Harsh Goenka Shares Video Of Women Making Unique Rangoli Designs Similar To Their Clothes

The entire country is currently enjoying the holiday season with great zeal and enthusiasm. Amidst this, a unique rangoli contest caught the eye of industrialist Harsh Goenka. The businessman was so impressed that he ended up sharing a preview of the competition via Twitter on Thursday, September 29. Rangoli is an intangible heritage of India and in Hindu tradition, a clean house entrance accented with rangoli attracts the abode of good karma. Notably, rangoli is made from grain and limestone powder which repel and prevent insects from entering the house.

Now, the latest rangoli video shared by Harsh Goenka has delighted netizens. In the clip, a group of women can be seen showing off their creative rangoli designs inspired by the designs of their dupattas and sarees. The uncanny resemblance between their creative and sartorial choice left many in awe. The RPG Group Chairman, while sharing the video online, wrote, “Unique rangoli contest…amazing to see our people’s craftsmanship.” Watch the viral video below:

As soon as the clip surfaced online, a barrage of netizens appreciated the inspiring art and extraordinary creativity of the participants. A user claimed that the contest judge must have had a hard time picking the winner of the contest. “Amazed, the contestants are so unique that the judge will have a hard time thinking of the winner,” wrote the Internet user.

Another added: “Very nice theme! Creativity knows no bounds.

Another commented: “A group of super talented women. Every Rangoli is stunning.

The viral clip amassed over 47,000 views and around a thousand likes in 2 days. One of the Twitter users claimed that the competition was organized by the people of Agarwal samaj in Vidisha to commemorate the occasion of Agrasen Jayanti. It is important to note that the details of the competition, when and where it took place were not revealed by Harsh Goenka.

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