Meet the 2021 AGTA Spectrum Awards judges

(PRESS RELEASE) DALLAS, TX – The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) announces the judges for the 2021 AGTA Spectrum Awards. This year’s judges are:

  • Judy Evans – Judy Evans Design Studio
  • Amber Gustafson – Amber’s Designs Jewelry
  • Tony Logan – Jay Dean Winchester
  • Kelly Mitchell – Kelly Mitchell Fine Jewelry
  • Matthew Trent – Matthew Trent

“This group of judges is very interesting, because their areas of expertise are vast and quite crossed. You have high-end jewelers with experience in retail, manufacturing, design, bench and lapidary work, ”said Douglas K. Hucker, CEO of AGTA,“ I know the dynamics of this group will be very special.

Judy Evans, Judy Evans Design Studio

Judy Evans is a nationally and internationally recognized jewelry designer with over 20 awards to her name. Most recently, she won the AGTA Spectrum Award for “Best Use of Pearls” for a platinum, diamond and South Sea gold pendant. The pavé setting uses a beautiful ombre effect using yellow and white diamonds which accentuate the pearl beautifully. She has been working in the high end fine jewelry segment for over 40 years and is known for her many design innovations which have been emulated by many.

His style is recognizable, but not predictable. Judy is just as comfortable designing in a classic style as she is very contemporary. Not content with relying on already successful motives, she constantly pushes herself to try new approaches to designing solutions.

As beautiful as Judy’s designs are, her hand painted renderings are universally considered to be among the best in the industry.


These works of art are as popular as jewelry! You could say that she prefers to do things with the touch of the craftsman. Since his designs are done in pencil and paint, they have a vitality that cannot be replicated in CAD renderings, which are commonly used today. These renderings are not just pretty pictures; they are drawn to real scale to perfection so that they are ready for production.

Judy is currently working as a freelance designer for several high jewelry manufacturers. She takes on a variety of challenges, from the bride to colorful gemstones to fashion. All these different missions help to keep his creativity at its maximum. Unlike less experienced designers, Judy is comfortable acting as a liaison with pattern makers and production departments to achieve good-looking, well-priced jewelry lines for her esteemed clientele.

Amber Gustafson, Amber's Designs Fine Jewelry

Amber Gustafson, Amber’s Designs Fine Jewelry

Amber Gustafson’s artistic nature began shortly after her birth and was demonstrated when she was able to hold a pencil for the first time. At the age of 14, Amber was offered the opportunity to study at the prestigious Cranbrook Academy of Art in Detroit and an artistic start including private oil painting lessons from 14 to 17 years old. . This formal training turned into her discovery and love for jewelry design. She began to develop her career in jewelry and honed her craft as a bench jeweler through a series of opportunities with well-known American jewelers, such as Doug Meadows and Peter Rowe.

In 2001, Amber embarked on setting up her own fine jewelry retail business in the Houston western suburbs of Katy, Texas, known to this day as Amber’s Designs Fine.

Jewelry. As a full service, in-house design, manufacturer, repair shop, and complete jewelry storefront on the first floor of an office building, Amber’s Designs has withstood trends and has continuously grown. It started with a one-person team and Amber’s Designs Fine Jewelry team is currently 16 people, with 5 bench artisans.


On a typical day in her own store, Amber will attend 4 to 5 design appointments, working directly with design clients. “I look at what a client has, what they want, and then I interpret a design that is exactly what they communicated to me,” Amber says, “and of course, with a touch of ‘ Amber ”included. She continues, “It creates truly one-of-a-kind personalized jewelry. She is the jeweler to several well-known celebrities in the music and film industry who appreciate her discretion and confidentiality.

Amber Gustafson is Vice President of the Texas Jewelers Association, Past President of the Texas Retailers Association and a Fellow of the GIA Alumni Association, Houston. Her company is a member of the American Gem Society and she is vice president of the Houston Chapter AGS Guild.

