Many Creation Wed, 12 Jan 2022 01:55:30 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Many Creation 32 32 Marvel Discovery Corp touts ‘very successful’ 2021 as it prepares for busy year of exploration Tue, 11 Jan 2022 21:10:45 +0000 Marvel CEO Karim Rayani said the company has built “an impressive portfolio in central Newfoundland and looks forward to finalizing exploration permits to begin our inaugural drilling efforts.”

Marvel Discovery Corp CEO Karim Rayani told shareholders the resource company has had a “very successful 2021” and is gearing up for a busy year of exploration.

In a letter to shareholders, Rayani noted that the company, which switched from International Montoro to Marvel in February of last year, is positioning itself to serve as an “incubator” for blue chip projects.

“It entered the uranium space from Key Lake, Saskatchewan, into one of the highest grade uranium producing regions in the world, the Athabasca Basin,” Rayani said in the letter.

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At the end of 2020, Marvel acquired its first concessions in central Newfoundland, the Slip and Victoria Lake projects. “It sparked a chain of events that got us to where we are today as one of the largest landowners in Newfoundland, contiguous to projects with defined resources,” said Rayani.

The Marvel boss recapped the significant land acquisitions Marvel had made in the Central Newfoundland Gold Belt.

Marvel’s acquisitions in Newfoundland:

The Slip project: It has 149 claims totaling 3,725 hectares. The property is located 17.5 kilometers (km) northwest of the New Found Golds Queensway project and sits on the Dog Bay line and shows similar gold mineralization characteristics to the area.

Gold-Silver from Lake Victoria: In Victoria Lake, Marvel has expanded its operations to 11,000 hectares. The property is located 18 km west of Marathon Golds Valentine Lake which contains 4 million ounces of gold. Preliminary work on Marvel soil has identified several veins ranging from 15.5 to 24.9 grams per tonne (g / t) of gold (Au) and from 18.6 to 139.9 g / t of silver. . The property was extended by 53 additional claims totaling 1,350 hectares at its size.

Gander South: It has 420 claims totaling 10,250 hectares and the claims are located 45 km south of Gander, near the Exploits subzone and the Gander zone, 10 km east of the New Founds Queensway project.

Gander East: It has 274 claims totaling 6,850 hectares, contiguous to the Queensway project of New Found Gold, which is located along the potential North-East trending Dog Bay / Appleton / Grub Line fault system.

Golden stream: It has 763 claims and 19,075 hectares have since been optioned to Big Ridge Exploration.

Gander North: It has 478 claims totaling 11,875 hectares and is contiguous to Sassy Resources (CSE: SASY, OTCQB: SSYRF).

Baie Verte Brompton Line: It has 857 claims totaling 21,425 hectares. Anaconda Mining’s Point Rousse and Rambler production mines, as well as former producers, such as the Terra Nova mine, are located near the Baie Verte Brompton line. Marvel has acquired land on a 70 kilometer corridor along the BVBL.

Sandy Pond Project: It has 515 claims totaling 12,875 hectares strategically located between the Red Indian Line and the BVBL. The claim area is characterized by major regional faults trending northwest.

Cape Ray North Project: It has 264 claims totaling 6,600 hectares and high resolution magnetic surveys have been carried out. Preliminary results show numerous folds, major faults and tertiary shear zones which are considered favorable for gold mineralization.

Quebec project:

Duhamel nickel-copper-cobalt-titanium property: In May of last year, Marvel conducted a helicopter-borne survey of the 2,300 hectares of land located 350 km north of Quebec City. Marvel recovered a grab sample of massive iron-titanium oxides from historical data, with results grading 0.28% vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) associated with 20.8% titanium dioxide (TiO2) and 0 , 13% chromium oxide (Cr203).

Ontario projects:

Blackfly Gold Ownership: Marvel completed 9 diamond drill holes for a total of 1,116.25 meters. The Blackfly project is directly related to Agnico Eagle’s Hammond Reef deposit, which contains 5.6 million ounces of gold in all resource categories. Drilling at Blackfly was deemed successful with visible gold noted in BF21-15. This hole targeted a newly discovered area (Mosquito area) 100 yards southwest of the main Blackfly area.

