Hilton designs suites and rooms for astronauts in orbit

Are you planning your next vacation or are you planning a space trip one day? Hilton appears to combine the two as the free-flying commercial space station partner of Voyager, Starlab’s official hotel. Hilton will leverage its expertise and experience in corporate hospitality to help the Starlove team design and develop its suites to make extended stays more comfortable.

Voyager and Hilton collaborated on the architecture and design, leveraging Hilton’s expertise in creative design and innovation to create spaces onboard Starlove, including common areas, guest hospitality suites and sleeping facilities for astronauts. Develop his hospitality his crew headquarters. In addition, the team will work together to explore long-term engagement opportunities, including ground-to-space astronaut experiences, global co-marketing and branding, and other tourism, educational, and educational initiatives. and commercial.

Voyager and its operator Nanolux received its $160 million from NASA in 2021 for the Starlab space station, which will replace the International Space Station. Starlab is home to up to four continuous astronauts, state-of-the-art experimental systems and the first Science His Park in space, George Washington His Carver (GWC) Science His Park says it is capable of Starlab leveraging its Voyager experience and Nanoracks to manage global customer experiences and research activities aboard the International Space Station for more than a decade.

“For more than a century, Hilton has been innovating to improve the guest experience and open new destinations. We are thrilled to partner with Voyager to bring this expertise to Starlab,” said Chris Nassetta, President and CEO of Hilton.

This one-of-a-kind business builds on Hilton’s impact in new and emerging markets, its rich history with space, and its global leadership in accommodations and hospitality, welcoming more than three billion guests. through a portfolio of 18 brands comprising 7,000 properties. in 122 countries and territories. Partnering with Voyager, Hilton will bring this unique scale and customer focus to Starlab while continuing to serve every traveler for every travel occasion.

“For decades, discoveries in space have had a positive impact on life on Earth, and now Hilton will have the opportunity to use this unique environment to enhance the guest experience wherever people travel. This historic collaboration underscores our deep commitment to spreading the light and warmth of hospitality and providing a friendly and reliable stay, whether on earth or in space.

Research and design devoted to Starlab could also lead to advances that promote sustainability and greater design efficiency for future hotel owners in space and on Earth, Hilton said in a press release. Voyager Space President and CEO Dylan Taylor said, “Voyager and Hilton are focused on creating innovative solutions for the future of humanity, and this partnership will open new doors to the possibilities of exploration and development. spatial housing focused on comfort. “

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  • Hilton designs suites and rooms for astronauts in orbit
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