How Nintendo Game Builder Garage makes learning programming easier

Game Builder Garage aims to teach people how to make games, introducing them to programming through the use of guided lessons and live characters.

Nintendo’s next title, Garage Game Builder, will allow people to learn to create games directly from the mind of Nintendo. Released in June 2021, it offers a series of guided lessons and various segments that players can break down and assemble into their own game creations. While the software offers plenty of creative possibilities, the main focus is education – Garage Game Builder seeks to make programming foolproof.

Nintendo has allowed more and more creativity from gamers lately, with the release of Nintendo Lab combining virtual reality capabilities with DIY cardboard crafts to give gamers a practical feel of personalization. Super Mario Maker 2 allows fans to create their own platform and various levels Super Smash Bros. Games throughout the history of the franchise have allowed for similar creative opportunities. Garage Game Builder goes further than any of these previous versions, however, and will allow gamers to create fully functional games. In fact, it aims to actively teach them how to do it, guiding them through several game development projects and teaching them essential programming tools.

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Visualization is an important part of Garage Game Builder, which has two different layouts – a visual screen and a programming screen, which allows players to see the impact of their changes on the state of the game. The personification of coding tools and even the presence of a virtual guide , Bob, helps turn learning programming into an interactive and hands-on experience. Garage Game Builder seems to try to create an overall user-friendly programming environment, giving players an engaging way to learn the mechanics they need to modify, create, and share their own game creations later on.

How Game Builder Garage is unique

Garage Game Builder introduces future programmers to creatures called Nodons, which live inside the Nintendo Switch. Nodons are what make games work – each represents a different function of code. Counter Nodons can run timers, Button Nodons keep track of Nintendo Switch buttons, and Object Nodons create items seen in the game world. Each Nodon has a distinct personality and appearance, making them easily identifiable. and helps to remember what they are doing. As Nodons are introduced more and more features become available, and creators will soon have the ability to use new combinations to create new games from scratch.

However, the design of Garage Game BuilderThe tools in this software are not the only thing that makes it so easy to use. Seven games are available to build, and each follows a step-by-step guide that works through the process of each element of the game. Garage Game BuilderThe approach, however, is that it shows players how to make mistakes – and then how to fix those issues. Iteration is part of the programming process, and the ability for Nintendo Switch users to share and download games locally or online also makes it easy for creators to receive feedback on their projects. Garage Game BuilderThe deliberately user-friendly approach to game development aims to make programming easy to learn for just about anyone.

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