Micron/Wi-LAN regulations; WIPO DDG on Patent Trends; Interview with Equifax; Victory of Optis against Apple; AI-generated inventions; And much more

Everything we’ve covered about IAM over the past seven days – and everything you need to know about the global IP market to prepare for the start of another busy week.

The long read

Although the UK is not part of the UPC, we explore why it will play a vital role in European litigation. Learn more here

MONDAY October 24

The research process for the 2023 edition of IAM Strategy 300 is underway and we want you to participate. Learn more here

Micron Technology has announced a settlement with three Wi-LAN subsidiaries after voiding numerous patent claims asserted in inter partes reviews and bagging a decision that limited some damages. Learn more here

TUESDAY October 25

It was the success of the USPTO landing a high-priced $566 million acquisition for Aveo Oncology. Learn more here

WIPO DGA Lisa Jorgenson gave the IAM her perspective on women in IP and global patenting trends. Learn more here

Key intellectual property stakeholders have weighed in on the USPTO’s directors’ reviews, with patentees demanding limits on directors’ review procedures. Learn more here

WEDNESDAY October 26

The intellectual property attorney at startup support organization Engine and the executive director of the Institute for Public Interest Patent Law discuss the benefits of the America Invents Act. Learn more here

Equifax’s chief intellectual property officer spoke to IAM about prioritizing time in its small team and working with outside advisors to get the most out of the company’s intellectual property portfolio. Learn more here

THURSDAY October 27

In an exclusive interview, IPOS Managing Director Rena Lee detailed the digital innovations in registry services and her ambitions for Singapore as an IP hub. Learn more here

Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma has agreed to pay $2.9 billion to acquire the remaining 48% of Myovant, a company born and shaped by smart and creative intellectual property deals. Learn more here

Six things to watch for in Atlantic IP NPE’s upcoming lawsuit against Continental, which will shape the future of claims against General Motors, Nissan Motor, Tesla and Toyota Motor. Learn more here

FRIDAY October 28

An important decision for the future of SEP/FRAND licensing disputes has been rendered by the English Court of Appeal in a dispute between Apple and Optis. Learn more here

The search for clarity on whether an AI-generated invention can be patented can be directed to SCOTUS. Learn more here

Statistics show that would-be patentees whose hopes have been dashed in an examination with a rejection under Section 101 should think twice before appealing to the Trial and Appeal Board of patents. Learn more here

SATURDAY October 29

Has BlackBerry “lost signal” again? A series of missteps in the sale of the Canadian company’s struggling patent portfolio offers a cautionary tale. Learn more here

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