Lukashenko says possible Belarusian accession to Russia was invented by the West – Russian Politics & Diplomacy

MINSK, September 30. / TASS /. The question of Belarus joining Russia is absolutely not on the agenda; the leaders of the two countries are wise enough to establish a union that would be stronger than a unitary state, BelTA said Thursday, citing Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in an interview with CNN.

“I answered this question not long ago. We [with Russian President Vladimir] Putin, the authorities of Russia and Belarus in general, are wise enough to establish a union of two independent and sovereign states which would be stronger than a unitary entity, ”he said. “Such a question (of Belarus joining Russia – TASS) is off the agenda whatsoever. It is an invention of the collective West. “

According to Lukashenko, Belarus is the outpost of Union states and Russian armed forces deployed in the western regions of Russia would support Belarus in the event of conflict. “We actually have a common army in the west direction, a common armed unit formed around the Belarusian army,” he said. And in the event of a conflict, and we make no secret of it, the entire western part of the Russian armed forces will support us. I don’t mean to intimidate you. I just want to remember what we say all the time. “

So, on its own terms, any discussion that Belarus runs the risk of losing its independence by cooperating closely with Russia is without merit.

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