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In 2020, our life is officially for rent.

From our homes and vacation homes to super yachts and sports cars, to bikes, watches, table sets, handbags, pets, clothing and wedding dresses, we are gradually divorcing the fixation on the property in favor of live what we want, when we want, then send it back.

And today, the My Wardrobe HQ luxury dress rental platform added another category to the list, with the launch of Europe’s premier luxury children’s clothing rental and resale market.

Responding to demands from its existing clientele of fabulously dressed women, the platform has extended the premium brand offering to children – or “little sharers” is the brand that refers to them.

The Middle Daughter, one of the brands featured on My Wardrobe Kids / My wardrobe HQ

Much like with its main womenswear rental business, small sharers can rent or purchase a range of designer inventory not only from the current season, but also runway, exclusive press, or non-sample items. capsule products and collections, from everyday wear to smarter designers. outfits for special occasions such as birthdays, christenings and weddings.

By stocking clothes for boys and girls from 12 months to 12 years old, the platform launched with a list of chic children’s clothing brands including Marie Chantal, Bonpoint, Caramel, Molo, The Middle Daughter, Elie, Dotty Dungarees, House of Minimus and Noon By Noor Mini.

Molo is one of the brands present on My Wardrobe Kids / My wardrobe HQ

Not only does it make financial sense not to spend a lot of money on children’s clothes when they come out in a few months, but sharing children’s clothes is also a lasting solution to the roughly £ 140million problem. of clothes that end. landfilled annually in the UK alone

“By extending the life cycle of a person’s clothing by just nine months, we can reduce the environmental impact by up to 30% and we can extend the life cycle of a garment up to fifteen times,” explains Sadie Mantovani, Creative Director at My Wardobe Kids, whose three-year-old Scout girl was one of the first little sharers to test the service.

So how does it work? Simply navigate to the site and choose the chic outfit you want to rent (rental periods are 4-14 days), then when you’re done return it using the free DPD return label via prepaid and My Wardobe will take care of the dry cleaning and ironing. There are also full refunds for any unworn items and for anything you can’t part with, email the team and they’ll arrange for you to buy your rental and keep it for life. The next step, Mantovani says, will be a monthly subscription service, where customers pay a monthly fee allowing for a set number of outfit changes during that period.

There are those who have ethical concerns about the massive dry cleaning bills associated with clothing rental companies (Rent the Runway, the largest rental platform in the United States, is known to be the largest cleaner. US dry, measured in pounds per hour). In an effort to combat this, My Wardrobe uses the most environmentally friendly clothing cleaning technology available; a pioneering system called Ozone, which, by using oxidation rather than harsh chemicals, uses 65 percent less water, 20 percent less energy, and 80 percent less chemicals than conventional techniques.

For those with hygienic concerns related to Covid, Mantovani assures that the Ozone system “kills bacteria and viruses so that every item is disinfected, sanitized and deodorized between rentals, and leaves clothes in a state of cleanliness. medical grade, which makes it safer when it reaches the customer than it would find clothes buying them in stores.

Mantovani, who has spent the past two decades working in luxury fashion public relations, most recently as vice president of communications at Ralph Lauren (a position she left to start her own consultancy firm in 2018), also highlights the benefits for the brands involved.

“Having worked with brands for so long and knowing what is attractive to their leaders, I have been impressed by the ease of it all,” she says, “and the monetary benefit to the brands, as well as the how it works to bring a new customer into their own stores. Our research shows that renting actually acts as a trial entry before buying into a brand, and customers then buy it more often at full price .

“We’re giving brands and retailers an additional way to sell parts that didn’t go into production, were press samples, or didn’t sell at the end of each season. “

So it’s good for brands and depending on your usual spending on kids’ clothes maybe easier on mom and / or dad’s wallet. The only risk is that all this wardrobe change could turn your “little sharer” into a mini fashion diva… at least lasting.

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