Judge blames district attorney’s office for discovery issues in court, says office is mismanaged

The San Francisco district attorney’s office calls it the “disappointment” for a judge to choose to file a complaint with a prosecutor in public court, but it is particularly inadequate for the entire district attorney’s office. He says he has completed what he calls a management.

It is above all a dispute between the judge and the prosecution over the apparent red tape. However, because the potentially winning case went off the rails, and this is clearly not the first time this has happened recently, High Court Judge Bruce Chan told District Attorney Chesa at a time when Boudin was the least available. He blamed Boudin. and its staff. No more criticism.

Examining court records obtained from Tuesday (and the chronicle too for some reason?), From the 2019 gun incident hearing, including defendant Kevin Shackelford. (In August 2019, Vallejo-born Shackelford and his accomplices carry a loaded .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol and four high-capacity 30-round magazines loaded during a traffic blackout at Tenderloin. It is said to have been the case. According to the police.. Shackelford’s elected lawyer, Martina Avalos, has said “hundreds of pages of DNA evidence” that DA’s office would help Avalos immunize clients for apparently over a year. Because it could not be shared, he proposed that Judge Chan dismiss the proceedings.

Judge Chan said, “I cannot express my disapproval of the way the district attorney is being controlled in more specific language,” according to the written record. “I am not playing down the situation, but I cannot operate an airline this way.”

He goes on to say, “I hope district attorneys take their attention away from some of the more important issues and take an interest in the unattractive but necessary prosecution work. Instead, in fact. It’s time to do some home business. Think about the national and state stages. “

Chan appeared to be referring to Boudin’s stated mission of supporting reform of the criminal justice system.

According to Boudin spokeswoman Rachel Marshall, Chan has since been “about his remarks” and “how they are interpreted. [he] I regret that others have used it to promote their own political goals. “

“It’s a shame the judge in this case decided to air his dissatisfaction in a public court, not an existing communication channel,” Marshall said in a statement to the Examiner. But Marshall said: “Nonetheless, late discoveries are unacceptable to us, and we are working to prevent this from happening again in these and other cases.” I add. Marshall said all prosecutors have mandatory new training on the rules of discovery.

DA’s office voluntarily withdrew the case against Shackelford, but said it would resubmit it.

Avalos is uncertain whether the high turnover in the DA office is due to lack of discovery or lack of evidence sharing, or if it is simply a “strange backlog” created by a pandemic and that the number of cases is skyrocketing now. I told the examiner. For testing.

Prosecutors and columnists are unlikely to appear in court on Tuesday, and those records are not always readily available, so the story is “set” by supporters of a campaign to bring Boudin back to the top. I wonder if this has not been done. Prosecutor. Anyway, it’s not great for Boudin! However, it is not yet known whether the appeal election will actually take place.

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Judge blows up district attorney’s office over discovery issues in court, says office is mismanaged

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