Ex-wallabies Nick Farr-Jones, Jim Williams and Bruce Worboys involved in loan controversy Learn Earn Legend

Loan Recipient: Jim Williams.Credit:James brickwood

“I had no money at the time, Bruce had no money at the time, Bruce said to me ‘Nick, there is this amount in the LEL program, which is surplus, we could use it, ”says Farr-Jones.

“Bruce was convinced that he could… organize the refinancing of the loan and the repayment of the debt. In addition, Jim gave him assurances. Sure enough, I was comfortable with that and I was at it. comfortable on the basis that I would guarantee the loan. There is no written guarantee there but I have always been on my word, I was president for four years, I devoted thousands of hours without remuneration.

Bruce Worboys says he and Farr-Jones were

Bruce Worboys says he and Farr-Jones were “disappointed” with Williams.Credit:Matt Bedford

“Technically, you probably should have sought the consent of the board, but I made this decision [not to] Given the circumstances. “

Farr-Jones, former World Cup-winning Wallabies captain and now director of global company Taurus Funds Management, has confirmed that he paid off the loan in full in March this year with the help of another person, whose name he did not reveal.

“An NSWRU staff member found himself in dire financial straits with likely potentially very negative consequences for his family, including two young children,” he said.

“As President of NSWRU, I accepted the short-term recommendation of a senior executive and short-term financial assistance was provided via a short-term loan, fully documented and repaid from memory within six months. ”

Farr-Jones stepped down as NSWRU chairman in September last year, three weeks after clearing the loan. Worboys, who has built a 30-year career in administering community and national rugby in NSW, resigned with just under a year on contract shortly after explaining the situation to the finance department and the board. by NSWRU. Williams’ contract was not renewed when it expired later in the month. Williams now works with Ellavation, an Indigenous employment and mentoring foundation run by brothers Ella Mark, Glen and Gary Ella and their sister, Marcia Ella-Duncan.

Learn Earn Legend is a mark used by a number of sports organizations to promote their Indigenous education and employment programs funded under the Federal Department of Canada’s former Indigenous Employment Program. Education, Employment and Labor Relations. In 2013, the brand was placed under the control of the Prime Minister’s Ministry and the Cabinet and has been funded from there since.

According to figures provided by the ministry, the NSWRU received $ 629,206 between 2012 and 2016 to run the program. Farr-Jones, who was instrumental in setting up the program, served on its advisory board alongside Mark Ella, departmental liaison Steven Clarke and education consultant Malcolm Kinns. He recruited Williams, an Indigenous back test rower and former Wallabies assistant coach highly regarded in rugby circles, as a program coordinator.

According to Farr-Jones, the program had a 100% success rate in the transition of young Indigenous students to employment or higher education after graduating from high school. A ministry press release in 2014 reported 17 students transitioning from school to university or working full time in the previous two years.

NSWRU Chairman Roger Davis, who took over from Farr-Jones last year, said by the time he resumed all outstanding loans had been repaid.

“I don’t want to comment on the activities that took place before I became president,” Davis said. “I arrived at the time of the check-up and we were comfortable with the results recorded. What happened before was not my problem. If there were any problems, they were all resolved by the time I got on board and thanked Nick [Farr-Jones] and Bruce [Worboys] for their service to the game when they moved on. “

The NSWRU is now led by President Davis and Chief Executive Officer Andrew Hore, who succeeded Greg Harris in mid-April.

“Over the past nine months, the executive and board of directors of NSWRU have changed dramatically and all parties associated with the aforementioned loan have long retired,” an official said.

Worboys said he and Farr-Jones were abandoned by Williams.

“Our actions were aimed at the well-being of an employee without the intention of deception or deception,” he said. “We were very disappointed and we have been disappointed again now.”

Williams declined to comment when contacted.

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