East Bull Project: In May, Marvel acquired a 100% interest in the land along the East Bull Lake intrusion. The group of claims comprises 15 mining claims totaling 5,352 hectares.

Marvel said it has built an “impressive portfolio” in central Newfoundland and is eager to finalize exploration permits to begin inaugural drilling.

“Recent acquisitions in Newfoundland, which is experiencing the world’s largest exploration and discovery boom, is a testament to Marvel’s recognition of where the opportunities for success are greatest,” Rayani concluded.

Investors can read the full letter from shareholders here.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How To Unlock Cooking Mechanics In The Very Popular Nintendo Game Tue, 11 Jan 2022 13:57:00 +0000

Update 2.0 brought tons of changes to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It introduced a lot of features to improve user experience and added more content. Additionally, Nintendo has featured many popular characters from earlier titles like Brewster, Kapp’n, Tortimer, Katrina, and many more.


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Apart from this, the developers have also added new features like group stretch, new mystery islands and much more. Of all the 2.0 features, Kitchen Mechanics is the most loved and popular feature in the community. Not to mention that several players have built their own farms in New Horizons to grow new crops. Here’s how you can unlock the Kitchen feature in New Horizons.


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Unlock the kitchen in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Cooking Mechanics is a brand new feature added with Update 2.0. Plus, it’s very complicated to unlock if you’ve just started your New Horizons journey. First, make sure to update the game to the latest version 2.0.4. After that, visit your Resident Services and go to the Nook Stop kiosk to select Redeem Nook Miles.


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Later you have to buy the Be a Chef! + DIY recipes for 2,000 Nook Miles. With the help of this article, all the information on how to cook will be sent to your Nook phone. In order to cook food, you will also need a kitchenette or a stone kitchen similar to a craft table needed to craft various items.

DIVE DEEPLY: Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fan Surprises His Best Friend With Stunning 3D Creations

Interestingly, some players cannot purchase the Be a Chef! DIY recipes + Nook Stop article. It’s only because they haven’t met the in-game criteria to unlock the feature. Players must have at least a 3-star Island Rating, upgrade their Resident Services Tent in a building, and complete their DIY Customization Workshop with Tom Nook.


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Once you have completed all the aforementioned steps, you will be able to use the Be a Chef! DIY recipes + article. How many cooking recipes do you have in your collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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5 Best Web Developments in Boston, MA Tue, 11 Jan 2022 09:18:12 +0000

Below is a list of the best and top web developments in Boston. To help you find the best web development located near you in Boston, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of review points.

Boston’s Best Web Development:

Top Rated Web Developers in Boston, MA are:

  • Boston Web Designers – helps customers dominate the market through creative digital marketing
  • Temper And Forge, LLC – offers premium and mobile-friendly web designs
  • Up and social – create unique opportunities for its clients and their business
  • FreshySites – provides superior website design and management services
  • GoingClear Interactive – award-winning website design and management company

Boston Web Designers

Favorite Web Development in Boston, MA

Boston Web Designers helps customers dominate the market through creative digital marketing. The team serves clients with sophisticated marketing and web design services. Moreover, their high performing SEO management and marketing services are customized according to the needs of their clients. Their team makes sure that each client receives a personalized web hosting service.

They offer a wide selection of professional web development services. These include email marketing, marketing automation, and management. Moreover, they provide website design, SEO optimization and blogging services.


Web development


Address: 24 School St 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02108
Telephone: (978) 851-9077


“Boston Web Designers didn’t just get the best domain name for our business. They also advised us throughout the process on how and why to select the perfect name! I look forward to working with them to achieve our marketing goals! “- Darcy Gilbert

Dip and Forge, LLC

Complete Web Development in Boston, MA

Dip and Forge, LLC offers premium and mobile-friendly web designs. They provide services that ensure great marketing automation. In addition, their team is highly efficient and competent in the field of web management. They only offer the best of the best of all their services to their valued customers. Their team is also focused on the success of their client’s business. In addition, they have a team of talented developers, designers and marketers.

