How are you going to emboss it?

National Waffle Day is the perfect time to rediscover the love of waffles. From the many uses of a waffle maker to delicious food offerings, it looks like waffles will be on the table.

From toasters to waffle irons, many people like to start their day with a waffle. From smothering it with syrup to Nutella and fruit, simple food can be transformed in many ways.

While the sweet waffles are often the star, the savory choices are just as tasty. Beyond chicken and waffles, a cornmeal option or adding spices to waffle batter can turn this breakfast into an anytime meal.

On National Waffle Day, August 24, Grubhub wants people to throw a waffle party. While anyone can enjoy a great waffle, fans of the Emmy-nominated AppleTV+ series, “Severance,” appreciate that a waffle is more than a fork of goodness. Throughout the day, Grubhub and Apple TV+ will take to Twitter to discuss the importance and value of the waffle.

To help everyone celebrate and stay energized during the lively conversation, Grubhub is offering $10 off a purchase of $10 or more. To receive this offer, use the code PRAISE at the register.

Ready to make waffles at home for National Waffle Day?

Many people have at least one waffle maker at home. While this kitchen essential can be a breakfast workhorse, it can be used in many ways. Who hasn’t “waffled” cinnamon buns, a sandwich or even a slice of pizza? In many ways, the versatility makes having more than one waffle maker in the house a great idea.

Dash is considered one of the best waffle maker brands. From the mini waffle maker to its other offerings, cooks of all ages and cooking levels appreciate its ease of use. Instead of celebrating National Waffle Day, the brand is celebrating all week.

As Evan Dash, Founder and CEO of StoreBound. “Dash is famous for its mini waffle maker and continues to grow with over 20 waffle products available. With many creative designs and easy-to-use makers, we’re sure everyone can enjoy a waffle with Dash this waffle week.

Until August 27, Dash will celebrate with many events. From offers at gifts in New York, there are plenty of ways to add kitchen essentials to the cupboard.

Additionally, Dash has just released a new product, the Flip Belgian Waffle Maker. Easy-to-use item creates fluffy Belgian-style waffles in minutes. Simply pour in the batter, secure and flip. The new Flip Belgian Waffle Maker is $39.99.

How are you going to celebrate National Waffle Day? What is your favorite waffle recipe?

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