Hatsume Mei may just become the best girl in My Hero Academia

In chapter 339 of the My Hero Academia manga, Hatsume Mei proves once and for all why she is in the running for the best girl in history.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 339, “The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part 2” by Horikoshi Kohei, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, available now in English from Viz Media.

As the My hero university the manga is heading towards its endgame, many older characters reappear. Chapter 339 reintroduced Hatsume Mei, the genius of support items and an old friend of Midoriya Izuku and Iida Tenya. Much like the heroes, Hatsume has proven how far she has grown in her craft – and perhaps just won the title of MHAis the best girl.

Hatsume was one of the UA Sports Festival’s most impressive contenders for good reason. As a member of the Support Course, his performance in the tournament was unprecedented. When she finally got the chance to prove herself solo, she took full control of the match to show off her ingenious inventions before giving up in style. Hatsume may have only had the limelight for a while, but she quickly proved to be someone to watch out for.

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Hatsume Mei shows his inventions

Midoriya and Iida both witnessed the effectiveness of Hatsume’s gadgets during the sports festival, so it’s no surprise that she was the one they turned to when they needed to fix their costumes. of heroes. Iida needed a whole new set of armor as Midoriya sought repairs for her Mid-Gauntlets, a support item created by Melissa Shield that allowed her to exceed her 45% limit on One For All.

Catching up with Hatsume, Midoriya and Iida discover that she has almost no idea of ​​the predicament that MHAin the outside world of. Her engineering skills were mobilized to upgrade the UA security system, which kept her busy. Even after the initial task of fortifying the barrier was completed, Hatsume continued to work as hard as ever, making continuous updates and upgrades to the technology protecting the people inside the walls of UA. . Even his classmates are in awe of his dedication.

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Due to her busy schedule, Hatsume initially refused requests from Midoriya and Iida to repair their suits. They accepted her decision in good faith and were referred to the other students in the support class so that their needs could be met. As they spoke, however, they didn’t notice that she had already started working on their two projects. By the time the conversation was over, Hatsume had completed both the new Mid-Gauntlets and Iida’s armor. Fixing both pieces of support in such a short time is an achievement in itself, but, more impressive still, Hatsume finished both without even pausing in the conversation.

Hatsume says inventions are her way of being a hero.

In addition to ensuring the continued protection of everyone in UA, Hatsume has just given Deku back his best tool by fixing the Mid-Gauntlets. He’s powerful enough right now, but they allow him to do anything against any extraordinary villains he might come across. Aided by the Mid-Gauntlets, he managed to defeat the vile villain Muscular in seconds in their rematch, as his victory in their first encounter cost the young hero both arms.

Hatsume’s efforts were praised, but she brushed off the praise, saying it was just her way (and the rest of the supporting course) of being a hero. She’s given the heroes their biggest offensive advantage and probably doesn’t even realize it. Even though this is the last time readers will see Hatsume Mei, it will suffice to call him one of the My hero universitythe best girls.

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