They offer a wide selection of marketing and web management services. These include lead nurturing, social media marketing, and content creation. Besides, they offer SEO optimization, web development and web management.


web management, web development


Address: 50 Milk St 16th floor, Boston, MA 02109
Telephone: (978) 341-9677


“Nate and his team are some of the best professionals I have worked with. We gave them a monumental task to accomplish in an unrealistic timeframe and they crushed it. Please check the City of Everett website to view their work. “- Eric Demas

Up and social

Web Development in Boston

Up and social create unique opportunities for its clients and their business. For over 20 years, they have consistently grown into a creative marketing and web design business. Plus, they are an inbound marketing company that guarantees competitive results. Their team designs and develops a website that best matches their clients’ business goals. They easily optimize the design, user interface and SEO.

The company creates personalized web hosting services. Additionally, they provide PPC Marketing, Web Development, and Digital Marketing. They also offer inbound marketing, UX research, and web design.


Web development


Address: 45 W 3rd St # 514, Boston, MA 02127
Telephone: (857) 496-5126


“My experience was simply AWESOME! It has been a very difficult time for me, Dana and James are managing everything as if it was their own. They really cared. If I ever had to do it again, this would be the first call I would make. I highly recommend them. ” – Dee Kelly


Innovative Web Development in Boston, MA

FreshySites provides premium quality website design and management services. It is a professional and highly experienced web design company for each client. Their designers offer a wide range of web design services that combine their client’s goal and user experience. Moreover, they make sure that every service they provide is completed by experienced experts. They offer a website focused on sales, leads, and income.

They offer a wide selection of interactive website services. Also, these include digital marketing, web development, and the UX plan. They also offer social marketing, design materials, and web development.


site management, web development


Address: 236 Commercial Street Suite 100, Boston, MA 02109
Telephone: (617) 861-4635


“Our new website is amazing! The FreshySites team has been a pleasure to work with! They are masters in building websites. Their process is very efficient. Everyone we interacted with was friendly and eager to please. More than five stars for this great team! – Deborah Cabral

GoingClear Interactive

Experienced Web Development in Boston, MA

GoingClear Interactive is an award-winning website design and management company. The team promotes growth and optimizes the marketing of its clients. In addition, it is a world-class in-house team of designers, developers and marketers. Plus, they help customers do better business through the right digital channels. Their strategists also help reach a more diverse market through their service.

They offer a wide selection of website hosting and management services. Moreover, these include web development, web design, and web hosting services. The team also provides marketing, website creation, and website maintenance.


web development, web hosting


Address: 175 William F McClellan Hwy, Boston, MA 02128
Telephone: (978) 649-7200


“It is a pleasure to work with Paul and his team. They set me up on a startup website at the start of the business and were very helpful in transitioning to a custom website. Everything can also be done remotely! I have worked on two versions of websites and have nothing but good things to say about Paul and the Going Clear team. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a website! ” – Chris Nash

]]> PuffCuff Founder, Inventor and Co-CEO Ceata E. Lash, Graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program Mon, 10 Jan 2022 13:00:00 +0000

Ceata E. Lash, Founder, Inventor and Co-CEO of PuffCuff

Ceata E. Lash graduated from this highly selective program and was chosen to speak at the graduation ceremony held at Goldman Sachs headquarters in New York City.

This week in New York at Goldman Sachs headquarters has been one of the best experiences I have had throughout this entrepreneurial journey.

– Ceata E. Lash

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, Jan. 10, 2022 / – PuffCuff Founder, Inventor and Co-CEO Ceata E. Lash graduated from the Fall 2021 Cohort of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Program small enterprises. In addition to the rigorous challenges and goals achieved, Lash was invited to speak at the graduation ceremony at Goldman Sachs headquarters in New York.

Lash joined the graduate cohort as one of 15 small business owners in Georgia, alongside more than 140 founders from 37 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The goal of the program is to provide small business owners with the tools to promote and further develop their business by helping them set short and long term goals and craft a solid plan to achieve them.

“The 12 weeks of building my growth plan have been tough but well worth it,” Lash said. “It was a serious challenge to stick to it while continuing to run my business. It felt like a cross-fit workout for a small business – a good burn and you might want to quit, but you know the results will be worth it. “

The highly selective program operates on a referral status from alumni. Once applications are submitted, the pool is reduced as finalists move on to the interview stage, after which only 164 academics from across the country were accepted into the fall 2021 national cohort, of which approximately 140 graduated from the program. In addition to the skills acquired and strengthened, participants take this opportunity to create links and networks in order to further strengthen their support system.

