoftware will release Ring of Elden DLC that adds even more to its various mysteries. Everything remains to be seen, of course, but who knows what else remains hidden in the open-world game FromSoftware.

Ring of Elden is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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