Nationally Recognized CUSD Junior High Students

Two students from CUSD Junior High at Granite Ridge Intermediate recently received national recognition for inventions developed by teenage intellectuals.

Kinnoree Pasha and Achuth Vinay, students at Granite Ridge Intermediate, generated two different inventions, one that focuses on voice recognition in cell phones and another that would allow farmers to use less water.

Kinnoree Pasha’s invention allows the raspberry pie to act as a monitoring system that would activate at a specific soil moisture level. In an interview with KMPH FOX 26, Pasha explained that his invention will continue to work until it sufficiently hydrates a plant in a field.

Acuth Vinay told KMPH FOX 26 that he got started with his invention after noticing his grandmother was texting “a lot of people.”

Vinay told reporters that his grandmother’s text-to-speech software almost never worked, which inspired him to come up with software that would correctly translate his grandmother’s dialect.

Not only did these students invent and create through their own imaginations, but they were later named in a group of just 300 students across the country as two of Broadcom’s Top 300 Masters of 2022.

The Broadcom Foundation created the master’s program as a program of the Society For Science.

This is the nation’s first STEM competition for middle school students. According to their website, the Broadcom Masters program aims to “inspire young scientists, engineers, and innovators to solve the grand challenges of the 21st century.”

300 students from a pool of 1,807 participants were selected from thirty-five states across the country, including Guam and Puerto Rico.

In addition to a cash prize of $125, the top 300 Broadcom masters, including Acuth and Kinnoree of Granite Ridge Intermediate, will receive a prize package containing an award ribbon, a semi-finalist certificate of achievement, a Broadcom Masters backpack, a Broadcom Masters decal, an invention journal, a one-year subscription to Wolfram/Alpha Notebook Edition, and a one-year family digital subscription to Science News magazine.

According to the Society for Science website, “..the Department of Defense continues to support young people in STEM, working toward a more diverse pool of highly skilled STEM professionals in the future.”

By winning a place at the Broadcom Masters, young academics Kinnoree Pasha and Acuth Vinay seem to have taken an important first step in the right direction.

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