Speaking on the graduation ceremony, Lash also said that “This week in New York at Goldman Sachs headquarters has been one of the best experiences I have had throughout this entrepreneurial journey.

“The camaraderie with people who could sympathize and speak the same language was so refreshing. Being able to be vulnerable and not feeling embarrassed and fully supported by the staff at Babson and Goldman Sachs, as well as other researchers, has been life changing. “

Goldman Sachs, in conjunction with Babson College, developed the program to focus on practical business skills that small business owners can apply immediately, helping them acquire the tools necessary for their growth. Since 2009, nearly 12,400 small business owners have completed the program.

Ceata E. Lash, Founder of PuffCuff:
When Ceata decided to change her lifestyle and switch from relaxed hair to natural hair, she discovered that it was impossible to find accessories that matched the thickness and texture of her hair. As she became aware that other African American women were making the same transition – all with similar hair texture and hairstyles, it became clear that there was a similar need for a styling tool. easy to use styling that would help achieve quick looks without stressing the hair. A little more research revealed that there were others – men and women with curly hair, locs and braids – who had the same styling issues. Ceata became determined to create a solution and the concept of PuffCuff was born. Inspired by the legacy of her loving grandmother, who lived to be 99 years old, Ceata was inspired to follow her dreams and live a fulfilling life, just like her. PuffCuff LLC was launched in August 2013. The first PuffCuff was available for purchase in February 2014.

Christa smith
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Zymergen Announces Emerging Drug Discovery Activity Made Possible by One of the World’s Largest Metagenomics Databases and Proprietary Synthetic Biology Platform Mon, 10 Jan 2022 02:04:17 +0000

Explore natural products for innovative therapies

SAN FRANCISCO, January 9, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Biotech company Zymergen (ZY) announced new drug discovery activity based on its proprietary Synthetic Biology platform and what is considered the world’s largest metagenomics database, combining both size and quality. This new venture leverages Zymergen’s differentiated access to natural products as a source of diverse chemical materials and expands Zymergen’s existing advanced materials programs, capitalizing on years of previous research and development in synthetic biology.

Zymergen’s metagenomics database – which contains a breadth and depth of metagenomic information rivaling any publicly available dataset combined – provides access to a vast reservoir of new natural products, including molecules from uncultivated microbes. . Thanks to this resource, Zymergen scientists were able to confirm successful drugs and molecules currently on the market at the end of clinical development, and to discover new modulators of important oncological targets. By combining next-generation sequencing with proprietary machine learning and computing, Zymergen’s platform transforms the search for structurally new bioactive molecules from tedious screening campaigns into a fast and accurate digital database search for a therapeutic target of interest.

“Zymergen demonstrates the potential of a new discovery paradigm; move from ineffective large-scale physical screening to rapid screening in silico database research, which can dramatically accelerate the pace of early discovery, ”said Devin Scannell, vice president of innovation for Zymergen’s drug discovery business. “Whether for targeted protein degradation or traditional inhibitors, scientists are looking for access to a new chemical space. Our platform provides access to molecules that have evolved to engage targets of interest with very diverse mechanisms. In addition to great chemical novelty, the amount of optimization required to achieve drug-like properties for such molecules can be significantly less than for purely synthetic compounds.

Zymergen’s initial drug discovery pipeline is focused on high-value oncology targets where Zymergen’s precision medicine and distinctive complex molecules are expected to provide competitive and therapeutic advantages.

“We have sequenced and stored the equivalent of billions of previously unknown microbial genomes in a database that continues to grow,” said Oliver Liu, vice president of Metagenomics, Zymergen. “Compared to companies that have to rely on the same small slice of biodiversity that can be cultivated in the lab, we can use our patented process to access and unlock a source of new natural product discovery that has always been elusive. “

Zymergen’s position was strengthened by the acquisition of Lodo Therapeutics in mid-2021. Lodo Therapeutics brings additional expertise in metagenomics as well as an experienced team of drug discovery and proprietary technology, including for the design of drugs based on the structure of natural products. Their existing multi-target discovery collaboration with Genentech – part of the Roche group – continues to build on their previous achievements in preclinical stages.

