Kennewick teenager goes viral on social media and TikTok for her handmade princess dresses

KENNEWICK, WA – Alexandra Sorenson has always had a creative gene. She has always done theater, played the violin, loved art, and now she loves making dresses.

“I love Disney and the other fantastic movies, so I just wanted to take what I see in these stories and make it come true.” Sorenson said.

It was last July that Sorenson, 18, made her first dress.

“I saw this dress on Instagram which was the most beautiful thing and then I said I had to do it. Since then I have created my own designs and recreated Disney princess dresses,” says Sorenson.

Her favorite princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

“I made this dress in 4 days.” Sorenson said.

She makes her dresses from scratch and is completely self-taught. She says it came so easily for her, but it’s no surprise. His great-grandfather made things for Disney. Even his own mother and other family members are also artistic and musical.

With over 330,000 followers on Instagram and over a million followers on TikTok, people around the world want to see Sorenson make these dresses and wonder when can they wear them?

“I hope I can start creating them for people so everyone can see them. Sorenson said.

His designs have also been recognized by Buzzfeed.

Since graduating from Southridge Highschool, she will be attending Chapman University in California in the fall to study art history.

Until then, she spends her days making more dresses and completing her collection.

“I hope to someday be a costume designer for movies and maybe even for Disney.” Sorenson said.

You can follow Alexandra Sorenson to see all of her designs on Instagram and TikTok @ _alexandra.louise_.

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