Kadelle Kréations; Sewing a path to success

Sometimes the things that eventually become a household name are born out of error, curiosity, or trial and error. One day, Alesha Solomon, a young Trinidadian, became curious about sewing fabrics together. Although she knew absolutely nothing about tailoring or even how to get started, she was very confident that sewing a collection of bow ties and ties would eventually catch on.

So, with bold confidence, she decided to start a local business that offers creative designs for bespoke bow ties. Therefore, in 2015, Solomon started his small business, as his curiosity gave birth to Kadelle Kreations – a ready-made conceptual design and fashion store that sells:

  • Bow ties (pre-tied and to tie)
  • Pouches
  • Ties
  • Beanies
  • Scrunches
  • Pencil cases
  • Velvet and satin durags
  • Beanie and envelope pillowcases
  • Zipline Collection of Bow Ties and Ties

A goal to please

When you take a closer look at the items she creates, you can quickly tell that a lot of time, effort and love has been sewn into each “piece”. Solomon and his team take great pride in their work and are particularly happy to hear from their customers. She explained, “We love to hear what interests each customer the most. In this way, we are able to provide current and potential customers with exactly what they need. The result is truly a labor of love as they aim to please.

Sewing a path to success

This business was originally started by Solomon’s mother. However, she became intrigued and, as she said, “although I didn’t know anything about sewing or even how to start, I was very confident that I would eventually understand. She kept her promise by embracing her mother’s business and refreshing it with a modern twist.

As her mother is a seasoned seamstress, they have joined forces and with the addition of this new product line introduced by Solomon, the best is yet to come as she plans to create an improved logo to match new business standards.

Teamwork is the source of dream work

Their collaboration, coupled with Solomon’s drive to succeed, got them through tough times. Around the world, most businesses are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, Kadelle Kreations is grateful for being open and still making significant traction in the market. Solomon said: “We will continue to work together and we are grateful for that as it has reduced some of the impact of COVID-19 on our business.”

Top-tier products

Currently, their main and best-selling products are satin cups. Before the pandemic, it was the sets of bow ties, ties and pocket squares, so these beautiful pieces are definitely worth a second look. “The dream is to expand to include larger” pieces “of clothing such as pants, skirts, tops, swimwear, etc. In fact, they have already started to meet this demand, since the brand recently launched their line of men’s velor durag, available in royal purple, navy blue, classic black and british green for a cute and versatile look.

“Kadelle Kreations will continue to impress her customers with EXCELLENT delivery services, and we will remain committed to providing the highest quality craftsmanship for all of our products. “

To learn more about Kadelle Kreations and the different products and services, please contact Alesha Kadelle Solomon on the contacts below:

Email: [email protected]


IG: @k_kreationstt

Facebook: Kadelle Kréations

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