League MMO chief explains early reveal logic: ‘There was actually a strategy’

. Last update: August 02, 2022

In a recent Twitter post, Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street described the difficulty of revealing too much information regarding the League MMO currently in development, and explained why the team is currently opting to release things instead.

It’s no secret that the MMO League of Legends has been in active development for a few years. After all, it was announced alongside the fighting game Riot Games: Project L in 2019. But although the MMO was publicly announced, there hasn’t been much news since.

Riot Games VP and EP for the next MMO title, Greg Street, recently gave insight into the difficulty of balancing reveals and teasers, especially when dealing with a massive project such as an MMO.

Since the game is still in development, the team wants the creative freedom to change various things along the way, rather than being locked into certain plans.

“Another consideration is usually phrased as ‘protecting the team.’ You need the ability to pivot your direction, sometimes massively, in response to internal testing and external market forces,” Street said on a huge Twitter thread.

“When developers are under a lot of pressure because they know players are so impatient, it can be harder to reject designs that don’t work.”

An upcoming game’s fanbase may become attached to the first few aspects of the product teased to them, leading to unnecessary controversy when the end result is something rather different. In the words of Greg Street, “Players and the media may again interpret this as ‘something is wrong’, as they are not used to seeing these changes (which are very normal) in public.”

For MMOs in particular, change is inevitable, Street reminded fans. “A bad feature can subvert the whole experience. If the dungeons are combat-based and the combat is poor, then the dungeons are poor. This results in the developers changing various aspects of the game simultaneously in order to find harmony perfect.

Riot Games

The League MMO will explore new regions in Runeterra.

Another big variable regarding sparse communication is that the Riot team wanted to target the incredibly excited MMO community versus the general public. Essentially, they’re looking to hire those who are drawn to the MMO project, while building an engaged fanbase, rather than appealing to everyone possible right away.

“We thought it made sense to advertise quietly to help with recruiting (we need a lot of MMO veterans), to get players excited, and because we thought it would probably leak anyway,” Street continued. .

“We are always committed to speaking to you early and often, I am a big fan of communicating with the players. We want you to understand why we have chosen to do things a certain way.

He then went on to discuss the game’s future roadmap, elaborating on the game’s release. “We don’t want to be in the position of trying to ‘save’ a game after a rocky launch. We want you step in and say “yes, it was worth the wait”.

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