Amber, herself, is the winner of a jewelry design competition. “I understand the time, hard work, thought, hard work and dedication that a jeweler / jewelry designer will put into a competition piece,” Amber said. “I consider being a judge for the prestigious, internationally recognized AGTA Spectrum Awards competition an honor and a privilege that I take very seriously. (Photo credit: Kelley Sweet)

Tony Logan, Jay Dean Winchester

Tony Logan, Jay Dean Winchester

Tony Logan has over 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry. He started working for a large retail chain as a manager, owning his own store, and then eventually moved on to a more behind-the-scenes role. With extensive experience in design, fabrication and CAD, he is the CAD designer for Jay Dean Winchester (JDW) and handles 3D scanning and printing of wax models for all custom jobs. Tony is an active partner and owner at JDW.

JDW is a full service jewelry manufacturing and jeweler support company. The company supports all jewelers’ needs, from simple repairs, hand engraving, laser engraving to the highest quality CAD design and manufacturing, to site creation. Web and product photography. JDW is a unique destination specializing in custom manufacturing.


For over 13 years, JDW served the Dallas / FT. Worth metroplex as well as customers from across the United States. They have earned their reputation for creating personalized jewelry with uncompromising quality and exceptional customer service. They control the whole process by doing it all in-house; CAD, fabrication, setting, finishing and final photography. This controls the quality from start to finish of the final product. They also do a la carte services for the jewelers to complete the project themselves or take the one they started and finish it for themselves.

Tony can also be found restoring or playing one of the many pinball machines he buys / trades / sells as a hobby. He also touches on classic cars and guitars.

Kelly Mitchell, Kelly Mitchell Fine Jewelry

Kelly Mitchell, Kelly Mitchell Fine Jewelry

Kelly Mitchell has been selling fine jewelry for over 30 years. It focuses on diamond jewelry, colored stones and luxury watches. She can create custom designs to match your imagination and expertly repair your most precious possessions.

Kelly Mitchell is the girl who brought cool and fun to jewelry shopping in Dallas. She is the owner and founder of Kelly Mitchell Fine Jewelry. She wanted her Highland Park store to be accessible, but to radiate luxury. The result was a store that looks like a delicious treat. She received the “America’s Coolest Store” award from lnStore magazine in 2014 and was named “Dallas Power Player” in Modern Luxury magazine.

Over the past four years, the Dallas market has taken notice. Its clients love the club atmosphere and the very personal experience. Sit down and stay awhile. Customers are invited to have a flute of champagne, a glass of wine or a good scotch while shopping. “The reason Cheers resonated so well is simply that a bar brings people together and they connect,” says Mitchell. “Our bar is where every sale seems to end – and that usually leads to good conversations.” And all of its staff are fabulous.

A jewelry shop ? A bakery? A bar? A chocolate factory ? No one makes beautiful jewelry with such pleasure.

Matthew Trent, Matthew Trent

Matthew Trent, Matthew Trent

Matthew has been making jewelry and perfecting his gift since he was 14. A student at the Gemological Institute of America, he obtained his graduate gemologist (GG) certification and learned all he could about gemstones, diamonds and design before moving from Arizona to Texas to launch his career. . In Dallas, he apprenticed with many jewelers before going on his own.

He and his wife, Lori, opened their first store together on their first wedding anniversary in 1988. After moving to Dallas over the years, the Matthew Trent studio has found its current home at the Plaza at Preston Center. in 2010. Matthew has grown as an artist through the years and his collections are like a diary, drawing on travel, styles and materials.

Her creative work has earned her awards such as the 2020 AGTA Spectrum Editor’s Choice Award for her Autumn Tourmaline and Pink Sapphire ring.

When he’s not on the bench, he enjoys coaching kids in baseball, working in the garden, taking care of his bees, and spending time with his family.

The AGTA Spectrum Awards are the world’s premier colorful gem and cultured pearl jewelry design competition with categories in Bridal Wear, Day Wear, Classic, Evening Wear and Men’s Clothing. The AGTA Spectrum Awards also feature the Platinum Honors sponsored by Platinum Guild International and the WJA Gem DIVA Awards sponsored by the Womens Jewelry Association (WJA). The AGTA Cutting Edge Awards recognize loose colored gemstones in everything from classic gemstones to one-of-a-kind sculptures, pairs and suites, to fine art, and the most recent category, quarried gemstones. from North America. The competition is open to American and Canadian designers and cutters.

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