Find out why Effy jewelry is known as the “king of colors” in the jewelry market

Everyone has a dream that they would like to turn into reality through their entrepreneurial activities. You can accomplish anything if you stay focused and true to your passions through hard work and dedication. Mr. Effy Hematian, CEO of Effy Jewelry, is one of those individuals who came to America with a suitcase and a dream. He is the perfect example of what persistence and focus can accomplish for an entrepreneur.

Effy Jewelry is a family business that Mr. Effy Hematian runs with the help of his sons. It is a made in America company that designs and manufactures high-end fine jewelry. Effy Jewelry has outlets on more than 100 cruise ships and at ports of call in the Caribbean and Alaska. The company is distinguished by the meticulous work of its artisans, offering a range of classic and old styles that are unique and unique pieces.

Effy Jewelry is proud that the management team is made up primarily of women, most of whom are mothers. Gender diversity has enabled the company to harness more talent, offer new perspectives and increase productivity. The company is best known as King of Color for the use of colored gemstones in unique designs. Originally, most jewelry brands focused on diamonds. Mr. Effy went in a direction that inspired his vision to create something colorful and creative. He loved colors and wanted to bring color to women’s wardrobes through his jewelry designs. His vision is something everyone in the gemstone industry later tried to replicate, starting with diamonds.

We recommend everyone to check out Effy Jewelry for their innovative products and designs. Mr. Effy Hematian has made customer satisfaction the top priority and hopes to continue to evolve and introduce new concepts in jewelry design.

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