“We are excited for the opportunity to make real breakthroughs in drug discovery with natural products,” said Jay Flatley, Interim CEO of Zymergen. “We believe that the size and diversity of our metagenomics collection – coupled with our unique bioinformatics tools and research capabilities – allow us to pursue ambitious and valuable goals. This is clearly a great choice for Zymergen as our strength in synthetic biology will give us an advantage in expressing these complex molecules, but ultimately we see this as a victory for patients in need of more effective treatments.

About Zymergen
Zymergen is a biotechnology company that designs and produces molecules, microbes and materials for various end markets. We partner with nature to make better products, a better way, for a better world.

Forward-looking statements
This press release contains “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, as amended. These forward-looking statements are based on the Company’s beliefs and assumptions and on the information currently available to it at the date of this press release. In some cases, you may identify these statements by forward-looking words such as “believe”, “may”, “may”, “aim”, “will”, “continue”, “anticipate”, “intend”, “Could,” “project”, “potential”, “opportunity”, “expect”, “designed to”, “focus” or the negative or plural of these or similar words. contained in this press release include, without limitation, statements regarding the potential of our drug discovery business and expectations regarding our metagenomics library. Forward-looking statements may involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and ” other factors that may cause actual results, performance or achievements to differ materially from those expressed or implied by forward-looking statements, including, but not limited to, risks relating to our ability to do business. read successfully or generate income from our products; our ability to develop or execute our new strategic plan; and our ability to reduce our operating costs and expand our cash flow path. These and other risks are described in more detail in documents filed by the Company with the SEC, including the Company’s Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended September 30, 2021, and other documents. which the Company subsequently files with the SEC. Except to the extent required by law, the Company does not undertake in any way to update these statements to reflect events which occur or circumstances which exist after the date on which they were made.

Investor contact
Carrie Mendivil

Media contact
Mike Dulin

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‘The Tom Daley Effect’ Inspires Men to Get into Knitting Amid Home-Craft Boom | Knitting Sun, 09 Jan 2022 18:38:00 +0000

Homemade knitting is experiencing a moment this winter as the “Tom Daley Effect” sees more young men and women picking up knitting needles to create “slow” fashion.

Figures show that around 1 million people have embraced the hobby since the start of the pandemic, and the Olympic gold medalist-turned-super-craftsman has launched a new line that could encourage even more to adopt it.

Since being seen knitting at the Tokyo Games, Daley has grown into a craft influencer whose dedicated Instagram page attracts 1.4 million followers. He now has a collection of premium knitting kits for sale on the LoveCrafts site.

The kits, aimed at beginners, include a £ 90 sweater with trendy varsity stripes and a £ 125 unisex sweater with a flamingo on the front. The high price tags partly reflect the cost of thick merino wool, which he says is “ethically sourced” in the UK.

Tom Daley’s Thread the Love blanket from his knitwear range

In 2020, the newly locked down Brits spent time at home baking banana bread and sourdough. But in 2021, with the realization that they were here for the long haul, the focus shifted to crafts, as many sought to avoid burnout at home.

The UK Hand Knitting Association (UKHKA) said around 1 million people have started knitting since the start of the pandemic. The figure, based on last year’s Craft Intelligence report, means the country now has around 7 million knitters.

The sight of Daley winning medals without losing a stitch encouraged more men to get involved, UKHKA spokeswoman Juliet Bernard said. A quarter of people using her site, which supports independent wool stores, were now men, she said, up from around 10% before the Olympics.

Daley’s status as a national treasure propelled needles and wool in John Lewis’s 2021 Retail Report, which identified key buying trends.

Yarn sales increased “ridiculously” during the pandemic, said Bernard, who suggested people had focused on the “meditative quality” of knitting. Daley says the hobby helped him earn his medals, describing knitting as his “secret weapon.”

Tom Daley knitting his GB Olympic sweater while watching the men's diving at the Tokyo Olympics.
Tom Daley knitting his GB Olympic sweater while watching the men’s diving at the Tokyo Olympics. Photograph: Marko Đurica / Reuters

During the pandemic, leisure has acted as a “safety valve for many Britons, providing solace and escape,” according to a recent report from market researchers Mintel.

However, when it comes to knitting and sewing, two in five said they do it to save money, while a similar number cited environmental reasons. Described as “slow” fad, this DIY approach is seen as an antidote to the noxious fast fashion of the street.

