Journeys of Discovery: Beautifully Shattered – Dismantling the Hate

Join correspondent Tom Wilmer in Little Rock, Arkansas for an interview with Robin White, National Park Service superintendent at Central High School National Historic Site, and Courtney Bradford, professor of black history and curator at Mosaic Templars Cultural Center.

White and Bradford challenge listeners to examine racial inequalities through the insightful and at times very touching experiences of two women who champion new ways of approaching the age-old problem of racism.

Together they discuss the everyday issues facing people of color, dissect the dark roots of intergenerational racism that continues to grow today, detail effective programs – from the local to the international level – that help unite all. peoples under the banner of the “human race”, and recognize the power of the fresh perspectives of children to make lasting change a reality.

They postulate that a meaningful dialogue among allies to change the status quo – accomplished not only by seeing others for who they are, without prejudice, but by developing soul-to-soul affirmations capable of melting hatred. White and Bradford poignantly affirm the power of every “beautiful” life that comes together, as a chorus of humanity, to celebrate each other and promote peace.

Journeys of Discovery underwriting support provided by Nashville’s Big Back Yard Economic Initiative has focused on rural communities in southwestern Tennessee and the Shoals area of ​​northern Alabama.

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