New book titled ‘Grounds for Freedom: Saving Chernobyl’ sheds light on ‘incredible’ life of local inventor

“Ground for Freedom: Saving Chernobyl” is available today on Amazon at // Image courtesy of RJ King

Andrew Niemczyk escaped communist Poland at the age of 24, settled in Hamtramck, and developed technology to safely clean up radiation-scarred Chernobyl in Ukraine. His story is told in a book published today – “Ground for Freedom: Saving Chernobyl”.

Written by DBusiness Editor-in-chief of award-winning author RJ King magazine, the book is available at The book details how Niemczyk is using 100% of his brain’s capacity to develop technologies that safely cleanse radiation from the soil, transform water power, increase tree nutrition levels, and improve human understanding of physics, of energy, nature and life as we know it.

“The three-year book guides readers through the incredible life story of Andrew Niemczyk,” says King. “It’s a story of perseverance, overcoming obstacles and staying true to our goal of bringing environmentally friendly technology to the world.”

Born in 1960, Niemczyk worked in Poland’s coal mines and made four attempts to escape the country’s Communist rule, being captured twice and spending time in 11 prisons, before finally regaining freedom. In captivity, he learned to harness 100% of his brain’s capacity to turn the tide on his captors. It is estimated that most humans only use 10% of their brain capacity.

When he escaped through Rome and arrived in Hamtramck, Michigan, thanks to the United States Embassy and the Tolstoy Foundation, in 1984, Niemczyk spoke no English and fought grudge, greed and jealousy to become a success.

Using his unique brain power, Niemczyk worked at Aetna, an automotive supplier (now Sodecia Industries), for six years, first on the assembly line for a few weeks before joining the maintenance team where he worked. introduced multiple innovations such as the basket tipper, sheet metal oil lubrication machines and metal debris trickle machines.

In 1990 he moved to the Rouge Steel plant at the Ford Rouge Center in Dearborn where he spent 24 years and helped the plant achieve a staggering 97% efficiency rate.

He retired from Ford in 2014 and co-founded Hazel Park’s Exlterra with Swiss partner Frank Muller. Exlterra, Latin of excellence for the Earth, develops, produces and markets sustainable technological solutions applied to the environment.

Exlterra products harness the forces of nature and renewable energy sources to operate and achieve tangible results. They are passive in energy and maintenance free.

Its NSPS (Nucleus Separation Passive System) technology, explained in detail in the book, accelerates radioactive decay by harnessing existing energy in the earth. In addition to safely cleaning up contaminated soil, the NSPS system can also act as a preventative measure for active nuclear power plants.

In addition, the company’s NEPS (Nutrient Enrichment Passive System) tackles soil depletion and helps trees and vines not only grow taller, but produce larger, more nutritious fruit.

Exlterra has also developed GEPS (Groundwater Energy Passive System), which manages stormwater problems, and HAZL and MAZL, two ultra-light and compact drills designed to install its products.

Since its creation in 2013, Exlterra has obtained eight patents and successfully installed its technologies on three continents. The company is active in the European, American and Japanese markets.

“Ground for Freedom: Saving Thernobyl” is available on Amazon as a paperback or e-book and on

To learn more about Exlterra, see the November-December 2019 issue of DBusiness, visit here.

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