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A brainchild of Market Movers Design. –

The motto of Market Movers Design is Will Work for Food.

The company literally does that. He works to promote and showcase local and regional food brands through design and technology.

But Barataria is not an advertising agency but rather an “end-to-end business development company focused on adding value to design and marketing marketing solutions specifically for food brands and local manufacturers and artisans.”

The company offers marketing plans that position products as a market leader, exports approved designs and affordable local and international packaging.

The name might also ring a bell for some and that is because it is a subsidiary of D’Market Movers Ltd, the online marketplace and grocery store.

Market Movers Design is the brainchild of Rachel Renie and Sean Gonzales. It was launched in 2019.

Sean Gonzales, right, and Rachel Renie of Market Movers Design. –

Five years ago, Gonzales hosted foodie events at Fanatic Kitchen Studios. He has worked in the advertising industry for 12 years and has been a creative professional for 15 years.

This space was focused on innovation in food and it attracted similar minds. D’Market Movers, at one point, came over to relaunch his website and Gonzales was asked to host the event, he said in Google Meet’s interview with Newsday.

“Advertising is hard work, especially as a creative. You are asked to be creative every day, but it could be stifled personally,” he said.

Gonzales’ passion was rekindled when he saw how D’Market Movers brought all the local food and produce from producers and agro-processors and provided them with a digital platform.

In 2016, D’Market Movers launched its frozen food line called Farm and Function and needed packaging design services.

Farm & Function was the first product designed and executed by Market Movers Design. –

“From that first meeting at the event, I formed a relationship with Rachel and we decided to let ourselves design something for flexible packaging.”

He said flexible packaging was relatively new to TT at the time. claims that flexible packaging is a way to package products through the use of non-rigid materials, which allow more economical and customizable options.

Gonzales added that they then had to go through flexible packaging design testing, getting the approved and legally required format for frozen foods, especially to be ready for export.

But at the end of this process, Renie and Gonzales understood the importance of packaging to drive a brand and tell its story.

This is how the company was formed.

He has worked with his Farm & Function line, Hong Wing & Sons Ltd, Pascals Bakery, WhyFarm for his Daisy Dahlin ‘, A and J Premium Ice Cream, Crisp and Ambrosia Foods chocolate bars, among others.

The learning process of Gonzales and Renie – who are also life partners – also highlighted the need for a deeper understanding of technical skills.

So she and Gonzales learned the legal requirements to have a food product on the market through ExporTT Ltd, TT’s national export facilitation organization, tasked with generating export growth and diversification in the regions. non-energy goods and services sectors, its website says.

She said Gonzales was able to add, with his design background, the know-how about what’s allowed on the shelves.

During their three years in business, they have seen local brands list or make claims that are not legally permitted in the markets.

“Their products can be taken off the shelf or even not allowed on the shelf to begin with. We thought this idea was very vital throughout our design process and we make sure it meets these legal requirements, ”said Renie.

Rachel Renie, co-founder of Market Movers Design –

Although the company also focuses on trendy and innovative marketing tools, one of its main areas of activity is to ensure that the products of manufacturers, agribusinesses, artisans and producers can first to be found legally on the shelves and then to marry them with a great design, says Renie.

As the Executive Creative Director of Market Movers’ Design, Gonzales wants to bring local and regional products to the fore on the shelves.

Renie said that while TT offers some of the best quality products in the world, including peppers and chocolate, often more development was needed on what was presented on the outside.

“This is what drives a consumer to choose it in commerce,” she added.

“If you can marry that with a high quality product that meets the legal requirements, the aesthetic requirement, that’s just a recipe for success,” she added.

The company has also obtained certification to ensure that it is aware of the legality of transporting local and regional products to different markets. She has provided training through ExportTT on how to enter markets such as the Canadian, US and UK markets.

Market Movers Design works with many companies, from large to small. The company redesigned the famous 100-year-old local coffee brand Hong Wing.

Iconic local coffee brand, Hong Wing & Sons trusted Market Movers Design to transform their brand as it celebrates its 100th anniversary. –

Renie said the company recognizes that the coffee drinker is becoming more demanding and therefore wants to revamp their packaging.

“They trusted us throughout this process … it’s not just small businesses that we educate on what’s needed,” Renie said.

In Gonzales’ early days in advertising, some of his early duties included designing packaging for local beverage companies.

While it wasn’t something he really liked, it formed “the technicality and the way to produce a production-ready job that can be printed faster,” he said.

For Gonzales, packaging is more than just storage or a protective container, but it’s a display panel that communicates the brand’s story. This is what Market Movers Design tries to convey to every new and existing customer.

Sean Gonzales, Creative Director, Market Movers Design –

As the pandemic has affected all aspects of life as they are currently known, Gonzales said Market Movers Design has seen many more people come into the business.

“We have been in constant discussion and concert with many emerging brands…” he said.

The company has also worked with Shell LiveWire, “a Royal Dutch Shell social investment program that enables entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and create jobs,” its website says.

Gonzales said last year the company started working with Shell LiveWire. Then the pandemic struck.

“It was supposed to be a face-to-face mentoring and work execution and it finally became this new virtual frontier.

“We had to do this over five months and it worked so well, we are continuing this and the sessions are going to continue in the same way. It’s almost like it’s part of their new platform.

This has brought a lot of visibility to the company and she is currently working with many new clients both regionally and internationally.

The pandemic has also allowed the company to run more virtual workshops, which allows it to reach more customers across the region, Renie said.

But understanding the importance of packaging, Renie and Gonzales said, “It’s so important for any business to invest in its branding and packaging, companies that do it early on tend to have a lot more. success than those who do it later. “

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