LoveCrafts chief executive Edward Griffith said the company’s sales reached £ 66million last year.

The new wave of Covid meant things were “busier again,” said Griffith, who describes crafting as a “winter sport”. In December, sales of knitting and crochet kits on the site were up 225% from 2019. While the traditional heart of knitting was among women in their 40s and 50s, Daley was attracting a younger clientele. as well as a male audience, he added.

Tom Daley with knit patterns
Tom Daley’s knitting Instagram has 1.4 million followers

Not everyone will be able to take home Daley’s cutting-edge designs, which cost as much as buying the finished item, but Bernard said they would appeal to the Zoom generation.

“You got on your pajama bottoms and that glorious, extravagant sweater on top,” she said. “People are exhausted from what has happened in the last few years. They want cocooning, but they also want to have a little fun.

Covid’s ‘pet baby boom’, which has skyrocketed sales of animal lifestyle products, means dogs as well as humans are covered in luxurious knits. Craft site Ravelry, for example, has over 400 different designs of dog coats.

While children’s knits can be bought on the streets for less than the balls of yarn needed to make them, there is a persistent demand for patterns. “It’s one way people still seem to express their love,” Bernard said.

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inventor finds high-tech trailers for building niches for agriculture in the eastern plains of Colorado | Business Sat, 08 Jan 2022 14:45:00 +0000

Michael Ring has found a new use for “retired” semi-trailers: precision indoor farms, he says, could work in any climate in the world.

The 32-year-old entrepreneur, farmer and inventor lives on the eastern plains near Matheson, on land where mountains seem to scratch the sky.

Ring grew up in Colorado Springs and held a variety of computer roles. He learned on his own what he needed to know to set up his mobile farms.

“(I) wanted to be an inventor my whole life, which is why there aren’t any real degree programs,” Ring said. “So I just kept learning.”

Among fields of grass and lonely trees, Ring lives on a 60-acre lot. A herd of goats roam around five specialized semi-trailers which he converted with the help of another local resident, Brent Nunamaker.

Together, the couple design and build solar-powered trailers that serve as “indoor growing platforms,” equipped with digitally-controlled lights, temperature and humidity, among other features, including door locks.

Ring builds the trailers to grow exotic plants and mushrooms; it also sells its specialized trailers to people interested in starting their own indoor farm.

“Growing food this way is honest work,” Ring said. “It’s honestly impactful work.”

Ring sold trailers to buyers in Colorado, Washington and Oregon. He hopes this is just the start.

The Evolution of Poor Richard’s in Colorado Springs – From Parrots to Pizza

“The things we are working on are really worth it,” Nunamaker said. “They are worth doing. If we can do it right then we can leave a lasting mark on the world.”

Ring began designing specialty semi-trailers during what he called the Cannabis Gold Rush. In 2015, he built his first trailer to grow hemp plants in Castle Rock. The business swelled for several years, but eventually went bankrupt when larger hemp farms came online and small farms like his suffered, he said.

“I’ve seen the whole industry crumble on a very, very personal level,” Ring said. “I had friends there who were losing their farms.

Ring decided to pivot his business. He began to cultivate exotic plants like the electric daisy or paracre, the flowers of which make the tongue tingle if eaten, as well as trumpet mushrooms, a culinary delight.

“It’s something that people can eat, they can eat healthy food, all kinds of good things,” Ring said. “And this platform is perfect for them.”

Inside the trailers, Ring and Nunamaker sprout mushrooms in sacks of hemp and straw.

King Trumpet Mushrooms in an indoor growing operation.

Ring has moved its cultivation operation to its current location after facing a land dispute in Castle Rock. Ring said that by living in the east he could grow up and build “impedance-free” trailers.

While mushrooms and other plants proved difficult to sell in the remote plains, the trailers he built turned out to be lucrative. Ring’s began marketing its trailers and other work, including cultivation operations, on its CleanTec website.

“There are about 12 good reasons why semi-trailers are a win for farm rigs,” Ring said. “Being legally declared machines and being zoning compatible is one of the main reasons I selected them. You can place them anywhere you can place a tractor, so it opens up a bigger world. ”

The big resignation: Record numbers of Colorado workers quit their jobs. So where are they going?

