How to give a “bohemian” look to your teenager’s bedroom

In terms of bedroom decor, the bohemian look is colorful and eclectic. Think hippy meets a savvy traveler with a love for handmade arts and crafts. A bohemian bedroom is creative and comfortable and – best of all – can be achieved on a budget.

Here are a few ways to give your teen’s bedroom a bohemian look.

Save money

The bohemian look includes the mix and match of old and new pieces. In fact, hand-crafted used furniture is perfect for this look. If your teen’s bedroom needs furniture, look for the best deals at second-hand furniture stores. If your teenager wants to create cohesion between the different pieces of furniture they have, help them paint or varnish the wooden furniture in the same colors or in complementary colors.

Comfort, color and layering

Comfort, color and layering are essential aspects of the bohemian look. Let your teen use colorful and exotic throw blankets and throw pillows for extra comfort, color, and to hint at the interesting trips they dream of. Remember, handcrafted pieces are ideal, so encourage your teen to do a little DIY or look for embroidered, quilted, crocheted, hand-printed, or painted pieces.

Create magic with lighting

Let your teen dim the ceiling lights at night and create a romantic bohemian vibe with lanterns, string lights, and candles.

Let your teen ‘tell’ their story

Let your teenager use the art with which they decorate their bedroom to tell a story. They have to choose works of art they like, pieces they bought while traveling, and framed photos from their vacation. Adding a few lively artwork, like potted plants, completes the look.

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