Halsey Drawings Contemporary Discoveries from Sotheby’s

Halsey is set to auction off a series of paintings they created during their ‘Love and Power Tour’, with all proceeds benefiting abortion rights.

The five works of art will be part of Sotheby’s Contemporary Discoveries’ ongoing auction with an estimated price of between US$5,000 and US$7,000. The pop star began painting live on stage in 2019, when they performed “Eastside” with Benny Blanco and Khalid. The latest series of works feature androgynous faces laid down in black marker with flashes of color visible throughout. Halsey premiered the untitled tracks while performing another untitled track in front of thousands of fans at recent shows in Gulf Shores, Alabama, Nashville, Detroit, Boston and Portland.

The pop star has expressed frustration since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wadenarrative vogue in a candid essay that she suffered three miscarriages before their 24th birthday.

“How funny that while my own heart is just a series of involuntary movements on an operating table, a beating heart in my stomach could mean I couldn’t consent to save my own life. “, said the musician.

“That’s what some people who want to see an end to abortion rights think is right. Many people have asked me if, after carrying a child to term after years of struggling to do so, I have reconsidered my position on abortion. The answer is firmly no. In fact, I have never been so sensitive to it. My abortion saved my life and allowed my son to have his. Each person deserves the right to choose when, if and how to go through this dangerous and upsetting experience. I will hold my son in one arm and fight with all my might with the other,” they added.

Halsey’s works will be auctioned at Sotheby’s Contemporary Discoveries sale through July 19, where you can also view them at the New York auctioneers’ outpost.

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