While Ring’s income is derived from his trailer operation, his big ideas don’t end there.

Behind the Ring Trailer Center is a Chevy Tahoe with a gear attached to the roof; with that, Ring says he can run his vehicle on more than gasoline.

“We have a solar panel supercapacitor, fuel cells, and a fleet of deep cycle batteries that are charged by the power grid, which produces consumable fuel that is sent to my engine,” Ring said. “This Tahoe gets 33 to 36 miles per gallon, using this system for about six hours, give or take. Without it it gets 14 or 15.”

For Ring, designing, building and selling high-tech trailers is a way to finance his passion for inventing.

“Elon (Musk) never noticed,” Ring said. Then he pointed to the Chevrolet and added, “He might notice this one.”

Denver-area restaurant chain adds second Colorado Springs location

7 things to do in Ottawa this weekend if you’re feeling stuck at home Sat, 08 Jan 2022 02:14:25 +0000

Ugh another, frustrating provincial lockdown, to say the least. You might be feeling a little stuck with ideas on what you can do to get out of this pandemic blues.

Whether you want to find something fun to do at home or places to go and hang out from your home, here are seven things to do in Ottawa this weekend.

Eat Canada’s only pinsa on a heated patio

Price: 💸💸

Italian food

Address: 1323 Wellington Street West, Ottawa, ON

Why you need to go: Enjoy this delicious Pinsa-style pizza on a heated patio at Joe’s Italian Kitchen. They have checkered tablecloths and matching blankets for a true Italian and Canadian dining experience.


Hike on a trail with boardwalks and stone ruins

Price: Free

Address: 284, rue McNab, Arnprior, ON

Why You Must Go: The Macnamara Nature Trail is an easy hiking trail near Ottawa that is even more magical in the winter. It has a walking section, historic stone ruins, and viewpoints where you can enjoy views of the forest, swamps, and streams.


Feast on a box full of tacos

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: Spanish and Latin

Address: Pickup at 224 Beechwood Avenue, Vanier, ON

Why you need to go: Soca Kitchen has a DIY taco box perfect for a party! It comes with three types of protein, tortilla shells, and a variety of toppings and sauces so you can make restaurant-level tacos at home. They also have cocktails that you can take home like the cucumber margarita.


Shop for local produce at a winter farmer’s market

Price: free to participate

When: Sundays from January 9, 2022

Address: 1000 Exhibition Way, Ottawa, ON

Why you need to go: The Ottawa Farmers’ Market Winter Market opens on Sunday January 9. Here you will find local products and preserves as well as sweets, hot dishes and crafts.


Sip a dessert liqueur at home

Price: $ 22.95 +

Address: 14 Warren Cres., Perth, ON

Why you need to go: Local Top Shelf Distillers creates classic spirits like gin and whiskey, along with wonderfully decadent dessert liqueur in flavors like peanut butter chocolate. They also have cocktail kits so you can create quality cocktails at home without guessing.


Go in pursuit of frozen waterfalls

Megan Renaud | Narcity

Price: Free

Address: 1730, chemin Sixth Line, Dunrobin, ON

Why you need to go: You can hike a 2.5 mile trail at Sheila Mckee Park to the riverside where you will find icy waterfalls along the shore during the winter.


Discover the new works of art in Vanier

Price: Free

Address: 290, rue Dupuis, Vanier, ON

Why you need to go: This new outdoor artwork called Our Relationships was just added to Vanier last month.


In Ontario, a vaccination passport is required to access certain events, services and businesses, including restaurants and bars.

Before you go, check out our Responsible Travel Guide to be informed, be safe, be smart and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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Find out how this Virginia inventor turned a former Sears store into Fri, 07 Jan 2022 01:39:10 +0000

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Virginia – A dream come true. For Reginald Thurman, that’s what this weekend will be. He is the force behind the transformation of this former Sears store into the very first VA BIKE EXPO.

The centerpiece of the community outreach event will be its creation – an electric bicycle that goes up to 50 miles an hour. It took him almost five years to bring it to life.

“In 2014 I did a post on Instagram. I was measuring the dynamics, you know, for bikes. But I was like, it can’t be just a regular bike. Like it can’t… something. different. So over the years I just messed around and did a lot of research. I’m a tech freak, “Thurman explained.

