Franken modular platform is designed to solve logistics nightmares

I know I know. What you see here looks like someone forgot to build the rest of a car, but then again, not really. The vehicle, if you can call it that at this point, is known as the Franken. It is nothing more than a modular logistics platform intended to be used to carry out a range of activities, but it does not exist. So far this idea or concept is only at the rendering stage. If it ever goes beyond that, it’s a little hard to say.

The mind behind the design is Dawn BYSJ, Creative Director based in South Korea. So far, everyone has access to a few Behance pages. Here you’ll find designs ranging from furniture to electronics and even vehicles like the Franken.

As I mentioned, the Franken envisions a modular platform to move cargo from point A to point B. To do this while accommodating a wide range of cargo, the Franken has multiple modes.

The first mode is to transport goods to the factory to help the manufacturing robots carry out their daily operations. Basically it’s just a transporter for parts and equipment. To do this, the Franken relies on autonomous technology to make things happen. The author does not mention the type of systems to be used to perform this function.

The designer mentions that the device works similarly to a self-balancing Segway. Due to this functionality, the Franken can also be used as a kind of Segway. One mode allows for the installation of a steering column with an integrated touchpad so that it can be used by a human occupant. Imagine your reaction to seeing a mall cop riding one of these. I laugh and then apply some stickers to it for a little color.

Let’s say daily tasks require handling larger cargoes. So what? Well, it looks like the designer thought about it from the start. To accommodate packages that would otherwise be larger than a single Franken, Dawn shows that two vehicles can be brought together to provide a larger platform.

Honestly, from a logistical point of view, it may make sense to employ vehicles with such capabilities. Think about it. Smaller vehicles can be engaged in normal operations and can join forces when an exception needs to be addressed.

One feature of the dual platform, as if I couldn’t see it coming, is passenger transport. With the addition of a two-part cover, the Franken can drive you independently to your destination. Whether this is to be used in an industrial or rural environment, we don’t know. Let your imagination be free; you will need to do this for this next question. How do you get in your human occupants?

As far as the drawings show, there are no visible doors or panels allowing entry. This leads me to believe that everyone gets in the vehicle, which by the way doesn’t include a seat, and someone else comes and puts the roof on top like a coffin. Oh, now I get the name. I hope it doesn’t come from that.

For one thing, I don’t think this design ever takes off. There are just too many issues with this, and better designs, like the REE, for example, actually exist. Franken will just remain a great tale for now, probably forever.

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