Thurman is a hip-hop artist known to many as DOE THE PAPER BOY. The man from St. Petersburg is delighted that his vision for the weekend VA BIKE EXPO is garnering support from local businesses. He says the weekend will be filled with fun. The event will host 115,000 square feet of vendors, food, entertainment and a cool bike path.

“We built a bike camp within Sears. So kids can bring their own bikes, drive wheels, and stuff like that, as long as they’re not on gas. They can ride on the track. And we actually have bikes that they can For example, people with the golden ticket can reuse the bikes for free as many times as they want, if you didn’t buy a golden ticket you must then donate, ”added Thurman.

He is very enthusiastic about the influence that the VA BIKE EXPO will bring to the community.

“You have people giving free CPR training, free medicals. We have a business called Pathways, and they provide free health and dental care to people. You can therefore leave with an appointment with the doctor, on the spot. You know that CPR training is for adults and children. This company, on Sunday, will administer free flu shots to anyone who wants them. So it’s like a big medical, artistic, musical and fashion festival. It turned out to be exactly what I imagined it to be, ”Thurman said.

Children under 6 are free with a paying adult. Students who bring straight-A report cards are free, as are student-athletes who show up in their jerseys or uniforms.

The three-day event kicks off Friday, January 7 at the former SEARS at South Park Mall in Colonial Heights.

You can buy weekend passes online for $ 25. This will make you participate in the event every three days. To purchase tickets online, click here.

A song, a memory, a sad discovery Thu, 06 Jan 2022 13:06:07 +0000

“I wonder what happened to Mark.”

Barb and I were having dinner, Pandora music playing over the speakers in our kitchen. “One For My Baby” started playing. It’s one of Barb’s favorite songs since Bette Midler sang it to Johny Carson on her penultimate night as host of The Tonight Show. But what we were hearing was the classic version of Frank Sinatra. And it brought back different memories to me, leading me to a sad discovery.

My memory was from the mid-1960s, sitting in my family apartment, listening to rock and roll radio on WCFL. Joel Sebastian, the morning DJ on Super ‘CFL always ended his shift turning to the airways for his compatriot Dick Williamson, while Ol’ Blue Eyes sang “one for my baby and one more for the road” background.

I never knew Joel, but I did know his son Mark. When I was a pathology resident at Evanston Hospital, Mark was one of the many dieners, hospital employees who, in addition to other duties, helped pathologists perform autopsies.

Dieners kept the morgue clean and stocked, transferred the deceased from the refrigerator to the autopsy table, and assisted with incisions and evisceration – the process of harvesting organs for examination to determine cause of death and others. morbidities. They were then responsible for cleaning up the body and preparing it for delivery to the funeral home.

A good diet is invaluable to pathologists in training, and Mark was a solid. He was a cheerful, intelligent young man with a good understanding of anatomy, taking a postgraduate sabbatical with Sebastian while he waited to go to medical school in a year or two. With sparkling eyes, he would prevent beginners from making too many beginner mistakes.

Mark also became my friend and confidant, teaching me how to boneless chicken for the surprise dinner I made for my 3rd wedding anniversary. We had a secondary activity doing autopsies in a few nearby hospitals and even had one or two double appointments, sometimes on the same day as our autopsy rounds.

After about a year, Mark moved on. I completed my residency and started my long term work as a Staff Pathologist at Holy Family Hospital. I hadn’t thought much of him until the other night, listening to Sinatra, remembering the connection with Joel Sebastian, when the thought occurred to me.

“I wonder what happened to Mark,” I say.

It didn’t take long to find out. The Google search combination of Mark and Joel Sebastian quickly brought me to all the information I was looking for. Mark had indeed become a physician, associate professor of surgery at the University of Connecticut and director of trauma at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut. And no surprise to me, he was an award-winning professor of medical students and a deep doer of good deeds.

But as you might have guessed, the article I was reading was in Memorium. Mark had committed suicide in 2013 at the age of 55.

I don’t know the path that led him there. I only know the sadness that struck me when I read of his death. He was really one of the good guys.

So Mark, whenever I hear “One for My Baby”, whether it’s Sinatra, Midler, or anyone else, know that I’ll be thinking of you.

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